Weekly Contest!

This Weekly Contest has two winners, who will each win one ebook from Amber’s backlist.

The question:Β What is your favorite season and why? Do you read different books in different seasons?

Answer in a comment below, and a winner will be chosen Saturday and posted Sunday! So do check back!

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  1. favorite season is christmas, I love all the lights and decorations. sometime I read holiday books around this time.

  2. I’d have to say Fall is my favorite. It’s finely not quite as hot here in Texas but the cold winds we get here haven’t arrived yet. I do wish we had the color’s of Fall here in central Texas but as long as it’s not surface of the sun hot I’m ok. πŸ™‚ I don’t really read different books @ different times of the year.

  3. I have to go with Christmas as well. Partly because that’s when our weather finally starts to cool off in Florida, but also for the family gatherings. I do tend to read more holiday themed books leading up to Christmas.

  4. My fav season is spring. The weather is perfect and everything is blooming again after a dreary winter. My choice of books doesn’t really change, that I have noticed.

  5. Autumn is my favorite season, and it starts tomorrow! πŸ™‚ I love the temperate weather, the beautiful red and gold tones to the trees, and the fall harvest! I read the same authors all year, but I do tend to pick up their seasonal specials, which I enjoy – it’s nice to have something to relate to when you’re reading, even if it’s just the season.

  6. Fall for me. Since I’m in Florida we really don’t get every season. But fall brings in the cool air and plenty of rain and there is nothing like curling up with a book on the back porch listening to the rain and reading. As for the weather effecting what I’m reading I’d have to say no. I pretty much jumped from book to book types all the time.

  7. I love the fall, the changing of the leaves and the bright fall colors. Unfortunately, we are currently stationed in the middle of the Mojave Desert so I don’t get to see the change or feel it. We’re still reaching triple digits most days and probably will until mid October! 😦 I haven’t noticed a change in my reading habits during the fall, the only change I’ve ever noticed has been more holiday themed books around the holidays. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. My favorite is the beginning of each season, for the first month of each season is perfect, Spring everything new and budding out, Summer wildflowers in full bloom, Fall the colors, Winter that first snow when everything is pristine white! My choice of books doesn’t always coincide with a season but I do keep a folder of Holiday stories to read in July!

  9. Fall because that’s when pumpkin spice coffee comes out!!! lol. My book choice dose not change, I read everything I can get my hands !!!

  10. My favorite season is summer. I hate cold weather and crave the sun :). My reading choices do not change, although I do always read the special season books, i.e Christmas stories and Valentine stories.

  11. My favorite season is Winter, I love it when it chilly outside. I love to just read with a nice mug of Coco. I love Christmas love stories, but I don’t have a preface. A good book is a good book anytime of year.

  12. May favorite season is fall. I love the colors. Orange, reds, yellows, browns. I swear I can smell color in the cool crisp air. No I don’t read different books for the seasons. I read what ever interest me at the time.

  13. My favorite season is Fall. I love the change of season all the colors that come alive when the weather turns chillier, hot apple cider, and football. I will read anything but do love when authors revisit their series and give us a glimpse of the holidays..

  14. Don’t have a favorite season all are beautiful in different ways and don’t read any different either do read more in winter and summer as there is more down time for reading then. Outside works slows in those seasons.

  15. I love fall, because I associate it with beginnings, like school a and marginally cooler weather. πŸ˜‰ I don’t think I read anything seasonally though I certainly eat/drink things seasonally. Don’t judge me but I think I’ll need to have a pumpkin spice latte soon. πŸ™‚

  16. I love Autumn as I am a late September baby and I love the changing of the leaves plus Pumpkin and apple cider πŸ™‚ I don’t read anything seasonal really…just when the mood strikes me πŸ™‚

  17. My favorite season is Spring: Because it means the re-birth of nature. What was dark and brown will come back again bright and beautiful, flowers will blanket the fields and the grass will be my favorite color of bright green. The smell! Oh, the smell of Spring is something not all countries/states can experience. I’m such a lucky gal to have Spring.
    My favorite season is Summer: I love swimming! The beach…I grew up in a tropical paradise where the temperature was constant and the water crystalline. Going to the beach was a ‘must’, especially in the Summer months. Laying on the soft, white sand or drinking freshly squeezed lemonade with friends…Oh, the memories!
    My favorite season is Autumn: The turning of the leaves, the trees getting ready to go to sleep. The crisp air that surround us and the red apples to bake with. Who wouldn’t want to spend their free time outdoors in Autumn?Hurry! Let’s go and get the best pumpkin from the field!
    My favorite season is Winter: Sitting in front of a large window, sipping hot cocoa, wrapped up on a cozy, warm blanket while the fire crackles in the fireplace and white puffs of snow fall to the ground. It’s a great time for writing, inspiration comes so easily. Then there are the millions of twinkling lights everywhere you go, so festive and beautiful. I love decorating the entire house with garlands, pine cones and small trees in every room!
    I like reading winter related books in winter. Otherwise, anything goes.

