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First, I’d love to say thank you to Amber for inviting me to take part in the event. I hope her birthday will be as much fun as Donovan’s proved to be!

This story catches up with Donovan and Tony from Worth a Shot. If you haven’t read Worth a Shot, it might help to know a little bit of background before you jump into it.

Donovan is a submissive. His first boyfriend was horribly abusive and Donovan hasn’t found entering a new relationship easy. He and his new dom, Tony, have been taking things slowly and Tony has been careful to let Donovan set the pace.

In order to make Donovan more comfortable with telling him what he feels ready to explore next, Tony decided early on that they should take it in turns to “make a move” on each other and introduce new things.


Tony’s Move

{Warning Sexy BDSM scene ahead please be over 18 to read this.]

“Turn right at the corner.”

Tony did as he was told. He’d been doing that for hours now. It was a strange sensation. True, Donovan was giving him driving directions rather than true orders, but it still felt odd.

“Next left.”

At some point during the journey the ‘pleases’, ‘thank yous’ and instinctively submissive phrasing had fallen aside. Each instruction was now more clipped than the last.

Tony glanced at his boyfriend. Donovan was getting more and more nervous by the second. Tony was just deciding what to do to fix that, when Donovan leaned forward in his seat.

“Here.” Donovan pointed to a short driveway that lead up to a pretty little cottage.

It wasn’t quite the kind of venue Tony had been thinking about when he’d suggested they go away for the weekend leading up to Donovan’s birthday, but he’d have cut out his own tongue rather than say so. “It looks great, sweetheart.”

Donovan had shyly requested permission to choose where they went and he’d arranged it all on his own without asking for the slightest hint of reassurance. Tony was ready to love the chocolate box holiday cottage for no other reason than it had inspired that kind of self-confidence.

They got out of the car and grabbed their bags from the boot. It was already late evening but there was still enough light to get a good impression of the place. Tony ran his gaze over the thatched roof and the roses around the door. It wouldn’t be so bad. There was bound to be a bed in there, and that was all they actually needed in order to have a bloody fantastic weekend.

Donovan handed Tony the keys and moved back to let him go in first. Tony opened the door and stepped inside. There was a pillory in the hallway. Tony looked over his shoulder. Donovan didn’t look surprised to see medieval bondage placed front and centre; he barely glanced at the set-up before turning all his attention to Tony, waiting for his reaction.

“Sweet and pretty on the outside, kinky as hell on the inside.” Tony grinned as he realised he wasn’t going to have to fake enthusiasm for Donovan’s choice after all. “We’re staying in the cottage version of you, aren’t we?”

Donovan dipped his head as he blushed, so the only thing Tony saw were spikes of light brown hair.

Tony took Donovan’s bag and dropped it next to his own, just inside the front door. He held out his hand. Donovan took it, just as he always did. He kept hold of it as Tony led the way through the cottage, switching on lights as they went so they could get a good look at everything.

A spanking bench had been set up in the living room—considerately arranged so that the man bound to it would still be able to see the TV. The dining room harboured a bondage chair alongside the more conventional ones arranged around the dining table. In the kitchen, Tony discovered a St. Andrew’s Cross placed between a pink retro fridge and an old Belfast sink.

Donovan didn’t say a word. Neither did Tony. He led the way up to the top floor. There were toys hanging from the wall all the way up the stairs. They passed over a dozen paddles, whips and floggers before they got to the top.

There was a cage set up in the master bedroom. It looked big enough for one grown man to sleep in quite comfortably, but the bed was more than big enough for two, and the bedframe had obviously been built with bondage in mind. Whoever furnished the second bedroom had dispensed with the bed in favour of a sling.

Archery gave a man impressive finger muscles. Donovan’s grip on Tony’s hand was painfully tight by the time they finished the tour and headed back into the master bedroom. Tony turned to him.

“Where did you find this place?”

