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Please welcome Patricia Logan to the blog today. She’ll be giving away a copy of The Superstar, which releases on November 25th. Leave a comment to be entered to win and a winner will be chosen December 1st.


[Warning sexy scene ahead please be over 18 to read this.]

“Stand up, boy and let me start your birthday celebration,” Zack said. His Dom’s smirk was somehow not comforting in the least.

Cassidy Ryan’s very beautiful dark lover had just walked up to him where he was sitting at their raised breakfast bar in the kitchen of their large home in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. Honestly, every year Cassidy aged, now that he was in his forties, seemed to fly by quicker than the last and he hated the reminder that his blond hair had begun to silver at the temples, and the body he’d always been proud of since his SEAL days, was beginning to show its age. It didn’t help that the man in his life, his Dom, Zachary Teak was two years his junior and he still looked as fit as any man in his thirties should. His fortieth is coming up this year and I promise I won’t let him forget it.

“I don’t turn forty-two for another twenty-seven minutes, Zack,” Cassidy said, trying to look as innocent as possible.

His Dom frowned and Cassidy swallowed hard, knowing he was going to regret talking back to Zack. As a submissive, Cassidy should have known his place by now, and Zack had a way of not letting him get away with anything. “You’re not forgetting who you’re talking to now, are you, boy?”

Shit. “No, Sir.”

“That’s right. Now get your pretty ass up. I have a surprise for you in the playroom,” Zack growled.

Cassidy brightened. Zack’s surprises were always fun if not always comfortable and he slid off the barstool, following Zack as he turned on a heel and left the room. “So, what did you do, Sir? I hope you didn’t spend a lot of money. I know you have been planning a get-away for us. You know you spoil me,” Cassidy said, matching Zack’s stride as they walked through the large one story Spanish style house toward the playroom in the other wing.

Zack smiled. “It’s true, I spoil you and I do have a trip planned to the lake but first… every birthday comes with cake and candles, boy, you know that.”

I fuckin’ love cake and candles. “Yes, Sir,” Cassidy said, stopping at the door to the playroom as Zack placed his hand on the knob. He leaned in and kissed Cassidy hard, pulling him close and letting the anticipation of the surprise build before breaking the lip lock as he stepped aside and opened the door. Cassidy’s eyes took in the sight of the room beyond. The king-sized bed sat in the center surrounded by a hundred white pillar candles all burning at once and as Cassidy turned to look at Zack, the reality of what he was seeing hit home. Wax play. I’ll be a son-of-a-bitch.

“I figured since we have the weekend to ourselves, I couldn’t think of a better way for us to celebrate it, wouldn’t you agree, boy?” The look on his Dom’s face was downright devilish. It had been a long time since Cassidy had let him drip hot wax all over his skin right before he fucked him.

“I think the candles are great, Sir but I don’t see any cake,” Cassidy said. The moment he said it, he noted the glint in Zack’s eyes.

“That’s because you are the cake, boy.”

Hot damn. His favorite flavor.



Storm Ellison is the sexiest man on two legs. The gorgeous young star of “Trapped on an Island”, the hottest reality show on television, is instantly recognizable the moment he leaves his palatial mansion. Paparazzi follow him everywhere, leaving him no peace or privacy, selling his pictures to the tabloids, and cementing his reputation in the press as a slutty gay playboy. As Storm prepares to sign his first major movie deal, his manager decides he needs protection. What he doesn’t expect, is to be attracted to the cold bastard who’s now running his life.

Balthazar Grant, freelance bodyguard, is a huge, handsome, rough and ready former Marine, trained by the best, and willing to step between Storm and anyone stupid enough to come at him. Always stoic and serious, Taz lends a deadly presence to Storm’s entourage whenever he ventures out in public. Storm doesn’t want a bodyguard, much less one who won’t let him live his fast and loose lifestyle with impunity and he’s certainly not one to be dictated to by an overconfident Marine who has opinions about everything including who he should hook-up with.

When a deadly threat hits Storm’s world, he’s suddenly living his own reality show, only this one has an outcome which doesn’t involve being voted off an island. Will Storm wake up before it’s too late and will Taz be able to fight his attraction to the handsome young superstar while trying to convince him he’s in very real danger? The pair will soon learn that reality is stranger than fiction.


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  1. OMG I loved it. I have most of Patricia’s books and absolutely love the ones I’ve read. Really want this book. Thank you for the chance.


  2. Haven’t read any of your books yet, but I’m definitely going to check them out. Thanks for the excerpt. 🙂

  3. Oh this is a new author for me thanks for stopping by and sharing I love the snippet

    kastlelodge at gmail dot com

  4. What does one truly say to a SuperStar, she is quite a lady with a creative mind, and gives to all of us, her readers, avenues of exploration, the ability to put ourselves in her characters lives, and helps us to enjoy the beauty, the depth and romance of all her stories. We all are fortunate to have an artist in our midst who is a gracious lady, a grand woman, who is willing to share with all of us, stories that excite and arouse each and every one of us in a different way, and gives us a different perspective on life.

  5. Between that blurb and that excerpt, I’m looking forward to reading this book 🙂

  6. Interesting plot! I love Patricia’s books. I read Master’s Boys series and I love so much Silver Ties! His characters are always amazing! Thank you for this opportunity!

  7. Getting ready to read Leather NIghts in the next day or so I am so excited to read it. Thanks for a chance to win your new book

  8. Wohoho! yes! I’ve only read about two books by this author but i do like her writing style! aha, I shall totally be checking this out! 😀

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