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A big thank you to Amber for letting me invade her blog while she’s off sunning herself somewhere. I’ve chosen a scene from my latest release, A Double-Edged Sword, to share with you. If you haven’t come across Tales from the Edge yet, you can check out the series and my other books at I’m also giving away an ebook to one lucky commenter – the winner will be able to choose a title from my back catalogue, so comment away – I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s a little intro to the story…

How do you stay standing when the ground is torn from beneath your feet?

Becket and Christian are taking the first, tentative steps towards the committed D/s relationship they both crave when the world literally explodes around them. In a frightening reversal of roles, Becket has to deal with his own vulnerability and Christian must find the strength to take care of his Dom. With the help of their friends at The Edge, the two men come to realise that dominance and submission cannot be switched on and off.

Events that could have ended in tragedy provide the catalyst that affirms their trust in each other, but there are still questions to answer. Is the safe path always the right one to take? Is control simply a state of mind?

One thing’s for certain, life’s too short for compromise.


It was a chilly morning and wisps of mist swirled above the Thames like steam over coffee. Small boats and barges chugged their way up and down the busy waterway, inhabiting their own special world, separated from the bustle of the city by the riverbanks. Becket couldn’t help feeling a little smug as he strolled along the embankment towards his office. He sank his hands deeper into his pockets and picked up his pace, enjoying the stretch in his muscles. He was feeling the effects of the strenuous night and that broadened his smile even more as he imagined how much more Christian would be feeling it.

Becket couldn’t believe his luck that Christian wanted to spend time with him, let alone offer such perfect, willing submission. He had an amazing visual stuck in his head of Christian stretched and spread out on his bed. He loved how the young man’s lithe body was so responsive to bondage, and couldn’t wait to put him in strict chastity. Christian had tried to hide it but Becket was tuned in to noticing the slightest indications of emotion from his sub and Christian had definitely been aroused by the thought of being denied control of his cock. Becket was all for giving him what he wanted. Maybe it was time to consider a change of career direction, preferably one that would allow him to forge a proper relationship with Christian. Becket had given the best part of eleven years to a demanding, dangerous job and as much as he loved the thrill of fieldwork, there were plenty of other ways he could make a contribution that didn’t have quite such a negative effect on his private life. He wanted a full-time sub. He wanted Christian.



Have a great summer of reading! Best wishes, L M Somerton.

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  1. I didn’t know that a new Tales From The Edge book had come out. I’m so happy Christian has his own book and I can’t wait to read it. I’m going to get it after I finish writing this. This is a terrific series and to anyone who has not yet read The Edge books, you really are missing out on a wonderful series. Thanks for posting and the giveaway.

  2. I haven’t read any of your books yet. I think I’ve clearly been missing out on some great reads. Thanks for sharing and being here today.

  3. I have not had a chance to collect the books from the Tales from the Edge series yet, but they are on my long wish list. I would recommend Mountain Rescue and/or Resputins Kiss if you have not read any books by this author before 🙂

    I followed this series on a recent blog tour and it made me want them even more, as the characters and stories are so appealing, so thank you for a chance to win one of them, possibly 😀 I wonder if they will be any more to this series or what the author plans to write next…?

  4. I love the other stories in this series and look forward to reading this one too. I’ve enjoyed your writing since I found it on Literotica.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  5. Thank you for the excerpt. I had not read any of your work before this, but now I have more for the TBR pile.

  6. This is a great series – I haven’t read them all yet so am excited to have a chance at winning one. Loved the excerpt.

  7. I don’t think I’ve read anything by you yet. I’m looking forward to giving your books a read,

  8. Your blurb has me hooked. Looks like a great series. Your back list looks interesting too. Amber always introduces me to a few new authors.

  9. Ok, I have to totally look into this series. You’re a new author for me an this just sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks for visiting. Hmm I’ve always meant to start this series (and i have the first 2 books already) but somehow i never make it.. or something happens and i forget about it.. Strange Strange 😉

    Anyways just want to say that i enjoy your books (esp. Mountain Rescue)
    Have a great summer!~

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