“On line. There was a website. It showed all the rooms. I thought—”

“It’s perfect,” Tony cut in, before Donovan’s words could accelerate into complete incomprehensibility.

Donovan took a deep breath. He smiled as he let it out. His grip eased. Blood started to pump through Tony’s fingers again. He slid his arms around Donovan’s waist and tugged him close. Donovan’s nerves hadn’t rendered him completely unaffected by the tour. His cock was just as hard as Tony’s.

Donovan peeked up at Tony as he slid his arms around him in return. Tony kept their kiss soft and sweet regardless of the kinky paraphernalia that surrounded them. A kiss that was just a kiss, and which didn’t have to lead to anything else, no matter where they were. Even though it was weeks since they officially got together, it was still a point worth revisiting every time they moved into new territory.

Tony gave Donovan plenty of time to relax as one kiss led into another, then another. When he lifted his head, Donovan let out a contented little sigh. There were no nerves in him now, just submission.

“Who’s move is it?” Donovan whispered. The look in his eyes made it clear he had a plan, the question was just a way of asking for permission to voice it, without the risk of sounding like he wanted to top from the bottom.

He always asked. And Tony was usually content to let Donovan nudge things in whatever direction Donovan thought he was ready to explore. Usually.

Tony pushed his fingers through Donovan’s hair. “It’s my move.”

Donovan parted his lips to speak, only to stop himself short as he realised he hadn’t received the answer he expected.

“You just made a move,” Tony said. “You found this place and brought us here for the weekend. It was a fantastic move. And there’ll be plenty of time for us to do whatever else you’ve got in mind. But right now, it’s my move.”

Donovan nodded. He ran his tongue over his lips as if his mouth had suddenly gone dry with nerves, but he smiled too, as if he was pleased that Tony trusted him to be able to deal with his boyfriend bringing his dom side out to play a little bit.

He was ready. Tony had been increasingly aware of it for the last few weeks. Donovan was ready—not for a dom who’d be careless with him, but for a dom who’d take care of him as they took things a little further down the kinky road and tried a few new things.

“You’ll tell me what to do?” Donovan checked.

“It’s a simple game,” Tony said. “There’s only one thing you need to do—obey me.”

Donovan nodded. They both knew damn well just how much he liked doing that.

Tony took a few steps back. He’d grown accustomed to reading Donovan’s body language since Donovan let him buy him that first drink. As Tony moved away, Donovan dropped his hands to his sides. No fidgeting, no folding his arms in an effort to create a protective barrier between himself and the rest of the world.

Tony nodded his approval. “Take off your clothes. You can leave them on top of the cage.”

Donovan obeyed. He paused for a second when he realised he was the only one getting naked, but he made no objection.

“Do you want me to call you sir?” Donovan rushed the words out quickly.

“No.” Tony stepped forward and ran his fingers up and down the centre of Donovan’s torso, glorying in the amount of naked skin at his disposal. “I want you to call me Tony.”

Donovan glanced up at him, hazel eyes narrowed with confusion.

“I don’t want you to say ‘yes, sir’. But I don’t want you to just say ‘yes’ either. I want ‘yes, Tony’.”

The confusion disappeared. “Yes, Tony.”

“Good boy.” Tony led him downstairs, to where they’d left their bags. There was plenty of bondage gear scattered around the cottage, but Tony dug around in his bag until he found the leather cuffs he’d brought with him. A little bit of familiarity was never a bad thing to offer Donovan in the midst of a new situation.

He fastened them deftly around Donovan’s wrists before connecting them together behind his back. “Feel good?”

“Yes, Tony.” He said his name softly, with that needy little note in his voice—the one that always went straight to Tony’s cock.

Tony dipped his hand back into his bag. He pulled out a butt plug and some lube. He pushed them into his pocket before leading Donovan into the living room. The sofa was chintz, the room quaint and cosy in equal measure. But the spanking bench, that was beautiful.


