Forever My Love #26

Antonio paced the small cabin. Restlessness had him walking back and forth, seeking something, needing something. The beast inside him growled, urging him to move.

His feet were going to be raw if he kept this up, but he couldn’t stop.

“You should’ve stayed with me.”

Antonio turned and barely stopped his instinctive movement forward. He’d been treading back and forth for so long it had become an automatic rhythm. “What are you doing here Michael?”

His nose wrinkled at the strange smell.

Michael sighed. “It’s the afterlife, I bring the scent with me.”

Antonio sneezed. “And you’re visiting me, why?”

His inner beast snarled his displeasure over the angel’s presence in their den.

“You need to be careful when you approach Lee. He might be scared off if he finds out you’re a werewolf.”

“Why do you care?” Antonio narrowed his eyes suspiciously at the angel. Michael had never hidden his wish to keep Antonio for himself.

“Because if I’m not going to get you I want you to have your Lee. I’m not all bad Antonio and I’m your only friend so you should take my advice.” Michael irritably fluffed his wings.

Could Michael be trusted? Antonio didn’t know. He’d pick and choose which advice to take and what to ignore. He couldn’t trust that the angel always had his back.

“I can feel it inside me.”

“The wolf?”

“Yeah. He’s crawling around inside me.”

“Your wolf is spiritual you will need to let him out to bond with it.”

That didn’t make any sense. “If he’s spiritual why didn’t the wolf go when his human half left?”

Michael frowned. “Norm had lost connection with his beast it was one of the reasons he was such a mean bastard. Although he could still call his wolf they were no longer one unit.

“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to shift.”


Antonio flushed at the pitying expression Michael gave him. “What?”

“If you don’t learn to control your beast half you could be a danger to Lee. Keep that in mind.”

Before Antonio could say anything to argue, the angel disappeared.

“Great.” Antonio threw himself onto the couch. “I didn’t have enough crap to deal with.”

A knock at the door had Antonio’s wolf growling. “Hush, you.”

He’d have to learn how to muzzle his inner wolf or he’d never be able to get close to Lee again. Groaning he opened the door only to be confronted with Norm’s friends, the ones who’d been attacking Ike.

“Norm!” they shouted.

Antonio slammed the door shut. “Go away.”

He didn’t need to deal with any more idiocy tonight.

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  1. I agree with Cjean. My god, I want to go where everyone knows my name. Maybe if this is set in Seattle, Antonio could visit Frasier to learn how to communicate with his wolf.

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