  18. My fav season is Spring, new growth, starting anew, sometimes I read Xmas books around then, but I can and do read anything any time of year

  19. My favorite season is fall because of the cooler weather and changing colors of the leaves. What I read doesn’t have anything to do with the weather.

  20. My favorite season is winter because I love the snow and how everything is covered in a blanket of white. It is also when I get to see my family the most. I don’t read according to season.

  21. My favourite season is spring. I love it because everywhere trees and flowers come back to life, everything is fresh and colourful and intense, air is refreshing, wind is just okay, sun shines just enough… It’s perfect.
    Usually I read lighter fantasy romances or just fantasy in Spring and forward into year it changes into books with more complicated plot, heavier erotic scenes and so on.

  22. Winter, not because of the snow since we haven’t gotten snowed in in like a decade, but because I prefer the cold and the rain.

    And no I don’t read books depending on the season

  23. Season’s Song

    Season’s fly by on Nature’s wings
    And each has but a time to sing
    Spring steps up to take her part
    And though her season is short, she’s full of heart
    Bits of green peak through white lace skirt
    Buds peak out their head and flirt
    With softly falling April showers…..

    Now Summer steps up to show her power
    Mantled in green and multicolored dressed
    Singing out powerfully, her nature stressed
    Plant come out full force and sway
    To Summer’s song, her lead, their way…..

    Now Autumn steps in to lead his part
    Clothed in Gold, his season his art
    Harvest is his favorite song
    Accompanied by winds sung loud and long
    His mantle is of falling leaves,
    Gold, rust, and bronzes, that blow in his breeze……..

    Now Winter steps up to add his song
    Bold and powerful as the season is long
    He covers the ground with a powerful note
    With his mantle of White the landscape he does coat
    The trees he covers with his icy breath
    Which sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight’s depth…….

    As Winter finishs the symphony of nature and then
    Spring steps up to start again.

    slm November 28, 1998

    As you can see I like all seasons and I read in all seasons.

  24. My fav season is Spring there’s nothing better than walking in the spring rain then coming home to a nice cuppa putting some lounge clothes on and curling up with a good book. While I don’t have books for specific seasons I do re read the same series on the run up to Xmas, it’s about elves.

  25. Fall is my favorite time of year. Love the crisp weather and the beautiful leaves. Love apple pie. I tend to read Christmas stories at Christmas time. It is always a little weird to read them in the summer.

  26. At the moment we are having a beautiful autumn (Fall) – temp 20 degrees in England today and sunshine all day long. So, for now, this is my favourinte season. But every season I change my mind. In winter I love the snow and in spring I love all the new green shoots and spring flowers. In the summer everything is so green and lush here in England. Impossible to choose!
    The season doesn’t affect my reading habits, but my mood does.

  27. I think Autumn is my favourite season just because I was born in November. Actually I love being a kid and kicking amongst the dry leaves, the colours of the season and the fact that most of the time it is still warm and not too wet helps to.

    I don’t really change my reading tastes that much throughout the year, though I will admit to enjoying Christmas themed stories more as Christmas draws near as it helps put me in that festive mood.

  28. My favorite season is the Fall, I love the changing colors of the leaves, the weather is usually more mild and the craziness of the holiday season has not yet started. I dont tend to change my reading habits, although when I am on vacation I usually have more time to read.

  29. I love all of the seasons. Each has its own special feel. But for books, I have to admit to loving Christmas stories. I could read them all year long.

  30. My favorite season is Fall. I love the cool crisp air in the morning and the colors of the leaves on the trees. You can put on a sweater to warm you up, but you are not freezing. It gives me renewed energy and spirit. I would have to say that normally I don’t choose books by season except for holiday stories. A good Christmas or Fall Harvest story warms my heart. Plus there is pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

  31. I read anytime no matter what season but the Fall season is my favorite because its the sign of the holidays are near and I love it!

