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A big Thank You to Amber Kell for giving me the opportunity to be a guest on her blog. What better way to celebrate romance than with sexy highland warriors combined with one of my favorite fantasy creature…dragons. To that end, I’ve decided to share an excerpt from the 4th tale in the Highlands Dragons series, For a Dragon’s Forgiveness. If you’re willing to take a moment to leave a comment, I’ll enter you in a drawing for a free ebook – reader choice. For every 25 people who comment, I’ll draw another name (ie: if 100 people comment, I’ll draw 4 names). Tell your friends. The more the merrier! =D
The drawing will be held at the end of the month.
Swing by my website – http://www.charlie-richards.com – for more information about the Highland Dragons series as well as other tales, or go to my publisher’s website:

Thanks again, Amber!


For a Dragon’s Forgiveness Blurb:

Two men. One wants to earn forgiveness. The other helps teach how one can forgive himself.


Ciendon McDoffrey just had his life turned upside down. Everything he thought he knew about himself and his brothers has been stripped away. While attempting to rob a dragon of its hoard, Ciendon learns he’s been manipulated by his brother, Ronin, for years. His other brother, Thom, had never hated him. Thom even convinces his dragon lover, whom Ciendon had been trying to rob, to spare his life. Instead, as penance, Ciendon is assigned to a dragon named Paigon, who puts him to work tending livestock. Ciendon considers it a far lighter punishment than what he deserves, especially when he and Paigon discover a mutual attraction which they quickly act upon. When Thom reveals that the Circle of Elders have given several dragons the right to court Ciendon, and Paigon isn’t one of them, will Ciendon accept bonding with a strange dragon, believing it’s the punishment he truly deserves? Or will he forgive himself and fight for what he wants?


Story Excerpt:

Ciendon watched Ziethman walk away, then the heat of Paigon’s hand on his arm pulled his attention back to the green-eyed dragon. “Did I do something wrong?” He flashed to his error in the field. Of course…I need to be punished. Not hurting someone and not punishing them for mistakes were two completely different things. “Time for me punishment?” he asked softly, resignation filling him. What would Paigon’s punishments consist of?

“What? Nay, Ciendon. Punish you for what?”

Unclipping his pin, Ciendon wrapped the extra swath around his waist, baring his back, then hooked it back in place to hold the kilt around his hips. “Because of me mistake in the field,” he stated, wondering why Paigon even bothered to feign ignorance. Couldn’t they just get this over with?

“I told you I wouldn’t hurt you,” Paigon stated, drawing his hand away. “Why would you ask that?”

Ciendon cocked his head, his brows drawing down. “Because hurting someone and punishing them are two different things.”

Paigon nodded slowly. “I suppose I could see that,” he mused softly. “If a child does something that they know is wrong, they need to be punished, and sometimes, those punishments hurt.” Lifting his hand to Ciendon’s jaw, he gently cupped him. “However, you didn’t know what you were doing was wrong. I should have told you to holler for me if you ran into trouble. It was my fault. I should have monitored your progress better.”

His heart racing, Ciendon peered down at Paigon. Ronin had never taken responsibility for when things went badly. The confusion Ciendon felt only distracted him for a few seconds from the ache in his groin, which seemed to have intensified when Paigon cupped his jaw. Unable to help himself, he tilted his head and nuzzled into the other male’s palm.

Growling softly, Paigon settled his other hand on Ciendon’s lightly-haired chest-muscle. He gripped Ciendon’s pebbled nipple and pinched.

Ciendon’s breath left his lungs in a hiss as sparks spread across his chest. When Paigon did it again, harder this time, he groaned. His eyelids slid to half-mast and he peered at Paigon’s pleased smile. He felt a bead of moisture ooze from his cap as his erection twitched beneath his kilt.

“Gods above, Ciendon,” Paigon murmured. “I can smell your arousal, handsome asda. Is that for me?” This time, he gripped Ciendon’s nipple and twisted.

A deep moan rolled up from deep inside Ciendon and a shudder racked his body. His hips bucked convulsively, making his prick head rub against the inside of his kilt. It felt good and caused a harsh throb in his groin all at the same time.

When Paigon released his jaw and used that hand to cup Ciendon through his kilt, he shuddered again. His balls rolled in their sacks and his hips pressed forward. Ciendon felt desperation surge through his body, making his blood hotter than he’d ever felt before.

“Well, sexy highlander?” Paigon rumbled, his voice deepening. “Is this thick meat for me?”

“A-Aye,” Ciendon gasped out. While his cheeks flushed with embarrassment, his hips rocked, thrusting his dick into Paigon’s palm even harder. Paigon reacted by squeezing him, making the rough folds slide along his shaft. “Fuck!”

