A Guitarist in the Fae Queen’s Court is Up!

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Raine had never liked the bar where JB worked. He always claimed the owner watched JB’s ass too much for Raine’s comfort. Of course, Raine didn’t appreciate the way anyone looked at JB or that other men had eyes.

“Hey, JB!” Mike Nelson nodded from his spot farther up the line. Mike had gelled his short blond hair until it stood up in spikes, covered his arms with multiple bracelets, and dressed in strategically ripped clothing. His fit body drew more than one interested gaze.

JB nodded back. He and Mike often auditioned for the same gigs. Mike had the sort of star presence most musicians dreamed about, while JB had a more low-key style. Needless to say, they weren’t buddies. They’d be frenemies if they’d been friends first.

Quickly sliding into line, JB resolutely pushed the competition out of his mind. He needed to focus on his possible future employment. Nothing would derail him faster than fixating on Mike instead of focusing on his own music.

The ad claimed the clients were looking for someone who could play a stringed instrument, vocals optional. Kind of an odd request, but a musician looking for work didn’t question eccentricity, especially considering the generous salary listed.

How hard could performing for some VIPs be anyway? If it turned into a regular gig, JB could come home without reeking of cigarette smoke and booze for once. As long as the job didn’t involve removing his clothes, JB would take it if offered. Hell, forget that. He’d even be up for working in the nude if it got him a timely paycheck.

He didn’t suffer from excessive modesty, even if his husband’s head would explode. Before he’d left the apartment, Raine had told JB to walk away if he had to take off even one piece of clothing. “Because if they think they’re going to get a cheap thrill over my man, they’d better think again.”

Why Raine thought anyone else would want to see JB’s skinny, naked ass, he didn’t know, but Raine’s gravelly threat almost had him heading back to bed and letting the man mark him all over again. JB could still feel the sting from Raine’s teeth on his shoulder from the night before. Raine liked to leave reminders of their lovemaking on JB’s skin, as if warning others from his man.

Unfortunately, JB really needed a job, and this one appealed to him more than any of the other auditions currently posted. If he didn’t get a gig soon, he might as well throw in the towel and live off his man.

Raine would be ecstatic.

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    1. There were some revisions and a short prologue. Not much was added. Do not repurchase. you can send a receipt or screen shot of your catalog with that title to my hubby at amberkellbooks@gmail.com and get a free replacement 🙂

  1. How long is your discount going to be up, Amber? I would like to purchase, but really need to wait for my paycheck. Just starting a new job…

  2. when you purchase Guitarist in the Fae Queen’s Court on amazon the cover is correct but Diomedes is the story that comes up cause i bought it twice now with the same results good thing amazon has a return policy

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