153 thoughts on “Weekly Contest!

  1. I would be a white shark cause they are the top predator in the water and i wouldn’t be messed with 😉

  2. An orca because they are family-oriented and don’t have any natural predators (except for humans) in the animal kingdom. And even though they are only black and white, they are beautiful creatures.l

  3. It would a toss up between two for very different reasos. Either a Megalodon – because these sharks were the kings of the ocean and no-one messed with them 🙂 or a Seahorse cause the men have the babies 🙂

  4. I have always thought that Orcas have a good life as long as humans stay away from them and they are with their family their whole life and being able to eat seafood everyday. What could be better.

  5. A seahorse
    they seem like such fun creatures. And on the plus side the males carry the young. I would love to see a pregnant man. Men are such babies.

  6. Whale – they can do whatever they want, they don’t hurt anybody and are big enough to scare away most of the predators.
    Or a Sponge. Because yeah. Even if I’m dead there is a chance that I am helping to wash some nice bod. xD

  7. You know, my first thought was a shark so I’d have a way to defend myself. My second was a whale, then I’d just be too big to mess with. Plus just think about it, after you shifted back imagine how skinny you’d feel. Lol.

    A sting ray would be pretty cool too. They are just so cool looking when they swim. And yes, on land I’d drive a Corvette Stingray, in red, of course. 😀

  8. If I was to go with a ‘real’ sea creature I would be a colourful coral reef (I am lazy and coral doesn’t swim around a lot ;)).

    If I was to go for a mythological one it would be a Kraken as nobody messes with a Kraken 😀

  9. I would be a mermaids! But if you mean a regular sea creature then maybe a dolphin? Ahhh how about a sea Dragon!! I would solo be a sea dragon. Yup that’s my answer a SEA DRAGON!

  10. If we’re going with “real” creatures, I’d be a shark of some king. If we’re going with imaginary or mythical, then a water dragon.

  11. I think it would be great to be a Cookie cutter shark. They can bite into almost everything including submarines plus they are bioluminescent .
    Smiles, Roxanne

  12. Penquin. They have the whole parental thing going with the eggs. Then if their own egg gets busted they try to steal someone else’s. Plus they’re a social bunch.

  13. Hi

    If I were a sea base shifter I would probably would like to be a dolphin. I think they are a very intelligent and beautiful sea creatures.


    Damaris Lopez


  14. Definitely my first thought was dolphin. If it could be an animal that just spent some time in the sea but a lot of time on land, I would choose polar bears!

  15. I was initially caught off guard by this one, mainly because I was trying to think of any book I had ever read where the MC was a sea-based shifter, and I couldn’t think of one. I though about it for a few moments and I decided dolphin.

  16. I would be a crab. They are fast, fascinated by shiny objects, and are the kings of hiding in plain site in the sand.

  17. Definitely a Dolphin because they are community animals, beautiful and can survive in almost any big body of water in the world

  18. I would be a Dolphin Shifter they have universal appeal and are known for going near shores. People are not afraid of them and they are known for saving people. Maybe he can save someone the mob throws into the ocean hehehehe

  19. saltwater or sweetwater?
    Salt water i probably would be a dolphin, i found them extremely sweet and interesting when i saw them around sri lanka.
    Sweetwater based one… I probably would be a beaver or platypus, because they are very special animals who have been/are still endangered and are just fun to watch in their normal environment (beavers are little annoying with building their dams in the normal river ways, but cute to watch).

  20. I’d want to be something deadly and mythical like Scylla. But I’d also want to be something beautiful like a dolphin or a sea horsie.

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