Today is My Youngest Child’s Birthday!


My author guests start tomorrow because today is the Lego King’s Birthday! To celebrate I want you to tell me what you would make out of Legos if you had the chance/skill or a link to an awesome Lego build. I’m personally a poor Lego builder but my 9 year old is amazing. I will pick TWO winners since it is the 2nd of July.

Winners will receive – at the end of July since I will be out of town- A squishy dragon, a small Lego of some sort (depending what is out at the time), and a $25.00 GC of the winner’s choice.

106 thoughts on “Today is My Youngest Child’s Birthday!

  1. First Happy Birthday to your Lego King. I would love to have the Lego building skill to make a Dragon. I think it would be awesome to have a dragon made out of legos’s.

  2. If I had any Lego skills I would want to make the Hawaiian islands so that I can put it somewhere in my house to remind me of my childhood home.

    Happy birthday to your son! Wishing him the best birthday yet to come..

  3. Happy Birthday to your son, hmmm if I had the skill I would like to build a lifesize white tiger, I think that would be neat.

  4. July 2and is my birthday to. I’d build a giant boulder of doom like from Indiana Jones. Then roll it down a hill.

  5. Happy birthday Lego king *bows to king*

    I’d build a life size dragon with a castle! And a moat, the castle needs a moat…

  6. Happy Birthday to the Lego King!
    I’d love to make a giant Lion cause I love themor a fantasy land filled with all my fafavourite places from all the books I read

  7. If I had the skill I would make a whole castle and village with knights defending the castle from the battering ram and attacks from the other legos.

  8. I think I’d build up something like Ancheim or Caldisla.
    For visuals of what I mean this:

    or this

  9. Would totally build one of those cool giant train models… Large villages… Bridges to cross over… and go under… And have stations and loads of people…. Always wanted to that with Lego but unity unarmed I suck at putting them together… Lol…

  10. Oh… Forgot to wish your son a vet happy birthday

    And since your in Ireland… You can tell him
    Breithla Shona duit ( happy birthday to you )

  11. Ever since the Simpson ‘lego movie’ ep, if i had the time and the equiptment id love to build the Simpson town. I have akways loved making things with lego until i had to make three star wars ships in a row for my son, lol – but the idea of a town build… Pretty awesome.
    Hope your son had a great day, and your holidays awesome!!

  12. Happy Birthday to the LEGO King!! I love LEGOs and used to have a LEGO robotics team at my school. I would love to build Hogwarts out of LEGOs. I did see Mark Twain the other day made of LEGOs.

  13. Happy 10th Birthday to your Lego king πŸ™‚ I would love to build a giant Wolverine lego X-Man, with claws extended πŸ™‚ & a pack of wolves behind him

  14. Happy Birthday Lego King!! I’m not really sure what I would want to make out of Legos. But the first thing that popped into my head was a full size Christmas Tree with presents underneath.

  15. Hope your son has a great birthday!

    I collect enamel eggs so I’d do a basket of LEGO eggs. And if one of them could include a surprise (think Faberge) that would be fab-u-lous!!

  16. Hope you have an Awesome Birthday Lego King!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    I really like the architecture line πŸ™‚ So I would like to build the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. I think that would be Awesome!!!

  17. Hmm .. the real answer would be what would I not make out of lego’s if I could … always found this interesting and amazing what a person can think up. Well I would love to have build a table and chair set our of lego’s πŸ˜‰

  18. Happy Birthday to the Lego King!! If I had the skill I think I would make a replica of my 4 year old son but with big butterfly/fairy wings, he has a thing for fairys and butterfly, and our dog who is a boxer/American bulldog. Thanks and happy birthday again!

  19. Happy birthday Lego King! I would probably build a dragon or a fairy just cause those are some of my favorite things:)

  20. Happy Birthday Lego King! I live with a lego fanatic, my husband, but I myself without instructions am lego building challenged. If I could make anything out of lego’s I would make a life-size house with furniture, bubble machine, pool and garden for my daughter (20 months old) to play in. I would love watching her face light up and then realizing she can take a part the whole thing only to put it back together in her vision.

  21. If I had the skill, I would make a life-sized Toothless, from How to train your dragon, including a working lego motor, so the wings flapped and legs moved, as he walked around, for my 7 yr old to ride and play on.
    Happy birthday, Lego King!! πŸ˜€

  22. My grandson is a massive Thomas Tank obsessive so I think if I could ( ie, if I had the talent! Lol) I’d build a complete Sodor with trains tracks and stations.

  23. I would love to build a haida totom pole! Ps. Happy birthday, and hope you have a great day.

  24. I would love to build a Disney cruise ship. I saw a picture of one that someone made and it was awesome!

  25. Happy birthday to the Lego King, I hope his day is great.

    I would love to make a scene from a favourite book out of Lego. Probably would do Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonquest and the fall of the dragon Canth & F’nor.

