Happy Anniversary Hubby & Contest!

1094612_91718920It’s mine and my hubby’s anniversary today. I think it is our 16th but don’t hold me to that. To enter this contest tell me all about your favorite celebration, anniversary, birthday…whatever. Winner will receive a $50.00 ARe GC (because I have one). I will choose one winner on Sunday!

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  1. My cousin and his partner were recently married…it was a fabulous day. The handfasting ceremony was beautiful…the celebration that night was so much fun…but it was the time after where we sat around the table, drinking wine and reminiscing about the past and what led to that day, that was the best part.

  2. I think my favorite anniversary is mine and hubby’s 30th (which we just had) since we went to Key West and had a great time.

  3. My husband and I got married on June Friday 13,1997. Our anniversary only happened to fall on Friday twice in 17 yrs. the first time I wrecked my car. This yr is the second time and we had to spend it apart. But we consider it good luck not bad luck. And I’m very lucky to be married to the best guy in the world.

  4. I would say the one that my husband suprised me the most would have been my 29th birthday my mom and sisters and kids took me to bingo and then my husband showed up with a cake and everyone in the bingo hall took time to sing happy birthday and we all had cake. it was so embrassing but I loved it.

  5. Id have to say my birthday before late. It was the year i got everything i wanted πŸ™‚ but i love birthday, i like mine and others, theres just something about celebrating a person for themselves that makes me happy. Might be selfish, but shouldnt we all get a moment to just love us, and to have everyone else stop and think of us, even for just a minute can turn a day from just a day to something special πŸ™‚

  6. I have to go with my wedding dinner. We were married in Las Vegas, in The Little Chapel of the Flowers, across the street from the Stratosphere, where we were staying. We’d had every meal at the diner there, a 50s diner themed place called Roxy’s. They did regular dance routines set to 50s tunes. As we were leaving for the chapel, we ran into the waiter we kept ending up with. He wished us luck and off we went. After the ceremony, we went back to our room, changed out of the suit and gown and headed down to the diner. We were there about 5 minutes before our waiter was up on the stage, announcing our wedding and starting off a dance routine to “Going to the Chapel.” Everyone went nuts. We thought it far better than the usual reception.

  7. I’m Blindfolded and bamboozled by a co-worker into believing she want’s to take me some place special cause it’s her sister’s birthday and she can’t be with her so I’m a stand in. We arrive and my car door is open I can hear everyone hush. Can you believe a hush is audible? I’m told there are steps, I’m ushered into one of the more elite restaurants in Houston and there stands my sweetie. There are two dozen yellow roses on the table. My friend says, “Bye I’m outta here. Oh by the way you don’t have to go back to work you have the rest of the day off.” The manager is part of our wait staff along with the Chef. The wine was already selected the dinner was selected. Everything was perfect. Dining was outside on the patio. All of this to empress me. Even though he already knew I was a sure thing. πŸ™‚

  8. Honestly I don’t have a particular favorite…I just love when I get together with a few friends and relatives and we sit around playing cards and talking all kinds of smack! Those are the good times!! πŸ™‚

  9. Happy Anniv to you & your hubby πŸ™‚ I think any occasion shared w/ loved ones is special πŸ™‚ i’m just a little mushy & sentimental that way πŸ˜‰

  10. My favorite celebration was my dads 70th birthday. I wanted everyone to get together and go out. My dad said he would rather have a cook out at his house… So we had a big party and everyone got together and hung out , and had a wonderful time. So as I was cleaning up he says he knew if we had a cookout more family and friends would be able to stop buy, whether it was lack of money to be able to attend a dinner out or work schedules that would have stopped them from being able to go to dinner out. This way he got to see all of us kids, his grandchildren, and his great grand kids, as well as everyone else (and my family is really big). And spending time with friends and family meant more than anything to him. πŸ™‚ My Dad is amazing!!! and so right.!!

  11. My wedding and honeymoon. We were married by a judge at the courthouse and had a SMALL reception at my parents. We then went to Catalina Island and returned just in time for my son’s first birthday. It was important to my husband to be there for his first birthday. He never wanted my son to doubt husband’s desire to be his father.

  12. My favorite celebration is usually my birthday. To elaborate my birthday is on Halloween and I enjoy the opportunity to hand out candy and nurturing the budding fujoshi and otakus wherever I am. Sometimes there’s an (for adults) anime convention during my birthday so I really enjoy myself passing out candy and other goodies (like manga) there and spreading “good time” feelings by throwing room parties (^_^).