Donovan studied the spanking bench from just inside the living room doorway. It was the same one he’d spent so much time staring at on the internet, but in real life it was even more impressive. It wasn’t a makeshift thing. It was something that had very obviously been designed and built in order to make it as easy and as convenient as possible for a dom to spank his sub. The padded black leather surface just begged to be caressed.

“Come here, sweetheart.”

“Yes, Tony.” Donovan stepped up to Tony’s side. That put him right in front of the spanking bench.

Tony ran his hand over Donovan’s arse. “You’ve been hinting about how much you want me to spank you for a while, haven’t you?”

“And you keep giving me a tap on the arse and saying we’ll do more next time,” Donovan completely failed to keep the frustration out of his voice.

Tony chuckled. “This is next time.”

Donovan looked up at Tony. He nodded. Now that he was nude, Tony would only have to glance down to realise just how literally up for it Donovan was.

Donovan’s cuffed hands made him clumsy as Tony helped him onto the spanking bench. There were separate supports for Donovan’s knees and another for his torso. The way it was tilted put him head down and arse up in the middle of the room. His widely spread legs made his backside accessible for screwing as well as spanking. As his cock rubbed against the leather it was only luck that Donovan didn’t come just from being put in position.

Tony ran his hands over Donovan’s arse and down the back of his thighs. “There’s no guarantee you’re going to like this as much as you think you will.”

Donovan nodded his understanding. “Yes, Tony.”

“So you’re going to let me know if you don’t like it, aren’t you?” His touch became firmer as he rubbed his palm in circles over Donovan’s buttocks, warming the muscles he caressed.

“Yes, Tony.” It was a lovely answer to give. So simple. And it made it so clear who was in control. Donovan loved it.

“Good boy. I want you to count them out for me, right from the start.”

“Yes, Tony.”

Tony lifted his hand and brought it down on Donovan’s upturned arse. It was barely a tap.

“That one counts, sweetheart.”

Donovan was pretty sure it wouldn’t be considered a valid spank by any sensible person’s understanding of the word, but now was not the time to be arguing over semantics. Tony was trusting him to deal with both his dom side and a spanking. It wasn’t the time to argue over anything. “One, Tony.”

“Good boy.”

The first ten were all too light to really matter, but Donovan dutifully counted them out all the same.

Gradually, Tony’s hand began to come down harder. The skin over Donovan’s buttocks started to tingle with heat. He found himself instinctively rocking against the spanking bench, pushing back into the spanks, trying to get more. Every motion pushed his cock against the leather beneath him.

Tony stood to Donovan’s side as he administered the spanking. His other hand stroked over Donovan’s back and shoulders. But as Donovan counted out the twentieth spank, Tony took both his hands away.


“I’m not wandering off. I’m going to put a plug in you. I brought it from home. It’s one you’ve worn before.”

They were statements, not questions. It was what Tony was going to do. Donovan could object, but he wasn’t actually required to speak up and offer an opinion or to give permission. Zero responsibility rested on him. He relaxed, letting his cheek rest against the spanking bench. Tony slicked his fingers and gently prepared Donovan for the plug.

As soon as it was in place, Tony moved back to Donovan’s side.

The first new spank was harder. It stung. Donovan tensed up. His arse clenched around the plug. It moved against his prostate and made him gasp.

“Do you remember what number you’re on, sweetheart?”

It took Donovan a second to make sense of the question. “Twenty-one, Tony.”

As the numbers escalated, Tony’s right hand came down more firmly and onto increasingly sensitive skin. His left hand continued to move gently over his back and shoulder. Donovan gasped out the numbers. Each time he said one, he followed it up with Tony’s name. Tony. It was all about Tony.

He couldn’t see him. There was nothing familiar around Donovan for him to centre himself on, but saying Tony’s name over and over made sure Tony was front and centre of his mind. The heat in Donovan’s buttocks increased and he began to squirm against the bench. His hands tightened into fists behind his back. He pulled at the cuffs for the sheer pleasure of feeling restrained.

