Our Guest Today is RJ Scott!

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[Note: RJ will give a copy away to one lucky commenter]

I have been to four separate TV series conventions and I am always amazed at how insane some people are. I always wondered… what if one of the actors had death threats… and this book was born! Bodyguard To A Sex God (Bodyguards Inc 1) is the first book in my Bodyguards series. Book 2 came out at end of June.

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A romantic scene from Bodyguard To A Sex God (Bodyguards Inc 1)

“I’m not seeing a huge future for me in front of the camera when I come out.” Logan had been honest with Robert from day one of shooting on Night Cop. It wasn’t a big thing, Robert had just dismissed the words with a shake of his hand. Now wasn’t any different.

“So you are going to do that?”

“The timing is right. No. It has to be right. I’m twenty-nine and I need to start the next age of me with honesty and the hope of actually meeting someone.”

“Like Mr Hero there?” Robert nodded in Adam’s direction. Logan followed the same direction with his eyes.

“No,” he answered.

Robert thumped him on the arm. “You can’t take your eyes off of him.” Robert looked over at where Adam was still holding court with the girls. “And… he can’t take his eyes off of you.”

“He’s my bodyguard; it’s his job to watch me.”

“Yeah, but is he gay? Because that would be just perfect. Maybe some loving with a random hot guy this weekend will get your head sorted out.”

“Yes, he’s gay. Yes, he ticks every one of my boxes. Yes, I’ve already freaking kissed him and it was perfect when he briefly kissed me back. But no, he won’t do anything, says they’ll be no casual hookup while he’s working.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen The Bodyguard twice, all that heroic self-sacrifice sucks,” Robert said. Then his eyes widened. “Hang on. You kissed him?”

“When I got off stage and the adrenaline high hit and we were on our own in the corridor and I couldn’t stop myself.”

Robert nodded and gestured towards Adam before leaning in close to Logan’s ear. “If I were inclined that way then blond and sexy would tick every one of my boxes too.”

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  1. What an interesting idea for a book and you are doing it as a series. Going to devour these. Love your books.

  2. Always a great fan of your book~ Hoping to read this one soon! It sounds like an amazing series!!~ 😀

  3. I do not have this book or this series , I need to acquire them .. 🙂 🙂 The book and the series sound Awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. I just finished both this book and the 2nd one and I love them both. Can’t wait to read the next one in the series. Great job!! 🙂

  5. Loved the excerpt. Will put this series on my wishlist. Thank you for the chance.


  6. I loved this book and was thrilled to see #2 come out. Great work, but then I’ve loved all your books 🙂

  7. I’m enjoying reading the series and I’m looking forward to more books!!


  8. Sounds so good! I need twice as many hours everyday to read all I want to, especially awesome books like this. 🙂

  9. *A* ohohohoh~ new series! LOL.
    NICE! I’ll be checking it out asap! ahaha… love the title! 😉

  10. One of your books I haven’t read yet. I’ll have to get to it. The excerpt had me captivated.

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