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King Vasska knelt before the stone altar, his long hair fanning across the ground as he worshipped before the statue of his goddess, Amethia. He bowed down until his forehead touched the rough, icy floor. The smell of damp stone and earth filled his nose while the contact with the hard rock left a burning trail across his skin.

Brushing the pain from his mind, he closed his eyes to absorb the world around him, silently seeking divine acknowledgement, pleading with his goddess to no longer ignore his need. This was his last chance, and nothing would deter him from his request.

Vasska’s throat swelled as he fought back tears. Despair choked him. He knew he’d reached the end of his journey. If he didn’t find a mate this season, he would never marry. He knew that fact as well he knew the stars in the sky and the cycle of the moons. Maybe he had angered the goddess with his preference for males. Whatever the reason, loneliness stabbed him deeper than a knife held by his greatest enemy. After a millennium of searching, he couldn’t stand the wall of isolation anymore. Something had to break, and Vasska worried it would end up being him.

“Please, goddess, find me a mate.” His raspy voice echoed off the cave walls as he pleaded with the deity. “Male or female, handsome or ugly, I care not. Just bring me a lover with a kind heart and a strong spirit. Someone I can spend my days and nights with. I beg of you. By the blood of my forefathers, please bring me my other half.”

Vasska pulled himself off the ground and walked the short distance to the stone mantel before kneeling again. He unsheathed a sharp blade from his belt and sliced his wrist from one side to the other. He hissed softly, but made no other sound as he dangled his arm over the altar and dripped his blood over the letting stone. Only a blood sacrifice would catch the goddess’s attention. The rumor was that blood grounded her and pulled her attention from the stars. In order to win her focus, he’d bleed out his entire body if necessary.

“I plead with you, Goddess Amethia, protector of the innocent, guardian of the sun and stars, matchmaker of the rich and poor. If you have any fondness for me, please bring me my other half.”

Bowing his head, he let his tears fall, mixing with his blood. If this didn’t work, he was out of ideas. Everyone else in his family had found their mate long ago.

He was the only one remaining who walked alone, a fact his family pointed out time after time, hoping to use his single status against him. All proper kings needed a consort, but Vasska had refused to settle for less than his fated mate.
Rumors were beginning to spread that the goddess had forsaken Vasska, whispers no doubt started by his brother Derl, next in line for the throne. Bleeding and heartsick, the strongest vampire king ever born cradled his face in his hands and cried blood red tears.

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  1. I own the “Literary Road Press publications” copyright 2009. it has 37 pages. The cover picture did not download with the story – (as happens quite often) but the ISBN is 978-1-934037-68-3

    Is there any reason for me to buy this new version?

    1. In my verison the names are Vasska and Bastion Karr.

      from the description:
      “Vasska has waited his entire life to find his mate. In the end he puts all his hope into his goddess to find him someone to love, little does he know she’s listening?

      Shay was at the end of his rope.”

      You seem to have chanced the human´s name. What else is changed?

      1. *waves to Bubba* I had to change Bastions’s name because I had another vampire story where the character was Bas.

        There aren’t tons of changes but you don’t need to repurchase. Just send a picture of your library with a screenshot of the old version and you can get it replaced for free. Send the email to and hubby will take care of it for you.

    1. It will be eventually. We are doing it through Smashwords so it will take a bit. It can be bought through but I don’t know if you can access that in Germany

      1. Yes, paypal opens correctly, but afer i send of the Payment, it shows something with ” invalid secure cose”. ( Think thats it) And I return to your site, where i have to choose the payment method.
        Can’t access there.

    1. Hi, I´m from Germany too and had no problem to make the purchase over your site with paypal ( is also working ;)) . So it shouldn´t be a “German” problem. I hope you can find out for Sigrun what the reason is. By the way, it´s really a great book!! I was waiting for it since you announced the re-release last year and was worth it 😀

      1. Thanks. I did have someone from france who had an issue also. I’ve emailed my web master. Maybe its a regional thing. sometimes if we don’t select right when set up the shopping cart there are problems. I’m glad you didn’t have any issues and I’m soo happy you liked it 🙂

  2. I’d swear I read this before, but it was a long time ago, pre-iPad for me, and I can’t find the file. But, I have a Paypal credit, so I’ll just re-purchase. (Love the $1.69! Thx!) Hopefully it’s different enough.

  3. I love the copy I have. Thank you! I was wondering if you were going to put Faerly Furry and The Vampire King’s Husband on Amazon Kindle?

    1. Yes, they will be there eventually. They are being processed through smashwords since they are under 2.99 and I get a better percentage that way…if they ever show up.

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