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Vasska has waited his entire life to find his mate. In the end he puts all his hope into his goddess to find him someone to love, little does he know she’s listening?

Shay was at the end of his rope. His uncles had taken over and were trying to get control of Shay’s fortune. His parents were dead, his assets were tied up and no one wanted to hire a guy in his twenties to be an apprentice.

When a grey man hands Shay a note, he discovers it takes a goddess’s intervention to get his life back on track.

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All Gage wanted was to have the perfect dominant mate. Unfortunately his cat side hadn’t approved of any of the men who thought they were the one. Being tossed out of his own pride for having an inferior cat, Gage had problems finding a mate. Club SoulFinder promised him miracles and he planned to hold them to his high expectations.

Ellig came to Club SoulFinder after his friend Darwin found his mate. If Darwin could find a rare dark elf, surely Ellig could find a partner. Ellig liked to dominate his partner but the whole whips and chains scene didn’t appeal to him. For Ellig taking control was more important than props. Unfortunately he couldn’t find a submissive who shared his viewpoint.

Two men with matching tastes will have to overcome their personal biases in order to accept that maybe they’ve met the mate of their dreams even if he didn’t come in the expected package.