Weekly Contest!

If you’ve read Amber’s A Wizard’s Touch series, you know that every wizard has a familiar. If you had a familiar, what kind of animal or creature would you have and why?

This week, the prize is a backlist copy from Amber’s backlist, if you own all of Amber’s books, we’ll work something out.

94 thoughts on “Weekly Contest!

  1. I would want a dragon, not like Jaynell’s I would only want a single headed dragon. Dragons are strong and beautiful creatures.

  2. I would want to have a dragon with magical powers so I’d be able to defend myself against all creatures who do me harm. Thank you for the chance


  3. There are so many good choices, but I think I’d want a fox because they are intelligent and stealthy, but also soft and fluffy ^_^

  4. a dragon or a large cat (Tiger, panther) A dragon for its wisdom and its cool and a large cat because they are stealthy, sneaky and purr when you cuddle

  5. Well, my wish would be a specific housecat, she alredy has the right but lovable temper and with extras for the familiar side of her.
    Why not look at the ones you already love…

  6. Pegasus would be my familiar. But with a slight difference that they would have a shimmering horn on their forehead, so I guess they would be more a Pegacorn, and a Pearly white coat. and long mane and tail.

  7. Well, I thik I’d would prefer a cat or dog. Simple I know but I think that’s what I would be most comfortable with. I figure If I’m going to be dealing with magic I need something I feel I can trust no matter what.

  8. Definitely a snow leopard. Had to do a report on them when I was in grade school many, many years ago and they captured my imagination. If I had to have a second choice then an otter.

  9. A cat. Because that is the animal that I’ve had a pet all my life…and I think they act like Houdini because the can get in and out of the strangest places…

  10. I would have a squirrel. They are one of the top ten smartest animals. They are cute, small, unassuming and fast.

  11. A Pegasus. I love horses but want the flying bit. Would have went for a hawk, but they’re not that petable.

  12. For me it’s a tie between a griffin or a dragon. Both are fierce mythical creatures but the one thing I really like about the griffin is the mix of eagle and lion, both such beautiful creatures. Then you have different types of dragons, with iridescent coloring.

  13. I really liked Eli’s hell hound but if they only come to wizards who’s power deal with death I might prefer a large cat. Hopefully a snow leopard.

  14. I love Mexican, Aztec and Mayan mythology so I would want Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. Although he’s a god. That could be tricky.

  15. A tiny familiar dragon. LOL… one of those serpentine-like ones from Chinese folklore~
    It would be SOooo cute to have the little thing wrap around your wrist or arm. LOL… I’d have one of those for sure~

  16. Is there anything like a fur covered dragon? Petable yet snarly?
    No? Better check my mythology.
    Maybe a kisune then. Foxy, furry, and fierce, even if they don’t fly.

  17. Would love a cool animal like a dragon or large cat, but sigh, my familiar would probably be an iguana. The animal is comfortable in water or land, found in warm climates, stealthy, and capable of protection from predators

  18. must be a wolf , a black wolf of green eyes, so big than he need, is silence and so intelegent, must be a shifter to ,in human form is tiny but dangerous

  19. I think some kind of canine shifter because I feel most comfort around big animals than small one. (Makes me feel safe)

  20. An avian. Something like a crow (world’s smartest bird), but maybe with a little magic. Plus, they can go anywhere and not be noticed. The perfect spy. Unlike other large magical avatars.

  21. I would want a Phoenix because the way it does and is reborn from its ashes is amazing and would help inspire me to keep trying in life because there is always a way to get a second chance if you mess up. Almost always at least

  22. I’d love to have a Were Eagle. They can be my eyes and they are quite strong, majestic and formidable, plus one of the most beautiful large birds in the world.

  23. I’m not much for house pets. However I like birds quite a bit. Last Weekend we had 25 years class reunion and the Party was directly next to the wildlife park which has the biggest wolf pack in Germany. The howling was really impressive! Therefore wolf!

  24. I would love to have a wolf with the temperment of my pet doxie. Loyal protective and always there for me. My doxie just isnt as scary as a real wolf.

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