Forever My Love #16

And this is where I introduce another character…..

* * * *

Ike ran through the forest, his brothers were hot on his heels. He’d thought the sheriff might help him but the ghost had intervened. He couldn’t blame the spirit for watching out for the human Ike didn’t always have control of his human form. He’d wanted to go with the sheriff, the man had smelled like everything good and kind in the world.

A snort left him at his fanciful thoughts. What did the think was going to happen? The hot sheriff take one look at Ike and decide he really wanted to adopt a wolf/boyfriend. If Ike’s brothers didn’t kill the man, Ike might accidentally take a chunk out of him during a full moon.

As a half werekin Ike didn’t have as good control over his beast as his brothers. It took more effort for Ike to be human than the full werekin. Ike lived most of his life as a wolf and the few times he’d ventured into town as a human he’d been overwhelmed by the noise and scents. Humans emitted their emotions a lot louder than packmates. Ike had been so overwhelmed his brothers had to rescue him off the sidewalk where he’d curled up into a ball.

It was the last time he’d been to town.

Ike ran into his cave and curled up into a small ball. He heard is brothers pause at the opening.

“Stay there, pup!” his older brother said. Pete must’ve transformed into his human shape. “You keep away from the sheriff, he’ll shoot ya as soon as talk to ya.”

Ike gave a reassuring whine. His brothers were overbearing and each one had more strength than Ike but they looked out for him. When as psychotic ass hole had taken the alpha spot and tried to rape Ike, Pete had fought him and ripped out the fucker’s throat.

Unfortunately having three older brothers kept him from interacting with anyone else. They didn’t trust the other wolves near Ike since he was smaller and the other wolves wanted to instinctively dominate him. Even the few gay wolves in the pack were bigger than Ike.

Ike huffed and settled his head on his front paws. The sheriff had been nice. He could tell the man wanted to save Ike. He’d asked for help because the only reason he’d been injured was because one of the new pack wolves thought Ike would make a good new chew toy and challenged him when is brothers were out hunting.

Although he’d refused the challenge the other wolf decided to attack anyway. Ike had escaped and saw the sheriff as a good opportunity to get out of the immediate area, luckily the ghost had scared Norm away. Ike wondered how long it would take Norm to leave after Pete kicked his ass.

Ike had no worries about his brothers. They were the toughest wolves in the pack. Ike had always been the runt. The last born and the weakest he depended on his brothers to take care of him. He wondered when they would tire of the job.

“Don’t worry Ike, we’ll deal with Norm,” Hal promised. His second oldest brother and pack beta would make sure there was a fair fight.

Ike woofed his thanks.

Silence fell but he knew his brothers were trying to wait him out. He could feel their need to yank him out of his hole and drag him with them. He wiggled further back. They were all too big to make it inside. If he didn’t leave voluntarily they couldn’t get him.

“Fine, stay there. If you need anything you now where to find us,” Phil said.

His brothers left. Ike could smell Cace at the entry. “Take care pup. We love you.”

Cade was the gentlest of the trio and always worried about Ike’s emotional health, probably why he worked as a psychiatrist for the local hospital.

Ike gave a soft howl.

Cace sighed. “I’ll be by tomorrow. I think you need to start spending more time as a human.”

It was an old argument, one Ike usually avoided. Memories of the sheriff flashed in his head. Maybe this time he’d take his brother up on his offer.

16 thoughts on “Forever My Love #16

  1. Sounds like a threesome… the sheriff, the widower (?), the werewolf… what a combo!!! I guess?

    1. No, the threesome is the Angel, the Ghost, and the Widower. 🙂

      It’s Twosomesville for Ike and the Sheriff ….I hope

  2. Love at first sight (or read). Ike is gonna be a sweetheart, I can tell. Just what the Sheriff needs.

    The Widower needs to get back with his Husband and his Husband’s new Boyfriend. heeheehee

  3. Gotta say I agree with everyone else. Ike and the sheriff are a much better fit. I was starting to feel like the widower was going to ‘settle’ for the sheriff and I wasn’t really liking that idea. The sheriff deserves better and I think you finally got it right with introducing Ike to the story!

  4. I am not sure I want Micheal to wind up with Antonio; I do think that Trent should not have to settle; but if Antonio and Lee is not getting back together; I think Lee could fall in love with Trent; 🙂 I do like Ike 🙂 can not wait to see what you come up with. 🙂

  5. Girl I love you and can usually figure out where your lovely brain is taking us but this time I’m completely stumped. Lol. But I’m sure it will be one Hell of a ride. Can’t wait for the next section.

  6. This is getting interesting. Please no 3 ways. The wolves sound fun. Maybe a new series????

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