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  1. My go to comfort food is toasted marshmallows cheese toast…..reminds me if home and my grandmother

  2. For me that would be grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Hot and creamy with a bit of crunch from the sandwich, mmmmmm……hey, look at that, its lunch time!!

  3. I have three go to foods dependant on the kind of need and time of day. An old family recipe of my late husband’s called Cheese and Tattie pie, Tortilla crisps and sour cream with chives dip or any kind of chocolate πŸ˜€

  4. Chicken and dumplings is my favorite comfort food. It is home and Mom wrapped up in a tasty package! Alternately, hot biscuits with apple butter if chicken and dumplings are not available.

  5. My comfort food is vegetables (cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots, and tomatoes) with ranch dip (made from sour cream and ranch powder. Healthy And tasty.

  6. Pork Roast, Saurekraut, Kielbasa, cooked together and then served with Dumplings cooked over the Kraut, and Mashed Potatoes, and Hot Rolls. So Good and So filling.

  7. That’s an easy one. PASTA! Please don’t ever attempt to take my carbs away. It would be very ugly!

  8. I have two comfort foods, depending on the occasion: homemade chocolate chip cookies when I’m upset, and instant mashed potatoes when I’m feeling sick.

  9. boiled potatoes and cottage cheese, love it and now craving it since I thought about it. No cottage cheese till I can get to the store though. 😦 .

  10. Mac and Cheese! not just any ole box kind…gotta be the homemade (Mom’s recipe) baked in the oven….*sigh* Great stuff. πŸ™‚

    thanks for the chance for a great prize!

    hugs from your fan,

  11. Pretty much anything not healthy, lol. But I actually go for an iced coffee or chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better πŸ™‚

  12. My oldest comfort food is milk gravy over potatoes. It sounds kid of weird but its awesome; my nana used to make if for me when I was a kid.

  13. Salty snacks for me but since discovering I’ve been gluten intolerant for years (yeah, just discovered the reason why my body was doing the horrible things it was doing), and trying to be conscious of GMO, pesticides, and what ever else they are trying to kill us with, it is very little I can eat. Time to grow our own snacks!

  14. My favorite comfort food is a pot roast in the crockpot with potatoes and baby carrots. And biscuits to go with it

  15. If its because I’m stressed or sad then pretty much anything chocolate but especially chocolate with caramel, but if I’m sick or run down then usually packaged ramen soup in the chicken or chicken mushroom flavor with chopped veggies and an egg that I break up and stir then drizzle in to make it sort of a chicken noodle egg drop soup.

  16. Turkey or chicken with gravy over noodles or over toast. Used to have it has a child when I was sick and still love it.

  17. Salad with hot wings in it….or chips with some dip….or chocolate candy. (I have a lot of favorite/comfort foods)

  18. My favourite food would be beef. I haven’t made it myself yet but I prefer it medium at the most, but prefer it to little cooked. I eat it with either gratinated potatos or rice with pepper sauce. For comfort food it would rather be taco though. Because it doesn’t matter if you can’t eat it all ‘cuz you can eat the rest later or use them in other dishes.

  19. Homemade mac n cheese. My mother’s recipe is the absolute best and I can eat it anytime anywhere.

  20. Sushi. Nothing like sitting down at a nice Japanese restaurant with friends and enjoying sushi and sake. πŸ˜‰

  21. My favorite place to eat is Burgers and Brews in Davis, CA the burgers are so juicy, well seasoned and huge! Also the sweet potato fries are amazing!

  22. My go to comfort food – french fries. . . plain, smothered in gravy, poutine style, dash of pepper, dipped in mayo, covered in ketchup, sprinkled with vinegar. I love french fries and will take them anyway I can get them!

  23. favorite food: pasta of any type, go to comfort food, sandwiches or soups (this time of year pumpkin soup – perfectly creamy jet sweet)

  24. I would say my mom’s macaroni and cheese, made with a real white sauce. It’s one of the best memories of my childhood I have.

  25. Chocalate pudding pie or carot spice cake. Thank you for the chance.


  26. If I ignored my current eating restrictions, then grilled cheese sandwich. Extra sharp cheddar. Probably a sourdough bread, but multigrain would also work. Possibly with small strips of meat or tomatoes or green chiles.

  27. I love tacos! Specifically from Taco Bell. My stomach feels a certain way when I want it and nothing else will do until I have it!

  28. I have been wracking my brains since Monday trying to decide what my penultimate favorite comfort food is. I know it should be easy-peasy but it’s not because it depends on why I need it. Sad – mashed potatoes smothered in homemade mushroom gravy. Super ticked off – Mac and gooey cheese. Feeling sorry for myself – Lays barbecue potato chips on a sandwich.

  29. Lipton chicken Noodle soup packet & Grilled cheese with Velveeta cheese. My Mom always made for me when I was sick.

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