  32. I have 2 answers, when I lived up north I loved the fall with all the changing colors. Now that I live in the south I love the spring

  33. Favorite season is fall. Love the colors and Halloween/Thanksgiving. I do read new released books during the season, but some older books I have not read, I read when I get the chance.

    1. Fall is my favorite season. The trees are starting to show their beautiful colors and getting ready for the winter sleep to begin the rebirth again. The aminals gathering food for their winter fare. Love reading books set in the fall, the authors blending the colors and smells of fall.

  34. Spring into early Summer – days are getting longer the PNW is drying out, it’s not too hot.
    Different books: not that I’ve noticed.

  35. Spring, because it’s not too hot not to cold and everything is like new. The books I read do not change with the seasons.

  36. The transition from spring to summer is truly my favorite time of year because of the happiness everybody seems to have with the perfect temperatures and big events that come during that time of year. I generally read more romance books in the spring and summer and more action books in the fall and winter. Truly as long as I like a book- I’ll read it any time of year!

  37. I love the fall as it’s not hot or cold. Plus I love watching the leaves turn different colors and slowly fall. My reading habits remain the same from season to season. Thank you for the chance.

  38. I prefer winter. I live in the south and it is so humid at any other time. Only at Christmas time do I read special books for that time of the year

  39. Fall just makes me feel happy to be alive. I read the same as always but there are more holiday stories out.

  40. I like fall. Since I live in Florida, fall is not too hot and not too cold, perfect weather (aside from potential hurricanes). And I don’t pick books based on the season, though I will read Christmas books around Christmas time, etc.

  41. I like the winter season. Because since I have asthma I can breathe better. I can sit in front of a fire with a blanket around me and read all day. And be just as happy and content as the rest of the season.

  42. Love the summertime. I live in Montreal and the summer feels only 3 months long and the winter feels like 6 months. I don’t find I read season related books….mind you in December when the Xmas stories come out thats when I read those. But I have been known to read them in different months.

  43. I love the fall because of all the pretty leaf colors! I don’t really read holiday books during the holidays though.

  44. I really love Fall best. I tend to read Christmas themed books around that time and occasionally read thrillers/horror around Halloween.

  45. I have no season for books. I read whatever I want when I want. I do enjoy Spring. It means the end of winter and everything comes back to life.

  46. My favorite season is more of a favorite weather. Spring and Fall have the temperatures I prefer (from mid 40s to mid 70s Fahrenheit). The season doesn’t change my reading preferences, though it is cozy to read while it rains. πŸ˜‰

  47. To me the winter time is best. I like the colder temperatures. I seem to read more
    as the weather gets cold. Also I like the stories set around Christmas.

  48. I prefer late spring and early fall. Warm, but hot. Not too humid.
    I don’t have a reading preference by season although the stories available change by season.

  49. I prefer fall. I love the colors and smells. I don’t have a reading preference for the season. I read everything. Although I do like sneaking a few Christmas stories in around Christmas itself. πŸ˜‰

  50. Favorite Season is Winter. I don’t really have a reading preference tailored to season but I’ll never read Christmas things because usually around that time I’m being bombarded with Christmas music on the radio non-stop. I in actuality find myself doing zombie and other horror things in retaliation unless the Christmas stuff is Jazzy (Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday, etc).

  51. My favorite season is Autumn….I love the subtle changes in the weather as it gets cooler and cooler. Love the crisp scented air and of course I love to watch the leaves change colors and then fall to the ground….nothing like the crunch of leaves under your feet.

  52. I love fall – cool and crisp and pretty colors. πŸ™‚

    My book choices don’t change based on the season, but I tend to get hooked on a type for periods of time, like werewolves or vamps or dragons or m/m or m/f, etc.

  53. I love Autumn – the changing leaves are gorgeous, I love the cooler days and just the chance to enjoy the outdoors without sweating is wonderful. I don’t really read special books per season unless one of my favorite authors releases something the coincides.

  54. Hmmmm…That’s a hard call. I think I’ll pick winter with fall a very close second. As for why winter (and a bit about reading habits), a favorite childhood memory took place in winter. I was around 10/11 years old when this took place.

    My father was in the military and often TDY away from us. This particular year I received Little Women as a holiday gift. My father always woke up early. I took to waking up early so we could sit together and read in front of the fire. My dad and I haven’t always had an easy relationship, so this is an important memory.