  26. Happy Birthday to Lego King! Wish I had his skill at building cause I do good to build a box. If I could build anything I think I would go for my dream house so that I could stop with the house hunting I’m currently doing.

  27. Happy Birthday Lego King!! If I could build anything in Legos I’d have you build a replica of the original starship Enterprise. For my Dad..

  28. If I had the skill to build anything, anything at all, I would build the background of one of my favorite animes, Sword Art Online. It’s a 100 floor floating castle, the Aincrad:

    That’s about it… =D

  29. Happy Birthday to your son. My Husband turned 43 yesterday. I’d make a dog house for the new dog I just adopted!!!! Of course this is fantasy because that wouldn’t be safe πŸ˜‰

  30. HAPPY BIRTHDAY( Amber Kell Jr !!!!! )
    If I could build anything it would be all the big cats of the world .I have a student with Autism and he just loves Cheetah’s,Lions,Leopards,Jaguars,Panthers and more. I’m sure your son enjoys them too.

  31. I hope you all are enjoying your trip and I’m sure that you can find Legos somewhere in Ireland. Happy birthday to the King! I’ve always wanted a model of the Titanic, so I guess that’s what I would attempt to make.

  32. Happy birthday to your Lego King! Today is my nieces birthday as well, she turned 11! If I had the Lego skill I would like to build Hogwarts School of witch craft and wizardry. I think it would be cool to be able to build it, sadly I don’t have any Lego building skill =(

  33. Happy Birthday to the King of Legos….may your reign be full of magical things.

    I would build a dragon because hey I like dragons and my son can stop telling me I stink at creating things with them. LOL

    Hope your trip is a fabulous one!

  34. Happy Birthday to the King ^^ Wishing him all the happiness in the world….

    Hmm I’d love to be able to build the Minas Morgul πŸ™‚ (Huge fan of the Witchking here xDDD)

  35. That castle in Austria, has the strange name, that has the dozens of turrets and stands on the side of a cliff. So gorgeous and stunning and would be my dream castle to live in .

  36. I’m sitting here looking at my Lego Shield mobile complete with Iron Man, Loki & Hawkeye so it’s obvious I would need to build all things Marvel complete with Asgard home of Thor & Loki, Stark Towers & Shields flying airship base/hovercraft/submarine whatever that thing is. Lego is amazing and probably the one toy that truly challenges children & adults to let their creativity be unlimited. So Lego King I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY filled with unlimited imagination and the lego to make it come true.

  37. Happy Birthday to your son! I hope he gets lots of great Legos to play with. I would build a life size horse. It would make a great lawn ornament.

  38. I think I would like a lego cat. That would be kinda cool and would shed a lot less than my cats lol. Wish I was creative enough to make cool things out of legos but I am sorely lacking.

  39. If I had any lego talents I’d build Gideon and Crag, maybe even Thomas as a wolf. Since I don’t have the talent I may try to get my sons to help. Happy Birthday to the Lego King!!!!

  40. I’d love to build Sydney Harbour Bridge with the fireworks on New Year’s Eve – well, what’s gravity got to do with it?! Happy Birthday!

  41. If I had any talent with logos at all I would build a dragon and knight complete with a forest and a castle. I love the whole fantasy world building idea.

  42. Well, I watch them build a Lego house on a BBC show with James May and that was awesome. I would build if I had the talent and unlimited supply of Legos would be a car. (okay it would be just the shell of the car)

  43. l think I would build a full size pirate ship in my front yard. Or a fighter plane would be cool.

  44. Happy Birthday ! All Hail The Lego King!!
    I like the idea of a full Camelot build, bridges,mote (with alligators,of course), a turret and a round table.

  45. Happy birthday to the Lego King!!!
    If I had any skills with Lego I think that I’d make a castle. A HUGE one with a bridge and all.
    It would be so fun to stand next to it because I’m already small but next to it… I’d be smaller. I’m around 4 feet and 11 inches.

  46. I would love to have the talent to build some of the Legos that have come out recently, but I don’t 😦 . The extent of my talent is the type of big Legos, I built a life size doll house with one room, when I was young.

  47. Many happy birthday wishes for your Lego King….I would build The Taj Mahal….complete with reflecting pool outside….of course I would have to take out a second mortgage to afford the pieces LOL.

  48. I’m lucky I can color within the lines but ok, if I could build anything I’d build a speak-easy. Stairs that lead down from the street to door with a small look see. Inside the Lego people would be sitting at tables, some at a long bar, all looking towards the torch singer on the stage crooning into an old fashioned mike with an orchestra behind her. Yep, that’s what I build if I was talented enough. Happy B-day to your Lego King. May he have millions more.

  49. Happy B-Day Lego King. I would build fanciful castles complete with Knights and chargers not ordinary castles but what I see in my imagination.

  50. I would build a Lego Harry Potter building with Liam, (I’ve built several with my 9 year old nephew).

  51. Happy birthday to the Lego King. When my kids were younger I used to sit and build houses or people with them. My middle son absolutely adored them and when he was 12 his godmother got him the space shuttle. …which he built in 2 days. He’s 22 now and still has it.