  13. I don’t have a particular favourite, we didn’t have a proper honeymoon, but we got to spend the weekend in Riber Castle hotel in the middle of Derbyshire. It was very luxurious 4 poster beds, gourmet cuisine lovely grounds. We went back on our 20th anniversary and it was just as special. Might have to go again for our 40th but it’s about 8 years off yet.

  14. Congratulations on the anniversary.
    It is hard to pick a single favorite celebration.
    I will go with Canada’s centennial celebration when I was a child.
    All my favorite foods. My mom made us period costumes. There was a parade and fireworks. What more could you ask for?

  15. Happy anniversary to you and hubby! My favorite would be each of my kids birth because we were blessed each time they were born.

  16. One of my fondest memories is this one date that my then boyfriend, now my husband, arranged before we were engaged. He picked me up and we drove to a park where he had planned a picnic lunch; he’d gotten a bunch of my favorite foods and even had the blanket and basket to set everything up. After eating we spent some time walking around the park and the lake there just talking about everything and holding hands. Before heading home, we stopped off and picked up some ice cream and then spent the evening cuddling on the couch watching movies. It was probably the nicest and sweetest day anyone had ever given me and it was just perfect in its simplicity; its also quite possible that’s when I finished falling in love with him.

  17. I was going to England for three weeks in Nov 2000 and two weeks before I left, Robert Plant (one of my all time favorite singers) and the Priory of Brian rescheduled a concert at La Cigale in Paris on my birthday. Despite the short notice, I was able to get tickets to the show, find a hotel close to the venue and a round trip ticket from Birmingham England. So I spent 4 days in Paris and got to see Robert Plant in a venue that held about 250 people on my birthday! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!!

  18. My favorite one would be the Christmas when both of my parents and older sister were still alive.

  19. Happy Anniversary! My favorite holiday is my 4 year olds birthday, May 17. Just how happy he is when someone sings him Happy Birthday and he gets to blow out his candles is awesome! Thank you for the giveaway! M8231m@aol.com

  20. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. I have a lot of great memories but I think my favorite is my grandmother’s 102nd birthday. We had a huge party with many family members coming from out of town. It was great to see her with the kids. She has so many grand, greatgrand, great greatgrand, great great wristbands and more. I am hoping this year her 103rd is even better.

  21. My fav would have to be my hubbys proposal to me. In 2001, valentines day, I was working and came home to my hubby with candles lit and dinner made…… and wait for it heavy metal music going. Him being a big, tattooed, heavy metal kinda guy said he had to stick to what he liked best. He proposed to me after dinner to a SLAYER song. We were married 2 years later and are still going strong with 4 beautiful kids.

  22. My son graduated May 16 from College and it was the best day ever .He is the first member of mine and my husband family to graduate college i’m still celebrating in my heart.

  23. Happy Anniversary! My fave birthday was not my birthday but my sisters. The year ( that was in 2000) before our father passed a day before her b-day. I had over heard her tell our father she had never seen snow before he said my be one day she would. A year almost 3 days before her next b-day it snowed not a lot but enough to stick to the ground and make snowmen. She was so happy, except there was no school that day so she was also mad ( she had perfect attendance ). I think to this day it was his gift to her.

  24. I’d have to say anniversary although not my own. It was my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary a couple years ago. It was so nice to go and celebrate with them and most of the family who gathered together 4 this. Was so nice to see the accumulation of the love and life they have shared.

  25. I would say it would have been my birthday a few years ago. Almost all of my family was in the same place. 10 adults and 7 kids stuffed in my 875 square foot 2 bedroom house and I had never been happier. So far its only happened once and would love for one day all my brothers and sisters and I to be in the same place. I keep hoping.

  26. Fave birthday was when I turned 16…yes, yes I know Sweet 16. But my parents threw me a surprise party and had a blast. It was in the basement but they hired a DJ and everything. I think I even had the disco ball.

  27. My favorite is going to midnight showing of movies. My friends and I go every once and a while. We wait the night before a movie comes out and watch it at midnight of the day it comes out. The best part though is seeing all the people cosplay that specific movie. I always have so much fun!

  28. I am single so it’s a toss up of my moms 50th birthday or the party at my apartment 4 years ago. Ps. I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful day and evening together and many more

  29. My favorite celebration was the first Christmas we spent in our new home. It was pouring rain and cold for a California Christmas. It was just the two of us. We lit a fire in the outdoor fireplace and spent the day outside by the fire and watching it rain.

