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The Happily Ever After Mating Agency Presents: Snövarg Island


Being sent to a mating agency by his parents is humiliating enough for bunny shifter Tyler Thompson. The fact that he has the rare ability to carry offspring just makes him all the more apprehensive. Growing up in a warren where everyone was told how to live and how to behave, Tyler dreamt of escaping. Realizing just how in demand someone like him is, and that the choice of mate is solely his, Tyler decides to go as far away as he can. A remote island in the Baltic Ocean sounds like a good choice, and the love story between the two wolves there touches Tyler’s heart.

Together since they were sixteen, alpha Eric Snövarg and lover Finn Michaels know that the only way they can be mated, and stay with their pack, is by bringing in a third capable of giving Eric heirs. Though uncertain of their decision, bringing the bunny into their family seems like the only way.

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Author Bio:

Jane Wallace-Knight lives in the East of England in a small town on the coast, in a house by the sea. She loves nothing more than spending time with her family and friends. In her free time, Jane loves baking and cake decorating, and often makes cakes for the special occasions in her friends’ and family’s lives. She loves music, movies, and books, and is never happier than when she is writing.

Romantic Scene

When the sun began to set, Tyler made his way out of the house and round to the cliff edge as instructed. As Tyler made his way over to the decking area at the back of the house, he could see that the fire pit had been lit and that there was also a string of fairy lights wound around the railing. Eric and Finn both stood by a small round table that appeared to have a couple of covered dishes on it as well as an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne chilling inside. They were both dressed smartly, but not overly so. They each wore a pair of dark denim jeans with a nice shirt. Finn’s shirt was black, which made his loose blond hair stand out even more than usual, while Eric’s shirt was plain white. They both looked gorgeous and suddenly all Tyler could think about was the things they had all done to each other the night before.

“What’s all this?” Tyler asked as he drew closer. He stepped up onto the deck and saw that there was a thick, cream, fleecy blanket that had been laid down on the hard wood. Not that Tyler had any firsthand knowledge of romance, but he had seen enough rom-coms over the years to know that was what the two wolf shifters were going for here.

“This is a nighttime picnic overlooking the ocean,” Eric said with a shrug. “It was Finn’s idea. We wanted to let you know how happy we are that you chose us, and to make sure you know that you’re appreciated.”

Finn rolled his eyes at Eric’s awkward, literal explanation. “Sure, what he said, but way more romantic.”

Tyler laughed and copied both the wolves when they sat down on the large blanket. He was quickly handed a glass of champagne and he took a small sip. He wasn’t a big lover of champagne, but as they had gone to the effort he probably would have drunk carrot juice in order to make them happy, and he really did hate carrots.

The setting sun behind them was throwing vibrant oranges and luminescent pinks across the sky. There were no buildings in the way of the view and the light show reflected in the ocean, turning it into a pool of shining molten lava. It was beautiful.

Finn put a few of the food dishes down between them. They had a bunch of snack foods including sandwiches, chocolates, pastries, and cakes.

“Oooo cake,” Tyler said excitedly, reaching for one of the chocolate ones and eating it whole. He barely chewed it before he was swallowing and licking the frosting off his fingers. Looking up from what he was doing he saw that they were both smiling as they watched him.

“Wow, my mom would have looked horrified at my terrible table manners,” he said with a sad smile. He didn’t really want to think about the family he had left behind, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself.

“Well, luckily we’re not at a table. Apparently, romance means getting rid of the perfectly good chairs we had out here so we can all sit on the floor,” Eric told him as he held out his own champagne flute for Tyler to toast with him.

Again, Finn rolled his eyes at his partner. “Because if we were on chairs then it wouldn’t be a picnic.”

“And picnics are somehow more romantic than regular dinners with comfortable chairs?” Eric asked. It was clear by the way his eyes were smiling that he was just teasing Finn. It was actually the most relaxed Tyler had seen him so far.

“Yes,” Finn shouted before giving him a playful shove. “I swear you don’t have a single romantic bone in your body.”

“Is that so?” Eric replied coyly, a smile spreading over his face. “Then how do you explain these?”

Tyler watched as Eric reached into his pocket and pulled out three matching silver rings. They were simple bands at first glance but as Tyler leaned in he could see that they were made up of intricate Celtic knots with a small, but detailed, wolf’s head in the centre. On the inside there were some runes etched onto the metal.

“Wow,” Tyler said, looking up to meet Eric’s eyes. Finn was seemingly speechless for once. He just stared at Eric like he was seeing him for the first time.