Donovan’s heart raced. His cock ached as pleasure from both the spanking and the plug coursed through him. His breaths came faster and faster, but there still wasn’t enough air. Remembering how to count took everything he had.

Tony took his hand off his back. The next spank didn’t arrive. Donovan tried to look over his shoulder.

“Stay where you are.”

Tony’s hand came to rest on his arse again, but the angle was different. He was behind Donovan now.

“I’m taking the plug out.”

“Yes, Tony.”

He was only empty for a second before Tony had slicked his fingers and he was already preparing him to take his cock. The plug had done its job. It didn’t take him long.

“Ready, sweetheart?”

Donovan looked over his shoulder. Here? Like this? It would be the first time he wouldn’t be able to see Tony when they had sex; the first time he wouldn’t be able to look him in the eye and focus on him if his mind began to play tricks on him.

Everything could go wrong, but Tony wouldn’t suggest it if he didn’t think there was a damn good chance of Donovan being able to do it. Donovan’s desire to play it safe lost out to his need to trust Tony.

He nodded. “Yes, Tony.”

Donovan had lots of intensely erotic memories to look back on. As Tony pushed into him, the only thing Donovan felt was pleasure. He arched his back as Tony slid in to the hilt and his hips came to rest against Donovan’s spanked arse.

“So good,” Tony murmured.

Donovan nodded. The flushed skin on his buttocks, Tony’s hard cock sliding between his cheeks. With his eyes closed, Donovan could picture every movement made so easily.

Tony’s thrusts were slow and controlled. Donovan knew it would be impossible to reach out to him with his hands tied behind him, but instinct was too strong to deny. He tugged at the bondage.

Tony let go of Donovan’s hips and moved his hands up to his shoulders. He tugged Donovan up so he knelt upright on the leg supports, then pulled him back further until Donovan leaned against Tony’s chest. Donovan’s hands were trapped between them. He couldn’t really touch Tony properly, but Tony’s hands were free to roam over Donovan’s torso and tease.

Donovan opened his eyes. Tony wasn’t in view. Donovan tensed.

“Look up, sweetheart. Look in the mirror.”

The mirror was right above the TV. It had obviously been placed there for this exact purpose.

Donovan’s eyes met Tony’s in the reflection. As if that confirmation was the only thing he needed for the combination of physical sensations to overpower him, he arched and came without a single touch to his cock.

Tony kept his arms around Donovan, holding him upright and steady for the few extra thrusts it took him to reach his own orgasm.

Donovan watched the pleasure flash across Tony’s face. He was stunning. Donovan drank in every detail until Tony gently separated their bodies and stepped aside.

As he helped Donovan off the spanking bench and undid the chain connecting his cuffs behind his back, Tony stroked his fingers over the spanked skin.

“You didn’t have to stop spanking me when you did.”

“Yes, I did.”

Donovan shook his head. He put his hand on Tony’s shoulder to steady himself. “I could have taken a lot more, I—”

Tony laughed. “I couldn’t have. I stopped because I couldn’t resist screwing you for another second.”


“Your arse is always gorgeous, but when it’s hot and blushing for me…” Tony whispered in his ear. “You have no idea how erotic that is, do you?” He slid his hand around Donovan and gently squeezed the spanked skin.

Any pain was so wrapped up in pleasure, the only thing Donovan felt was perfection.  He moaned his approval. It was difficult not to simply melt into Tony’s embrace but Tony was still calling the shots and he sent Donovan up the stairs with another tap on his arse.

Donovan hesitated as he stepped into the bedroom. His gaze fell on the cage. Tony had barely stepped into the room, carrying both their bags, when Donovan had to ask. “Where do you want me to sleep?”

“In the bed with me. Although I have every intention of letting you have a nap in that cage at some point over the weekend,” Tony said with a grin.