  30. It would have to be my birthday this last week. We saved for over a year to take a cruise to Alaska and I got to walk on a glacier. You will never truly realize how small we are in this world until you go to Alaska.

  31. I’m at the age when celebrations are for the kids so I would have to say Christmas. I love to see the looks on the faces of my great nieces and nephews as they open their presents.


  32. Hi Amber,
    Happy Anniversary. Congratulations on years. πŸ™‚

    I am not big on celebrations, however my 50th birthday was a standout. I went to Hawaii, which Hello, already hitting the high notes. On my B-day I had a camera and would tell random folks wherever I went that I was celebrating my 50th birthday. My goal was to get ’50’ birthday wishes.

    Perfect strangers gave me the most heartfelt “Happy Birthday”. Some sang to me, a group of four folks from Germany sang “Happy Birthday” in German. The sweetest young Japanese couple had just gotten married that day and we exchanged best wishes for our happy day.

    By the end of my birthday, I had over 68 encounters and video recorded birthday wishes.

    Best Birthday Celebration Ever!

  33. My favorite is birthday’s. I love to celebrate my boys birthdays! I really enjoyed them when they were small and they had so much fun at the parties.

  34. My favorite celebration is my daughter’s 9th birthday party. We never could surprise her with anything because she was always peeping or sneaking around the house. That year we tricked her she thought we were doing one thing and ended up at her grandmother’s And manage to surprise her…..when every jumped out and yelled happy bday she peed her pants, literally.

  35. Congrats on your anniversary. Would have to be my friends wedding last weekend not even the rain could stop them or how happy they were it was a great day celebrating there special day that they’ll remember forever πŸ™‚

  36. Happy anniversary!
    My favorite has to be my wedding and honeymoon in March of this year. We got married in a small ceremony on the beach in Florida that was on the most glorious sunny day. πŸ™‚ Then we went to Orlando for our honeymoon and went to all the parks (Universal,Disney and Sea World), and we did the Beluga Whale Experience which was one of the best experiences I have ever done in my life! That was the best trip ever and I look forward to our many more adventures that life has for us! πŸ™‚

  37. LOL!!!
    My favorite celebration right now are my niece and nephews’ birthday parties. I mean, for me birthdays are boring now you know? But seeing their joy and just… utter happiness for their birthday parties makes me absolutely thrilled to be an Aunt. lol…

  38. My favorite celebration was on our honeymoon. We went to Vegas and had sex so many times that I ended up at the Doctor(his exam room was in his house) with what he called “Oversexation Infection”. I kid you not. He gave me meds and then took my hubby on the side and said and I quote – “For God sakes man, you’re in Las Vegas. Instead of playing with your wife, play a game and give it a rest.” This memory still makes me smile. Congrats on your anniversary and may you have many more.

  39. My favorite celebration was my 21st birthday. I just gotten back from Iraq and my mother took me to the bar for the first time and I played my first legal shot game! It felt good to be home lol. Happy Anniversary Amber!

  40. Hubs and I just celebrated 15 years married this past May. Spent a three day weekend at a nearby winery and B&B. Had so much fun just relaxing and learning to breathe again πŸ˜‰

  41. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I like that its not just the one day its a whole season. It’s spending time with family, enjoy decorations. going to craft fairs, helping out the less fortunate. A lot of things all adding up to a great holiday.

  42. Happy Anniversary!
    I have to say my favorite was Christmas when my Grandmother was still alive, all the family would gather at her home and she always made everything special.

  43. My favorite celebration happened this year on May 23rd… I married the love of my life, I have been with him for 13 years now.

  44. My favorite celebration is 4th of July because my entire family gets together every year for an awesome celebration of friends and family. We all get to eat great food (everyone brings something and since there are a lot of us there is a lot of food), we talk, we have baseball on tv, there is a lake for swimming and canoeing, and at the end of the day fireworks over the lake. It is a yearly celebration we all look forward to.

  45. My Last Birthday spent the weekend in the biggest city in my state went to the zoo, rode the Metro , saw the Japanesse garden and went to powells a city block bookstore and bought all the books missing from my series so fun.

  46. i’m a single mom with 3 kids. so since i can’t pick a single birthday, i would say thanksgiving is my favorite celebration. my parents, 2 brothers, my children and i spend the whole day together.:)

  47. Well, first, Congratulations. My hubby and I just celebrated our 15th yesterday. I think my favorite celebration is Christmas. I love the hype and build up that leads to my kids faces that morning.

