Forever My Love #18

Ike watched the sheriff leave his office with a slim blond. A low growl rolled up Ike’s throat. The pair walked too close together. A slight glow followed the smaller man.

The ghost.

Which one of them did the ghost haunt? The ghost had been there in the forest but the aura between the ghost and the blond blended in seamless unity. Ike’s shifter vision allowed him to see more than the average human. Neither of the two men probably saw the spirit floating after them.

Trent rubbed the blond’s back and Ike’s wolf lunged forward. With a crackle of bones and a blur of fur he transformed. He would’ve raced across the street and attacked but as soon as he took a paw step to the sidewalk the ghost floated before him.

The spirit crouched down to Ike’s level. “Put one fang on my husband and I’ll throw you in front of an incoming car.”

Ike growled. Could a ghost manipulate someone? The expression on the handsome spirit’s face had Ike backing down.

“I plan on matching the Sheriff with my husband,” the ghost explained.

Ike transformed back into a human. “He’s mine!”

The ghost groaned and slid his fingers through his hair. Distress showed on his features. “Really? You’re going to pull the shifter mate card on me?”

“Maybe.” Ike didn’t really believe in mates but he didn’t mind lying if it would get him the burly sheriff.

“Come on, wolf man. I’m running out of time. Lee needs someone to watch out for him. He doesn’t do very well on his own.”

“What’s your name?”


“And the blond?”

Antonio’s smile, brought his has from sleekly handsome to incandescently beautiful. “That’s Lee.”

His soft, worshipful tones told Ike that once upon a time Lee had been Antonio’s entire world. “You watched out for him didn’t you? When you were alive.”

Antonio nodded. “Yeah, he doesn’t always do well with people.”

They watched the pair enter the diner.

“How long have you been dead?”

“A few years.”

“I really like the Sheriff. I know you can stop me from going after him, but I’m hoping you won’t.”

Antonio didn’t respond right away, his gaze remained on the door where Lee had disappeared behind. “He needs someone.”

Ike appreciated Antonio’s concern he just didn’t want Lee to have the man Ike had chosen for himself.

11 thoughts on “Forever My Love #18

  1. Antonio + Lee forever (please?). And Ike with Trent. I hope. Don’t really care about Michael at this point, although I am sure he will stick his wings back into the plot again soon enough.

    I am glad this story has resumed 🙂

  2. Did anybody see the truck that took the curve driven by Amber? Boy oh boy we are having a trip.

  3. Well, I definitely didn’t see that one coming. Guess that’s why you’re the writer and we’re the readers. I know that my head will implode if I try to figure out what happens next so…I’ve now moved this book to the top of my TBR list. I can not wait til tomorrow.

  4. Love this story and the fact I really can’t see who is going to be with who. Going to be checking every day for the next installment.

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