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  1. Oh man this is hard! Um I think I would like spend time with Jaynell because he is so laid back about having so much power a acid spitting three headed dragon and a wolf shifter for a lover. Oh and don’t want to forget all the Gnomes he has helped.

  2. Easy, Randall from Blood Signs to pick his brain, plus I’m sure Sasha will come to pick him up so 2 birds 🙂

  3. Can I pick 2? Anthony Carrow and Luc Hellbourne. Neither of them is my type, but the both tend to attract my type [alpha males]. As you said spending a night in a bar and not a bedroom, I figure they’re magnets for interesting events and hot men, but thuroughly taken with and by their respective men, so
    there’d be a a lot of fun and I’d probably not be spending the night after alone, either. 😉

  4. I would love to spend time with Jaynell. I would really like to see what he does drunk since his character is such a powerhouse.

  5. P.S. For soe reason my computer went bonky and gave me the name reader1287 which I use on another site. So please use ckh988 instead. Sorry!

  6. Oh I have to say Kreslan! oh yeah with weapons intact I think I would e fun watching him threaten everyone, and I can only imagine how funny he would be drunk and armed!

  7. I would like to hang out with Anthony ( Moon pack). Who wouldn’t want to hang out with beautiful people, plus I would want to see some magic.

  8. Sam (and Bob, cause they are a pair and Bob won’t let Sam go anywhere without him. And all of Sam’s other protectors would come with too) Life is never dull with those two and can you imagine the fun they’d be at a bar.

  9. That is an incredibly difficult choice. I think JB however, would be my final choice. I always enjoy good music.

  10. I will have to go with Tam, he’s smart, friendly and you know you’ll see lots of great eye candy lol. 🙂

  11. Anthony and Silver & Chalice and his King. Between Anthony any Chalice the power would get rocking and Silver and Wolf would be bringing down the house trying to keep them in line. Whoooooe what a party that would be.

  12. Either Aden Gale stone cold killer with a big heart who would die for those he loves from banded brothers or Joriah eprion a man who does what is right not matter the cost from mate hunt

  13. Can I spend the evening talking to Odin, I know he is not a main character but I love Norse Mythology and he has seen it all. Although I would take Anthony or Caden as a second choice 🙂

  14. Hard decision, my 1st thought was Anthony, love the Moon Pack series and hope a new one is coming soon. But I’m going with Aden Gale as my choice, hoping for a new Dragons of Seatle book soon too, lol

  15. I think William Stamson would be fun to spend an evening with. Of course, he would bring Cash with him. Maybe he could ask Harriet to come by and help me fix a few things at my house.

  16. hmm that is a hard one had to look at all my books so i pick Tam larson because always need a to see what a smart guy will do in a bar

  17. oh wow, tough one. Anthony — if things are boring, he’ll know how to make things interesting with just a touch of his power 🙂

  18. I would have to say Joriah from Mate Hunt. Great dancer and doesn’t mind hanging out with the females.

  19. I am torn between Tam from the Trials of Tam and Anthony from the Moon Pack series!! Either one would be fun to hang with for different reasons!! LOL

  20. There are way too many to select just one, so I’ll go with Dane, Zephyr, and Theron from Matchmaker, Matchmaker and of course Silver from the Moon Pack series. Oh and Chalice because a submissive who can kick your ass with both hands tied is just awesome.

  21. Heh, I think that would be Anthony Carrow. He’s such an awesome guy. I think it would be great to be able to talk to him at a bar for a whole night. LOL… until Silver comes to pick him up! 😉

  22. I would choose Darwin from Faerly Enchanted I just think he would have some interesting things to talk about

  23. That is a hard choice…I think I would choose Saint. I mean it’s Saint. What could possibly happen?

  24. I’d have to say Tam from Trials of Tam. He seems so awesome and it wouldn’t hurt to meet a genius once in your life would it? That, and if Tam is there I get to meet his mate too because he wouldn’t let Tam go alone. Or maybe he’ll send a guard with him. Who knows?

  25. I would love to spend the night with Anthony from Moon Pack series. He would be so much fun and the stories he would be able to tell me.

  26. Too many choices….I’d have to go with Anthony, because I would like to hang with him, but I’d like to have a drink with Silver, too, and they are a package deal. Where ever Anthony goes,Silver follows. It’d be like a twofer.

  27. Wow tough question..can I say all of them? Can you imagine the party that would be? No? I have to choose? Ok I am going with Tam because he popped into my head right away 🙂 Then all the others said “Hey what about me?” Then I felt guilty…I don’t need this kind of guilt Amber I REALLY don’t! 😛

  28. Sasha. I love accents and i know that Sasha would bring Randell and I want to see Sasha be all loving and cute to Randell.

  29. So… I am not a ‘Bar Person’ so instead of going out with someone and feeling realy uncomfortable … I would rather spend a day in the Moon Pack Kitchen helping here and there … and make some good Muffins or Cake ^-^

  30. My choice would be… hmmmmm… Kreslan Piers or Saint or William Stamson? I’ll take all three of them with me 🙂

  31. I would chose to go to the Moon Pack club and order a drink from Dare, be able to visit with him while checking out the rest do the pack and visit with whichever ones were there for the evening. That way I would not have to chose just one.

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