“The wolf inside is Fenrir, the old Norse god our people used to believe created us,” Eric explained. He held the three bands in his large hand and picked one of them up before handing it to Finn. “They were part of a set of thirteen made a long time ago for a secret order of wolf shifters. We only have three of them. It’s not known what happened to the rest but I thought that as there were three of them, it could be considered a sign that we should have them.”

Finn took the ring that was being offered to him carefully, almost reverently. They were seemingly very old, and very precious to the Snövarg wolves. Tyler was both incredibly touched and extremely apprehensive about having one. Still, when Eric held his hand out to him, Tyler took the silver band and slid it onto his finger. It was too big for his ring finger so he tried it on several of them until he found one it fit on. He supposed it didn’t really matter what finger it went on. The exchanging of wedding rings was a purely human custom.

“Thank you,” he said as he looked down at it where it rested on his middle finger.

“I know it’s not common for shifters to wear wedding rings but I thought it would be nice for us all to have these,” he said. The big man looked incredibly uncomfortable. Tyler found it very endearing and he couldn’t stop himself from leaning forward and kissing him quickly.

When they parted they both looked to Finn, who still hadn’t said a word.

“Finn?” Eric asked. He reached out and took the ring from the palm of Finn’s hand where he was still staring at it. Eric held Finn’s hand and slid it onto his forefinger before kissing the man’s fingers. “How was that for romance?”

Finn grinned at him and when he spoke he sounded a little choked up. “It was pretty good,” he admitted as he leaned in for a kiss of his own.

Story Excerpt:

“Can I ask you something?” Finn said as he brought over Tyler’s coffee. Tyler wrapped his hands around the steaming mug and leaned over it, breathing in the heavenly fumes.

“Sure, you can ask me anything you like,” Tyler assured him as the other man sat opposite him at the table. Eric remained where he was, his facial expression not changing one bit. “But first do you think you could get Grumpy Pants over there to stop glowering for a minute?”

While Finn snorted, Eric just looked confused. The dark-haired wolf looked over at Tyler and cocked his head.

“Do you mean me?”

Finn laughed out loud this time. “Don’t worry about him. It just takes a while to get to know him.”

Eric uncrossed his arms and walked over to the table, his large frame looming over Tyler, before sitting himself down beside him at the head.

“I’m sorry,” Eric said, taking Tyler by surprise. “I wasn’t…glowering as you say. I was thinking. If the idea of this party makes you too uncomfortable then we can reschedule it for after you’ve settled in. We can tell everyone that the long journey took it out of you.”

Tyler stared into the man’s green eyes and felt his heart do a strange lurch in his chest. The idea that Eric had looked so somber because he was thinking of Tyler’s needs made Tyler feel something he couldn’t remember having felt before. He felt cared for, important. Worried that he might embarrass himself by getting choked up over such a simple thing, Tyler quickly coughed and looked away from the intense green gaze.

“I’ll be fine. I mean, who doesn’t like a party, right?” he said breezily.

“Eric,” Finn answered with a shrug of his shoulder, making Eric roll his eyes.

“Sorry, what was your question,” Tyler said, finally getting back to what Finn had begun asking him.

“Why the hurry?” Finn asked as he leaned his elbows on the table and sat forward. The guy was pretty cute, despite his large size, and the front of his blond hair had escaped its ponytail and was falling in his eyes, making him look a little like a puppy dog. Tyler hoped that wasn’t an offensive comparison to wolves. “Usually it can take years for a right match to be made and even then you’re usually given several options. The matchmaker on our end said that you only showed up on the database a few days ago, and with your rare ability to carry cubs you had to have had a lot to choose from.”

“So why did I choose you?” Tyler guessed. “Well, I was signed up to the mating agency a few weeks ago, but only to other bunny shifters. I didn’t actually know I could mate with anyone else. My parents are a little speciesist I guess in that they think bunnies should stick to their own kind.”

“But not you?” Eric asked, frowning again as he listened to Tyler’s story. Tyler was starting to think that frowning was just Eric’s resting face. It was pretty sexy actually. He looked like he could snap and kill a man at any second. Tyler thought it was probably weird that such a thing should turn him on.

“My parents have been trying to get rid of me for a long time,” Tyler confessed, no longer able to look them in the eye. It was a hard thing to admit that even your own family found you lacking. “I guess they were kind of at the end of their tether.”

“Tyler,” Eric interrupted him. “If your parents are making you do this, then you don’t have to. There are strict laws in place now against forced matings.”

Tyler smiled up at him shyly and shook his head. “No. No one’s forcing me. They wanted to get rid of me and I wanted to get away. So, I told the matchmaker to open the search up to anywhere, and any kind of shifter, and he gave me a list later that day. There were a few I considered but I guess I liked that I was helping you guys out. Your story about having been together for so long, and not being able to mate with each other until you found this loophole kind of got to me. I guess I’m a sappy romantic at heart.”