Paigon chuckled roughly. “I’d love to feel this monster sliding in and out of my arse,” he rumbled. “But are you truly ready to fuck? Or would any release do?”

Ciendon’s eyes widened. His jaw gaped. The dragon would let him fuck him? Truly? He’d have thought the dragon would insist on being the one doing the fucking, but now that the idea had been mentioned, desire, need unlike anything he’d felt before surged through him.

I want in Paigon’s arse.

Growling, Ciendon knocked Paigon’s hand away from his body. He instantly missed the stimulation, but then he wrapped his right arm tightly around the dragon’s hips and hauled him in close. Touching from chest to groin to thighs, Ciendon felt the bulge at Paigon’s groin.

Ciendon dug the fingers of his right hand into Paigon’s arse cheek, searching for the male’s crack beneath the leather. With his other hand, he cupped the dragon’s nape. He squeezed hard and tilted Paigon’s head back so their gazes clashed and held.

“I can truly have yer arse?” Ciendon asked. He struggled to draw in each breath as the image of his hard rod sinking into the dragon’s channel surfaced in his mind. The squeeze would be so exquisite. His dick jerked, smearing the inside of his kilt with more of his fluids.

Paigon’s emerald eyes glittered and he didn’t bother to try to hide his lust. “Aye.”

The single rumbled word caused Ciendon’s sack to tighten, pulling the hard orbs closer to his body. If he wanted to get in this male’s arse, he’d have to do it damn quick. Just thinking about sliding his dick into that tight hole had him on the edge of release.

“Aye, shite, need—” Ciendon whined as he sucked in several harsh breaths. It’d been ages since he’d touched a woman in passion. Even knowing this was a man—a dragon—didn’t wane his attraction one bit. In fact, the idea of pounding his cock into the dragon had him harder than he ever remembered being for any lass, no matter how bonnie.

“I’m going to lose the vest and leggings,” Paigon told him. “After that, we’ll take off your kilt and I’ll show you the pleasure of pounding my arse.”

“Do it,” Ciendon demanded, ready and willing to get on with it. Even upon feeling the scaly hide leathers disappear from under his fingers didn’t ease his desire, because the silky smooth, firmly muscled mounds in his grip quickly took his attention.

* * * *

Paigon knew he must be crazy to be doing this. He shouldn’t be giving into his lust, but everything about the big male called to him. It wasn’t even just the scent put off by the unbonded asda. Protective instincts he hadn’t known he had roared to life every time he saw the man cringe or flinch or when he felt the scars on his shoulders and back. He wanted to track down and beat whoever had treated him in a manner that caused those deeply ingrained reactions. Unfortunately, Paigon had a pretty good idea of who that had been, and that human was dead.

Ciendon’s fingers digging into his crack yanked Paigon from his unpleasant thoughts and back to where he wanted to be, with the hot and willing human. “Let’s take this off,” Paigon urged. He lowered his fingers to the waist of the kilt. Arching his back, Paigon managed to get one hand between them. Tugging lightly on the pin, he asked, “How does this clasp work?”

He probably could have figured it out, but his question had the desired effect. Ciendon released him and reached for the clasp himself. Paigon took a step back and glanced around the area. They stood just inside the line of trees, sheltered from those in the fields and those in the woods unless they walked within ten paces of them due to a bend in the trail. Satisfied with their seclusion—hell, it wasn’t like dragons were shy about sex, but he didn’t know about Ciendon—Paigon swept his gaze over the area again, searching for…

There’s one.

Paigon strode to a Voldran tree. He allowed his claws to lengthen, then sliced carefully through the bark. The tree’s sap flowed out of the mark, smooth and slick, into Paigon’s waiting palm. While normally they used an oil boiled down from aloe roots as slick, the Voldran tree’s sap would certainly do in a pinch.

“What’s that?”

At Ciendon’s question, Paigon turned and his words stuck in his throat. Damn, the man was beautiful. Not in the traditional sense, for his square jaw and wide cheekbones were already covered by the beginnings of a beard. Paigon figured the human would need to shave every morning to keep from being bushy.

That thought led to Paigon immediately wondering what it would feel like if Ciendon rubbed a full beard over the sensitive skin of his groin.

Pulling himself together—hell, this was probably a onetime thing—Paigon smiled at his soon-to-be lover. “The sap of the Voldran tree will act as an oil to slick up my chute,” he explained.

Paigon crooked his finger, urging Ciendon to join him deeper in the foliage. With his kilt draped over one brawny arm, the human moved toward him, nearly his entire body on display. His long, thick rod bobbed in front of him with each step, fluid leaking from his half-exposed slit. His limbs were thick, heavily muscled, and moderately haired with dark hair that matched the short strands on his head.