  48. Happy Anniversary to you both! Hubby and I have ours at the end of the month (29th) and I have always wanted to see George Strait in concert. But this was he’s farewell tour, ending on June 7, in Arlington, TX. Hubby got me tickets and we hopped in the motor home and we road tripped to Texas. It was an amazing trip and an awesome concert.

  49. I love spending Christmas with my family. We get to hang and relax together, and we spend the whole day just being a family. It’s the one time a year where we all get to do that.

  50. My favorite birthday…..well it’s not my birthday but my son’s it’s when we went to San Diego for a week. We took him all over to LegoLand to the beach & old town San Diego. It was so fun!!

  51. The summer vacation where my whole family plus my mom and a lot of siblings and cousins went camping and white-water rafting and visiting. It was a BLAST!! πŸ™‚ Something we will all remember forever.

  52. The party I threw for my daughter’s 30th and my son by marriage’s 35th…..such happy faces and all the family came (about 35 with munchkins), it was a celebration and renewal of family ties….great day!

  53. I am a single mother of five. My favorite celebration is during Christmas when all my children descend on my home for the holidays and we can all be together. Though they are all adults, and have children of their own, they will always be my babies. We eat too much. Drink too much. Party together, joke around and make fun of each other. We just have a lot of fun together. And my home feels “whole” again.

    Happy Anniversary. It makes my heart good to see couples happy.

  54. I love spending Lunar New Year with my family. It’s one of the few times we all get together and participate in any cultural traditions. We have dinner together and we have new year dishes that we don’t usually have the rest of the year.

  55. My favorite celebration is the birth of a new member into our family. To be able to hold and say hello to thay new litle life is like like none other!

  56. My brother’s 2nd wedding a few years ago. During the vow part of the ceremony he had tears in his eyes. It was very moving especially because of his first marriage and how is ex is to him and his family.

  57. My Mom’s 50th surprise birthday party. My brother, sister in law and I had to do a lot of sneaking and maneuvering to get all of the out of town guests to the house without her knowledge. We had so much fun planning it for her. To see the look of total surprise on her face when she came up the stairs and saw everyone…worth everything in the world to us.
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

  58. December 26, 1989. I flew home on a red eye from upstate NY to OR, and my little brothers picked me up at the airport. We got to my parents at 1 a.m. And crashed for the night. The next morning, I went down and asked my mom, “What’s for breakfast?” The look on her face was priceless. Dad was much more calm. It was a great surprise for them. It was also the last holiday with my youngest brother.

  59. Me and my mother have what we call, Just Because Days. One of us will bring the other a gift and we’ll have ice cream then open the gift. It’s one of the ways we celebrate having our loved ones around. It also lets us say, I Love You, happy you are here by my side, and all those things you might forget to tell your family.
    If you or somebody you know, is feeling a little down try doing this. I find it’s fun to just have ice cream and give a gift to someone for no reason but Just Because.

  60. Happy anniversary Amber and hubby.
    I loved my honeymoon. We took my two step children and step grandchildren away with us for a family holiday. I have great memories from then

  61. I’ve always loved Thanksgiving. Everyone gets together and has a great meal and a wonderful time.

  62. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. They day my daughter was born even thought she passed a way the same day at least I got to hold her in my arms and now I have Angel in heaven.

  63. I would have to say my 33rd birthday was my favorite, even though it would seem like one of the worst. My grandma was in the CCU (Cardiac Care Unit) for the 2nd time, so my family was all together at the hospital. The best part, besides spending my birthday with my family, was FINALLY getting to spend our birthday with my “Birthday Buddy”, my aunt, Ivy.

  64. My favourite so far would have to be my cousin’s wedding. It was amazing! Everything was beautifully done and went off without a hitch.

  65. Happy anniversary. Sorry it’s late. As surprises goes yesterday was my anniversary too number 16 , I am sure Lol I love celebrating it with just my hubby and me with kids in my mother house for a whole sleep over , yay !

  66. When I turned sixteen there was a lot talking/discussion about how to celebrite it. I couldn’t do it like usual because I was now a ‘grown-up’ so I had to think a lot about, and almost ended up with forgetting it! Luckily I have good friends to talk to, so my birthday turned out to be a girls-night with some of my friends at my dad’s house. It was really fun, and we looked at movies, played some truth and dare and the whole evening ended with two of my friends sleeping over. It was really fun and I still celebrate it pretty much the same way now.

