Gearing up for November & Contest to Name Dragon Men Book!

Now that GRL is over and I’ve begun to recover it is time to gear up for my November Birthday Bash. I’ll have tons of great authors. While we’re waiting those two days until November let’s run a contest.

I’m working on the next Dragon Men book. This one is about the last of the dragon king’s who went feral. He’ll have to fight to become human again in order to claim his mate and protect his people from outsiders who want to take over his land.

Previous dragonmen books were titled.

Mate Hunt

Mate Test

Mate Dance

Mate Healer

What should we name this one? Winner will earn a $25.00 Amazon card and a copy of the book when it comes out next year.

135 thoughts on “Gearing up for November & Contest to Name Dragon Men Book!

  1. Hm – Mate Guardian: you indicate that the Dragon King must protect his lands and claim his mate; also, his mate could be the guardian of his human nature.

      1. Mate Peace
        Mate, Mine
        Mate – Mine, All Mine
        Mates Forever
        Mate Just in Time. Or use Mated or Mates JIT
        Mate Time
        Mate Love, Not War
        Mate Forever After
        Mate rejuvenated
        Mate Savior

      2. Mate Returned
        Mate Reclaimed
        Mate Rejoined
        Mate Rejoicing
        Mate Wins
        Mate Bond
        Mate Bonds. Especially since Zeir will have more than one bond in his life.

  2. Hmmmm I’ll say:

    Mate Claim

    Since he has to reclaim his humanity and his mate….
    (and maybe claim the right to protect his people once again?)

  3. Mate chosen, Mate worthy since the godess chose him worthy os having another mate nevair (i think i spelled that right) wld think that his prayer was answered because he was worried about him in mate healer.

  4. Ravenous Mate
    Fearless Mate
    Mate Tempered
    Mate Revamped
    Mate Renewed
    Mate Remade
    Mate Changer or Changed
    Mate Transformed
    Mate Altered
    Mate Emended
    Mate Straightened Out
    Mate Fixer
    Mate Restorer

  5. From reading the “Mate” books how bout:

    Mate Reborn (I know its mentioned a couple of times)
    Mate Reincarnated

    I was also thinking at Mate Knight (but I don’t think that’ll work)

  6. Mate Cure
    Mate Redeemed
    Mate Resilience
    Mate Saved
    Mate Resolution
    Mate Struggle
    Mate Tamed
    Mate Therapy
    Mate Treatment

  7. Mate redemption
    Mate recovered
    Mate redeemed
    Mate recovery
    Mate return(ed)
    Mate rescued
    Mate deliverance

    For some reason I really liked the ‘r’ words, but liked deliverance too much and couldn’t think of an alternative. 😉

  8. I was thinking Mate Saved or Mate Rediscovered, manly because the titles will make people think about what it could mean in relation to the story line.

  9. Mate Complete, Mate Need, Mate Storm, Mate Crave, Mate Fear, Mate Awake(n), Mate Ultimatum, Mate Gem, Mate Eternal, Mate Song, Mate Reward, Mate Wish, Mate Vow, Mate Ready, Mate Heart, Mate Hope

  10. Any clues as to what the mate is like? Most of the other titles referenced the mate.

    Anyways some of these might have been mentioned before but:
    Mate Redeemed (can refer to king or mate)
    Mate Reclaimed (ditto)
    Mate Reborn
    Mate Call
    Mate Eternal

  11. Well if its the last book in the series then my choice would either be The Soul Mate or The Last Mate.

    Good luck and really looking forward to November. Love Birthday Bash! are you doing a blog story again this year?

  12. Mate Called

    I know a couple of suggestions were for ‘Mate Call’ but I like ‘Mate Call-ed’ because he is called back from the feral state.

  13. I’m sure these have all been said, but one more time won’t hurt.

    Mate Revealed
    Mate Reborn
    Mate Found
    Mate Saved
    Mate Soothed
    Mate Tamed
    Mate Avenged
    Mate Rebirth
    Mate Called
    Mate Salvaged

  14. Phoenix Mate or Mate Arisen. Or Mate Saved. Or Mate Rising. Or Mate Redemption. Okay, I’ll stop now.

  15. Mate Marked
    Mate chosen
    Mate destined
    Mate sacrifice
    Mate revealed
    Mate oath
    Mate untamed
    Mate deceptions
    Mate guidence
    Mate ascend
    Mate crave
    Mate entice

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