Turning to face a tree, Paigon rested his clean hand on the bark. He reached around with the other and pressed his sap-soaked finger into his channel. Ignoring the burn, he thrust in and out.

While Paigon quickly stretched himself, sliding a second finger in beside the first, followed soon by a third, he peered over his shoulder and watched Ciendon’s expression. He reveled in the human’s rapt attention, the heave of his chest, the flair of his nostrils. Every twitch proved how much Ciendon wanted this…wanted him.

Unwilling to wait any longer, Paigon murmured, “Come here, Cien.” He eased his fingers from his chute, ignoring how his empty channel flexed reflexively and beckoned with his gleaming fingers. “Line up and I’ll stroke your cock. Then give me all you got.”

Ciendon let out a strangled sound, somewhere between a groan, grunt, and whine as he shuffled forward and took up a position directly behind Paigon. Upon feeling Ciendon’s cock head kiss his opening, Paigon gripped the thick shaft. He jacked the human’s dick once, twice, coating it with the remaining sap on his fingers, then positioned the head back at his entrance.

“Do it,” Paigon urged, placing his second hand beside the first on the tree in front of him. “Let me feel you.”

With a groan, almost sounding like he was succumbing to some desire of his own, Ciendon thrust…hard. Paigon felt his lover’s thick shaft stretch the muscles that guarded his opening. Stifling his hiss, he pushed out and breathed through the pain of his lover pressing in and in and in.

To Paigon’s relief, once his balls were flush to his arse, Ciendon froze. He released Paigon’s hips and wrapped his arms around his waist, clutching him tightly. Paigon felt his lover’s breath against his ear, huffing softly.

Paigon forced himself to relax, breathing deeply and slowly, accepting the massive length buried inside of him. Enjoying the stuffed, full feeling, he sighed and pressed into Ciendon’s grip. He hummed with pleasure upon feeling the warm breath tickle the sensitive skin behind his ear.

A second later, he groaned when Ciendon’s fingers began stroking the skin of his abs. He left one hand there, tracing his fingertips along his muscled grooves, and moved the other up to the center of his chest. His hands were so large, his fingers so long, he tickled and massaged both of Paigon’s nipples at the same time.

Ciendon rested his chin on Paigon’s right shoulder and sighed. “I’ve never felt anything like ye wrapped around me cock,” he whispered. “Amazing.”

From how he mumbled the words, almost absently, Paigon couldn’t tell if Ciendon intended for him to respond or not. However, then, the burn in Paigon’s channel eased, replaced by the need to feel the thick meat spearing him move.

Paigon turned and tilted his head, brushing his lips along the strong cheekbone of his lover. Moving his head just a bit, Ciendon peered at him out of the corner of his eye. “What are ye doing?”

“Kissing you,” Paigon replied.

“Men kiss?”

Smiling, Paigon rubbed his lips along the line of his jaw again. “Oh, aye.”

Grunting, Ciendon moved the hand that had been playing with Paigon’s nipples up his chest and cupped his throat. While the move felt dominating, controlling, Ciendon kept his grip light even as he urged Paigon’s head to a different angle. Then, his gaze still fixed on Paigon’s, Ciendon sealed his mouth over Paigon’s own.

For a second, neither of them moved—Paigon waiting for Ciendon to make the first move and, he suspected, that Ciendon remained uncertain what to do next. Evidently, Ciendon figured it out quick. He nipped Paigon’s bottom lip, then swiped the tip of his tongue along the seam of his mouth. Paigon opened to him and instantly found his mouth filled with Ciendon’s thick, questing tongue.

Paigon reacted instantly, dueling with his lover. For several minutes, their tongues twisted and writhed around each other, slipping and sliding. Groaning, Paigon gave in and surrendered to the other man, allowing his new lover to take control of the kiss.

Almost immediately, Ciendon growled. He tightened his hold and his hips started moving, slowly at first, drawing his cock partway out of Paigon’s body, before plunging back into him. His dick rubbed over that pleasure-giving spot inside Paigon’s channel, causing him to moan and shudder in Ciendon’s grip.

Ciendon broke the kiss, staring down at him, a concerned look on his face. “Ye well?”

Paigon quickly reassured him. “Better than,” he told him. “Your cock feels good in my arse.”

“Truly?” Ciendon sounded genuinely surprised.

Paigon winked, grinning widely. “Oh, aye, handsome.” He clenched his chute muscles rhythmically. “Fuck me hard. Don’t hold back.”

Ciendon whined and shivered. “Aye,” he all but gasped as he started moving again.


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