  67. Favorite celebration…hum. That’s a tough one. I think it would be my 10th? (or maybe 15th) wedding anniversary in Helen, GA at a Bed and Breakfast for the weekend. πŸ™‚

  68. My favorite celebration was probably my twelfth birthday; I grew up in southern Utah, but that year I turned twelve in the Czech Republic, as my mom’s choir had gone there on tour and my family went with her. I got to spend my birthday at the cathedral, and many other absolutely amazing historical sites, in Prague; it was the most amazing celebration I’ve had yet (although I was still recovering a bit from jet lag, as we’d only been in the country three days!), and I’ll always be grateful that I had the opportunity to be somewhere so amazing on that day.

  69. One of my favorites was a celebration where all the nearby family met at a park. Because so much was going on around that time, the cake had three happy birthdays, a congratulations for a re-marriage, a welcome for a sibling who just moved in the area and bought a home . . . I think that was everything LOL – all on one cake.

  70. My anniversary is in October which can be chilly in the midwest. My favorite memory is camping just my hubby and I. It was cool enough for lots of cuddling and the evening campfires were terrific! Now I will have to plan a re-enactment this year…

  71. This one is bittersweet but the funeral our pastor did for our full term still born son. It was such a beautiful celebration of a life while never “lived” still made an impact on many lives. I figured it would just family and a couple of friends. I was blown away when we were escorted in to see the church full of people from different areas of our lives. It was overwhelming.

  72. The dinner my then boyfriend took me to celebrate my finishing my Ph.D. He took me to a very fancy restaurant where we proceeded to have a 21 course tasting menu with a corresponding wine tasting menu for each dish. We were so drunk and had so much fun. My boyfriend then turned it into a engagement celebration as he asked me to marry him. It was really sweet and amazing night.

  73. I’ve always love Christmas and other people’s birthdays because I can give them gifts to show how much I love them.

  74. I have to say my favorite is our anniversary as that is the we first kiss and also 10 years later, we decide to marry on that same day. So it is our wedding and first kiss anniversary on the same day……Can’t forget that….

  75. my favorite is the day i met the love of my life. we have been together 7 years now. thats the day we celebrate. to me its more important than the other days. how often do you meet that one special person.

  76. Hmmm most memorable is the graduation party my best friend and I did. We really had fun and ended without incident too, especially considering the amount of alcohol that disappeared….

  77. My favorite celebration was when I turned 50. All the family came and we had a great party. I still have the balloon.

  78. Happy Anniversary!! I’d have to say my favorite celebration just occurred June 14th when my grandson was born. I’m looking forward to many more birthdays watching him grow and explore life around him.

  79. My husband and I have been married 5 years. That’s not a long time but when you’re a military family it matters. The first two years we were married we saw each other a little less than six months of that collectively between deployment and his being gone for training and installations (he’s communications).

    He’s never failed to at least call me or send me a card for the anniversaries, valentine’s days and birthdays he’s missed. This year was the first year in that time that he has been home for Valentine’s day, my birthday, our anniversary and his birthday.

    He made a big deal out of my birthday and Valentine’s Day but for our anniversary he asked me what I wanted to do. I told him and he just laughed and smiled the same smile he gave me during our first dance at our wedding which is the same smile he gave me when we danced together at my senior prom. It’s the samile that let’s me know I mean the entire world to him.

    So we got Chinese takeout and sat on our couch and watched In Flight, Taken and 300. We laughed and snuggled, threw fortune cookies at each other and just enjoyed being together. The big events and huge deals are nice but the ability to just spend a fun night with my best friend means more to me than anything else. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. I wish you both many, many more πŸ™‚

  80. I would say that my favorite Celebration was when a friend’s daughter had her graduation party because the family has been through so much and it was great for them to have something to celebrate. hope you and your Husband had a great anniversary!

  81. International Talk Like A Pirate Day! (ITLAP) My family has always had a thing for pirates (but not the blood thirsty ones) and when my mom discovered this holiday we all took part. It started out small with really just my family but every year it’s gotten bigger. I have even gotten my job to take part in it and Krispy Kream even gives out free donuts that day.
    I love this holiday cause it embraces the unique, there are no true rules or expectations, and it brightens not only my day but those of random strangers I meet…..and did I mention that you get to wear costumes?!?!

  82. I love to celebrate my Anniversary with my husband. We have been married over 26 years now. Every year together is so precious. He is my soulmate, my best friend, and my lover. What is better than celebrating love and commitment.

  83. Happy Anniversary!

    My grandmother 70th. She said she never had a birthday party we throw her a surprise party she was very happy.

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