  52. Happy Birthday to the King of Legos. If I had his ability I would make a large castle with turrets for the gargoyles, a front door guarded by a dragon and inhabited by a king with 6-pack abs.

  53. I have to admit that I am not very good with Lego blocks either, Amber, but if was talented enough to construct something I think I would like to do a dragon. It would be really neat if the wings and tail would articulate, too!

  54. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEGO KING !!!! Hope yall are having a great time on ur trip. I’d like to build replicas of my kids. I think that would be awesome to have .

  55. Happy Birthday to the young Lego King! Growing up, I had tinker toys instead of legos but if I had the time and ability I would build a fairytale castle complete with dragon and moat. Hope you and your family enjoy the vacation time together.

  56. Happy Birthday to your son! I would build the CenturyLink Field since we are diehard Seahawk fans in my house. Everyone could enjoy it.

  57. Happy Birthday for your son! I love sweets…So I would like to make a set of cupakes, pastries and a tea set πŸ™‚

  58. Happy Birthday to your son! I think I would love to build a huge castle scene with moats, towers, and of course a dragon on the parapet.

  59. Happy Birthday to the Lego King! It would be the Falling Waters home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in PA.

  60. Happy birthday to the Lego King I would build a race track complete with horses jockeys and every thing else that goes with going to the races for a day out

  61. A Very happy birthday Happy Birthday to your Lego King!!! LOL
    Hmmm…. I think I’d really like to try make the Colosseum (Roman Colosseum)… *nodsonds* If I ever could I would try to do that. LOL

  62. A functional life size carousel.

    Many happy returns of the day to the Little Master of All Things Lego.

  63. Happy birthday to your youngest! I loved building castles out of Legos when I was younger; if I had enough of them, and the time and the plans, I would love to build scale models of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles from Bavaria; Ludwig II may have been insane, but the castle he built is glorious!

  64. I would love to use lego blocks to create lego charscters and make a scene from the lego movie. It just seems like a fun idea to use legos to make more Legos. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Lego King!

  65. Happy Birthday Lego King. Hope you have an awesome day.

    As to what i would build, hmm, a gothic castle with vampires, werewolves, ghosts and ghouls. That would be so cool.

  66. happy birthday lego king.
    i would like to replicate harry potter hogwarts school and the town harry and his friends go to and all the mythical creatures that are featured in the books i think that would be cool

  67. Happy Birthday to the Lego King =)

    I’ve never played with Legos before and I’m not sure I would be able to build anything. But if you’ve watched the new Lego movie I think I would like to build a whole town like that with all the character in that movie in it. Throwing in few dragons and a few more action heroes.

  68. if i still had my LEGO building skills of my younger years i would make a giant griffin facing off with an equally giant dragon. Mostly becuse when i was younger i always figuired that griffins and dragons didn’t like each other.

  69. Happy Birthday to the Lego King! πŸ™‚ I hope he had a wonderful day, filled with all he could want.

    As for me and legos πŸ˜‰ I always liked building castles and having a friendly dragon in the courtyard.

  70. Happy Birthday to your son! I would love to build a dinosaur or anything else that’s pretty easy to do. Lol. But we just went to Lego land for my son birthday this year the big 5. I’ll share some pics I took on facebook so you can show him.

  71. Belated wishes for a happy birthday.

    I loved Legos as a child. πŸ™‚ I think it would be fun to build replicas InternatIonal capital buildings, each in the colors of the country’s flag. I also think they should be large enough for people to walk around inside. At least the large or important rooms.

  72. Happy Belated Birthday to your son!! πŸ™‚
    And as for what i would create.. hmm I think it would be awesome if i could replicate the photos or images of real life people. Can you making a lego picture of your family or of your husband?! That would be so great! And a really unique gift too!! πŸ˜€

  73. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy.

    If I could create it I would create a whole dungeon (D&D style) of the right size and shape to run adventures in it. Then I would write a story to fit it and run it for my D&D group.

  74. Happy belated birthday Lego King! Hope your special day rocked!

    I’m not very gifted with building, but I would love to make a movie using Legos, like they did with the Lego Movie as I think that’s just freaking awesome and creative.

  75. Happy Birthday to Lego King.
    When I was younger, my sister and I would make cars and airplanes out of Legos and push them off the kitchen counter. The person whose creation was the least smashed won. We would also build parking garages for all the hot wheel cars we had. Not very creative, but it was lots of fun.

  76. Happy birthday to the young Lego king! If I could make Γ nything out of Lego’s I’d probably replicate different parts of Narnia, especially the Dawn Treader

  77. Happy Birthday Lego King! My boys loved legos and we actually had a lot from my husbands childhood that were just plain legos that you had to use your imagination to build things out of. They built all kinds of things. If I were to build something I think it would be a castle.

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