Donovan glanced at the cage. Laying in there, waiting for Tony to come back to him. “I don’t think there’s much chance of me sleeping in there. I’d be too turned on.”

“I’ll have to remember to tie your hands up so you can’t jack off until I’m there to watch,” Tony said, easily.

It wasn’t long before nightly rituals were completed. Donovan slid between the sheets. The bedding was soft but his buttocks were still sensitive from the spanking. It was impossible not to squirm—especially when each movement sent an echo of bliss through him.

As Tony joined him in the bed, he encouraged Donovan to roll onto his side so he could spoon behind him. If his arse felt hot against Tony’s crotch, Tony seemed all in favour of the sensation.

“Wanting me to use your name all the time, was that just to make sure I’d remember I was with you rather than him, so I wouldn’t have a flashback?” Donovan asked, softly, as Tony switched off the light.

“There was a bit of that, but mostly I just love the way you say my name—especially when you’re really turned on. It’s hot.”

Donovan smiled, snuggling a little more comfortably under the blankets.

“It’s about possessiveness as well. You don’t belong to ‘sir’. ‘Sir’ could be anyone. You belong to me.”

Donovan nodded, relishing the words.

“You’re not a sub, sweetheart, you’re my sub. The difference is important.”

Donovan smiled in the darkness. “Yes, Tony.”

“Just like I’m not just a dom anymore. I’m your dom. That’s an important difference too.”

Donovan hesitated to nod again. Tony owning him right down to the core was one thing. That felt as natural as anything ever could. But demanding the same right in return?

“It’s what happens when kinky people fall in love,” Tony whispered in his ear. “I might be a dom, but I’m also one hundred percent yours.” He chuckled then. “Happy Birthday, sweetheart—I think I just gave you ownership of a dom as an early birthday present.”

Donovan turned his head and pressed a kiss against Tony’s shoulder. He never knew quite what to say when Tony said things like that, but that night, the answer came a little more easily than usual. “Yes, Tony.”

About Worth a Shot


Everyone knows that Tony Landon’s dated dozens of different men and women since he joined the athletics department at the Falconer Institute of Training. Everyone who’s ever gossiped with one of his exes knows that he’s kinky, too.

Donovan’s reputation at the institute is different. The only reason people are pretty sure he’s gay is because he drinks at the same pub as most of the gay and bi Falconer guys, and he’s never actually said he’s straight when he’s brushed them all off.

Tony’s been flirting with Donovan ever since Donovan joined the institute’s archery programme. Even though a whole year has passed and Donovan’s never given him the slightest encouragement, Tony can’t quite convince himself to give up hope.

Donovan has his reasons for not flirting back whenever Tony hits on him—right up until a snippet of overheard gossip lets him in on an interesting fact that just might change everything.

The odds are stacked against two very different men ever finding happiness together, but as far as Tony and Donovan are concerned, it’s still worth a shot. 

Author note: While this story can be read as a standalone title, some elements might make more sense if you’ve already read Worth Waiting For.

Worth a Shot is available from:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IFF3Y00

All Romance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-worthashot-1436531-147.html

 About Kim Dare


Kim is a thirty-one year old bisexual submissive from Wales (UK). First published in 2008, she has since released almost 100 BDSM erotic romance titles ranging from short stories to full length novels. Having worked with a host of fantastic e-publishers, she has just moved into self-publishing.

While she has occasionally ventured towards other pairings, Kim’s first love is still, and probably always will be, Male/Male stories. But, no matter what the pairing, from paranormal to contemporary, and from the sweet to the intense, everything she writes will always feature three things – Kink, Love and a Happy Ending.

You can find out more about Kim’s books on her website, follow her on twitter, catch up with her blog, and email her directly using the links below.

Website: www.kimdare.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/KimDareAuthor

Blog: www.kimdare.blogspot.com

E-mail: kim@kimdare.com




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