  55. I actually really like fall/winter.
    I like this or… these seasons because it’s ALWAYS so much easier to get warmer from the cold than to get cool from the blistering heat. So… yeah… I love the fresh breeze of fall and the coldness of winter to get cuddly with my dog and read a book with toasty hot chocolate. lol…

    And no… I read pretty much the way I always do. no books based on season or anything like that. just always trying to trim down my “must have” list. LOL

  56. my favourite season is spring when I can defrost after winter. I don’t think I change what I read though being out and about in warm weather means I may read a little less in warmer weather.

  57. Fall is my favorite season…the smell of pine, the crinkly of leaves…..warm (not hot) days and cool (not cold) nights. As to reading habits; I don’t really change with the seasons, although certain smells remind me of my favorite book and series, but not the seasons.

  58. I live in a tropical region. So its either sunny or rainy. I prefer the rainy season where I can bundleup in bed and read.

  59. I like Fall and Spring. The weather is cool but not too cold I have to put on a bulky jacket or anything. I also love seeing the changing/blooming of leaves and flowers during these two seasons.

  60. My favorite season would be Fall with the cooler weather. Spring is nice, but it’s not a favorite due to my allergies. I like reading seasonal books especially during their seasons, but I’ll read them any time of the year. A nice cool wintery story during Summer can be nice.

  61. My favorite season is summer because the weather is warmer and it is Christmas as well I do not change what I read with the seasons but I do read theme books from my fav authors that come out lol

  62. My favorite season is winter. I love all the holidays and spending time with my family. I do tend to read Christmas themed stories around this time.

  63. I genually like every season by the time we finally get them. I like the difference they all bring in, the ups and down. But if i had to choose id say winter, because its my birthday season, and i love bdays. Tho, i do wish it snowed (i put money on the fact that i probably wouldnt as much if it actually happened, lol)

    And other than Christmas i dont have a select book group to go with season, but for Chrisy, i generally try and get myself into the mood by reading holiday reads (tho its a snow thing again, and being i from the southern hemisphere reading about it being below minus when its hitting over 40oC is an interesting mood bringer πŸ™‚ )

  64. Fall is my favorite. Not too hot or too cold just right and love all those festivals. Also fall has halloween which means I try and re-read my paranormal books and try out new ones.

  65. I actually have two favorite seasons – Spring because it always seems to be about rebirth and the earth waking up again after a winter sleep and Fall because of the colours and the symbolism of the harvest. The only thing that changes with my reading is if holiday stories come out – I likely will not read a Christmas story in July, but I wouldn’t rule it out either! Otherwise, my book reading does not change too much with the seasons!

  66. My favorite season is fall. The quality of the sunlight and air changes. I do love a good winter/Christmas story this time of year. Helps set the mood.

  67. Spring because the cold is just ending but it is not hot enough for summer. I don’t read based on the seasons. I will easily read a Christmas story in the middle of the summer.

  68. My favorite season wavers between Spring and Fall. Sometimes I’ll find myself reading Christmas stories closer to winter just because its coming up but if I want some fluffy holiday goodness I’m not above reading something Christmassy in the middle of the year.

  69. My favorite season is SUMMER!!!
    Even though I decorate the house seasonally my book reading habits know no season.

  70. My favourite season would be spring and fall. My genre doesn’t really change with the season, but usually it change from month to month and then I mostly read one genre. Like shifter, historical, time travel, mythological – Norse, Egyptian and Greek – and mostly everything with romance in it. Sometimes I have weeks for mm books and fm books. It works for me, but may not for everyone elseπŸ˜‰

  71. my favorite season is fall. love the turning of leaves the crisp air and thanksgiving family gathering. of course there is also black friday. and i dont read different books for different seasons.

  72. spring I like the renewing of things at this time of year. Not really except at Christmas time when a lot of the new releases just happen to be themed.

  73. Winter is my favorite season. I love the cold! There is such a beauty to winter that I feel most people over look. The night sky is so much clearer and the stars seem to twinkle a little brighter. Sometimes I read books based on the season just to help myself feel a bit more festive. It can help me feel like I relate a bit more to the characters if I am experiencing similar conditions.

  74. My favorite season is winter, I love the snow and of course Christmas time, lights, decorations and family time. I read winter or Christmas based books in the winter, it just seems like the right time to read them.

  75. It would have to be winter, around christmas everyone is more caring about each other, so I tend to read more holiday books that time of year

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