For the first time since meeting him, Eric smiled at him. “We hope you can be happy here, Tyler.”

Finn nodded and reached out his hand to take Tyler’s. “I think if we all go into this feeling comfortable with each other, and knowing that we can discuss anything, then we will be fine.”

Finn’s hand was warm and soft except for a few calluses on his thumb. It would be too easy to let himself fall for the two of them. They had been together since they were kids and they had found a way, against all the odds, to be together. Tyler needed to remember his place. It was good that they were nice to him, he was stuck with them after all, but it wouldn’t do him any good to forget his role in this mating. Tyler was there to bear their children and help them run the pack, nothing more.

Adult Excerpt:

“Okay then,” the bunny said, seemingly finding his courage. “Let’s get this party started, shall we?”

Tyler was somehow both endearingly cute and ballsy at the same time. Finn grinned at him and turned to look over at Eric. His partner’s chest was rising and falling rapidly as his breathing grew heavier while he took in Tyler’s naked form. The bunny shifter was a little smaller than both of them in the crotch department but he was also shorter. All in all, Tyler was one nice, proportional package with some unexpected muscle definition.

“If this is a party, then you’re the guest of honor,” Finn told Tyler as he walked over to the bed and held his hand out to him. “So how about you tell us what you want.”

Eric quickly nodded and joined them over by the bed. Finn sat down and pushed himself into the center before yanking Tyler down with him. The smaller man ended up spread out on Finn’s chest and the beta wolf couldn’t resist giving him another kiss. He slid his hand down to cup an ass cheek and gave it a firm squeeze.

“Oh god,” Tyler moaned into Finn’s mouth. “I want so much.”

Eric chuckled and crawled up to sit beside them on the bed. He leaned over and kissed one of Tyler’s shoulders. “Tell us,” Eric demanded in his authoritative alpha voice. That voice never failed to turn Finn on, but then he liked to be told what to do, in bed at least.

“I want,” Tyler began, only to stop when he noticed that Eric had laid himself back so that he could arch his hips and push his underwear off, displaying his big, hard cock, “that in my mouth.”

Eric’s mouth opened in surprise at the boldness of their mate-to-be and his dick gave an interested twitch. “You can do whatever you want,” Eric assured him, his voice thick with arousal. He lay back on his elbows and Finn quickly grabbed some pillows from the head of the bed to put under his head.

“Thanks, love,” Eric said to him, pulling him down for a quick kiss.

Finn winked at him and stroked his hand down over Eric’s chest. His eyes wide, like he still couldn’t quite believe his luck, Tyler crawled closer and leaned down over Eric’s crotch. He looked up with his big, amber-brown eyes and held Eric’s gaze as he licked his lower lip, making it glisten in the low light, before taking hold of his cock and placing a kiss on the sensitive tip. Finn sat back for a while, content to watch what Tyler was doing. The younger man didn’t seem like he had much experience, at least none of it all that good, but he seemed to love what he was doing. He slowly trailed kisses along the shaft before licking back up it and taking it in his mouth as far down as it would go. Tyler made an almost mewling sound as he sucked on Eric’s cock, his free hand splayed low on Eric’s stomach. The show was getting Finn nice and hard and he stroked himself a few times to try and relieve the ache that was building in his groin.

He felt Eric’s large hand on his backside, his fingers inching closer to the center. Finn moaned as his partner teased his entrance with his thick fingers. It was silly but it touched Finn that Eric was still thinking of making Finn feel good while he was getting his dick sucked.

Finn forced his eyes away from the tempting sight of Eric’s cock disappearing between Tyler’s full lips as the bunny shifter bobbed his head up and down, and looked at Eric’s face. The alpha looked blissed out, with one hand clutching the pillow beneath his head, making his bicep bulge delightfully, and the other pushing gently against Finn’s hole.

“God I need you to fuck me.” Finn moaned. He moved away from the teasing touch so that he could get lube from the bedside cabinet. Tyler moaned around his mouthful and slowly pulled off with a wet-sounding pop.

“I want to see that,” Tyler said, his voice breathy. He was one sexy sight, his pale skin all flushed and his full lips wet from sucking Eric’s cock.

“You’re gorgeous,” Finn told him as he passed the lube to Eric. “Your turn to lay back and enjoy.”

Tyler’s eyes went a little wide and he quickly nodded his head in agreement. The bunny shifter lay back on his elbows and looked down his own body as Finn crawled over to him. He kissed the young man soundly, leaving him panting, before slowly kissing his way down the smooth skin of his body.


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