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princess smallerHumor is s Sexy Beast by Jan Irving

I’m so happy to be here to share a snippet from Princess, my bestselling M/M/F ménage which is described by T.S. Peters at Just Erotic Romance Reviews as a book that “Readers will enjoy watching Seri blossom into both her sexuality and into being her own woman. At the same time, they will be in tears over Tahir’s and Ismet’s antics. At one point, I had to stop reading because I was laughing so hard.”

Amber said that we should share a romantic scene from one of our books. I mulled it over and what struck me as romantic about Princess was…humor. So I’ll fill you in about the story with the blurb first and then let it rip with an excerpt. Enjoy!

Blurb from Princess:
Fearing passion after she’s been hurt, Princess Serafina hides until two warrior slaves are commanded to become her lovers and protect their innocent princess.

Princess Serafina hides from passion, working long hours in her successful pastry shop. By royal decree she is forced into a mating-of-convenience with fierce, dark and moody desert chieftain Tafir and the courtesan Ismet with his mesmerizing golden eyes.

Innocent Seri wonders if it is she who will ultimately belong to her two men, masters in the art of pleasure. Watching them together in love-play, she yearns. Once the vulnerability under her pride moves her slaves to possess their mistress, Tafir and Ismet vow to do anything to protect their lady when an enemy from her past threatens her.

Excerpt from Princess:

“Well, if you’re ready, we’ll head across the park to my apartment,” Seri told her two men.

“Don’t you mean apartments?” Tahir prodded, clearly expecting something grandiose even though they’d been walking past graffiti and unrepaired street droids and sidewalks since they’d left public transport.

Despite her tension, Seri couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled up. “Not all princesses are rich.”

“Oh.” Tahir didn’t sound happy. “But I wanted a rich princess.”

 “He likes his comforts,” Ismet said, putting an arm around the taller man. “Soft fluffy pillows, silk bedding, nice tailored suits.”

For some reason the intimacy the two men obviously shared made Seri feel a little uncomfortable and even more shy, as if she were somehow spying on them. “Well, I hope he doesn’t mind sleeping on the floor. I have one bed, one couch, but lots of floor,” Seri said. She looked at Tahir. “May I have my key back?”

He was tossing it into the air as he looked around her place. When she held out her hand to take it back, he said, “No.”

Her breath hitched in her throat. She glared at the nomad.

He smiled faintly.

Ismet rolled his eyes. “Tahir’s not big on explaining himself. He wants to make sure your apartment is secure. He’s probably going to start with your door.”

“Secure?” It was a relief to look into friendly golden eyes.

“That’s what he did for the count; he headed the security detachment of his household.”

“Oh. I thought…” She closed her mouth.

“You thought he was a love slave, like me?” Ismet looked amused. “No, a woman or a man needs a lot of recovery time after Tahir’smauled them in bed. He’s a little too intense.”

Seri swallowed. “Mauled?”

“The good kind,” Ismet said.

“There’s a good kind?”

Ismet grinned, but then his expression softened. He strode over to Seri and put his arm around her. Despite her wariness, she felt a twinge of something in her lower belly. “You really don’t know, do you, little Seri?”

Seri raised her brows, pointing to her high heels. “I’m not little.”

“You are to us.” She couldn’t argue since both of the men were so…big.

“This apartment isn’t very big,” Tahir said, pacing farther into her living space, into the small dining area and kitchen. Seri had expanded on the kitchen, so pantry cabinets bulged into the dining area, full of spices she gathered when she visited the farms and towns where she liked to shop for her bakery supplies. They could instaship, of course, but there was nothing like picking out your own saffron from a thousand different varieties or choosing just the right shade of chartreuse sparkles to decorate cookies.

“My apartment does me fine,” she said, annoyed.


She watched Tahir disappear into her bedroom. “And it’s sufficient for my needs.”

“But it’s not just you anymore, Seri,” Ismet pointed out.

“We’ll just have to forge a new kind of relationship,” she said.

Something clattered to the floor in her bedroom, and she jerked free of Ismet, striding for her room. What she saw was the tangled dark pink tulle from a new dress that she loved—but hadn’t been daring enough to wear yet—crumpled on her bed. There were high-heeled shoes, boots and sandals and handbags scattered everywhere, as if her neat closet had exploded accessories.

Staring in horror, Seri demanded, “What are you doing?” She snatched her favorite new bag from Tahir’s grasp. It was leather, embossed with a desert scene of camels and palm trees. She’d loved it and couldn’t resist it on a recent trip to the marketplace, though she didn’t need any new bags. They were her weakness.

“No one needs this many shoes or bags,” he said flatly, as if it should be totally clear.

“What?” She looked over her shoulder at Ismet, who had followed them into her bedroom. “What?”

Ismet raised his hands, approaching Tahir like he would an unpredictable and dangerous animal. Which he was, as far as Seri was concerned. She picked up some of her shoes, holding them against her belly protectively.

Tahir looked unruffled. More shoes joined the growing pile. He dusted off his hands and looked vaguely satisfied. “You have too many shoes. Your apartment is too small to contain them. We can recycle these.”

Seri threw a shoe at him.


You can purchase a copy here in print or ebook: https://www.totallybound.com/princess

I’m happy to share either a hard copy of a beautiful  signed paper back with one of the commentators or the ebook so be sure to leave contact information if you’d like to win a copy.

Jan Irving has been sharing her stories since publication in 2009. Currently she’s working on a young adult novel set in Paris. You can find more of her books at her website http://www.janirvingwrites.com

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  1. This sounds like a fun read. Please count me in on an ebook copy.

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  2. recycle shoes?! Have her throw another at him! Thanks Jan, love your stuff, will have to add this to my to be bought list for next payday. 🙂

  3. I have not read any of your books yet. However I will be reading this one soon. I would love a beautiful signed paper back 🙂 I love my kindle: but I still have to have physical books 🙂 and to get a copy of one signed would be awesome!!


  4. I started smiling pretty quickly. A good sign. This book is now on my wish list.
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  6. Okay, now I have to find out what happened next. And after 30 years of marriage, hubby has finally learned that I can never have too many purses or shoes.

  7. This is too funny, I can just see both of their faces and am laughing so hard. looks like a good read and added to my list.
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  8. I laughed out loud when she threw a shoe at him. A girl after my own heart. I will definitely put this in my TBR list. Thanks.

  9. Thank you all so much! And yes, it WAS high heeled shoes.

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