Pre-ordering a book for GRL!

I’ve created a form for people to pre-order a book from me for GRL. I won’t be selling any others because frankly I have enough stuff to carry LOL! So if you definitely want a book from me you can pre-order and pay when I email you the link and I’ll have one along with a dragon just for you at GRL or also the Seattle event on September 20th.

Here’s the link.

Hopefully it works. LOL

4 thoughts on “Pre-ordering a book for GRL!

  1. I recently purchased an updated version of your “Guitarist in a Fae Queens’ Court” at There were some problems with the launch and they sent me a link to my kindle to update the book and fix the problems. What I got was the correct cover, but the content for DIOMEDES which I have also purchased. You may want to contact them regarding the mix up. Your new fans may not be aware that the content of both e-books are the same and that there is a problem. Thanks.

      1. No, not since the first attemt to fix it was done. I have the wrong content still with no new update link. The one they gave had the wrong data with it.

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