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Faerly Enchanted 200x300My re-release of Faerly Enchanted is out today! I wrote this years ago and it is finally returning to see the light.

You can get a copy for .89 cents here or it is also available at ARe here or Amazon here for .99

All other outlets are being uploaded now.

Excerpt: (please be over 18 to read)

Darwin slid his slim fingers across Brin’s face. A soft moan rolled out of Brin’s throat. He loved to be petted. No one had ever made Brin’s body sing as much as Darwin did with one gentle, tentative touch.

Brin forced his lips away from the dark fae, desperate to regain a fingerhold on his control. He gasped at the pain. The separation hurt, like ripping off a chunk of his soul. He could barely stand it. To soothe himself, he kept his hands roaming across Darwin. He slid his fingers beneath the dark fae’s shirt so he could have skin-to-skin connection.

It took a moment for Darwin to open his eyes.

Brin smiled at the dazed expression on the smaller man’s face, certain his own features reflected the same expression.

“Hi,” Brin said, placing kisses on each of Darwin’s cheeks.

“H-hi,” Darwin stuttered adorably.

As much as he wanted to take things slow, Brin’s lust fogged his senses. They completely scrambled when Darwin slid gracefully to his knees on the floor. Brin locked his own knees to prevent them from buckling.

A soft laugh and a puff of air against his crotch did nothing to dim his desire.

“Do you mind?”

Brin had to clear his throat twice before he could answer Darwin’s foolish question. “N-no, feel free.”

The dark fae made short work of Brin’s fastenings with his quick and clever fingers. In no time, Darwin was freeing Brin’s erection from the confinement of his pants.

“Oh, nice.” The soft comment made him go ridiculously harder.

“I’m glad you like what you see,” Brin managed to say in a level tone.

“I do, very much.”

Without warning, silky, wet heat surrounded Brin’s cock, followed by ball-draining suction. Darwin grabbed Brin’s hips and held him still. Only Darwin’s firm grip stopped him from shoving his entire shaft into the hot cavern of the dark fae’s mouth.

“Oh fuck, that’s good.” He pushed the words through gritted teeth. Sliding his hands through Darwin’s soft hair, he sighed at the pleasing texture. Some men put so much crap in their hair that it was crunchy to the touch. Darwin’s clean strands told Brin many things about the man, none of which he could concentrate on while that glorious mouth was sending jolts of electricity through his body.

“Stop,” Brin said, grinding his teeth as he forcibly willed back his climax.

Darwin pulled away, a frown marring his perfect features. “What’s wrong? I thought you were enjoying yourself.”

“I dare anyone to not enjoy your mouth.” A jolt of jealousy shot through Brin. Darwin didn’t learn his technique two seconds ago. Someone had been the gorgeous fae’s practice model.

“If you liked it, why did you want me to stop?”

Brin brushed away his strange jealous streak. It had no place in their new relationship. No fae went into a long-term relationship completely pure, it simply wasn’t their way.

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  1. I love this story. This is my all time fave of yours. I just re-bought my copy and I am looking forward to reading it when the kids go to bed. 🙂

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