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Ajay’s Birthday Gift

Thanks for having me on again, Amber! J Here’s the start of a short story featuring Rajan and Ajay from A Sticky Wicket in Bollywood, the first book in the International Men of Sports books I write with TA Chase. TA will be on Amber’s blog on Friday with the second part. J

Part One


Rajan Malik shrugged out of his tailored tuxedo jacket with some effort. He’d been working out lately with his lover, cricketer Ajay Singh, and had broadened just enough through the chest and shoulders that he should really think about having another tuxedo made. He made a mental note to mention it to his agent, Beni Sharma. Though, knowing Sharma, he’d probably bring it up after the photos from the red carpet hit the papers later this morning.

He watched his lover impatiently wrench his tie undone then toss it on the dresser. Ajay, on the other hand, had resisted a tighter fit when Rajan had taken him in to be measured for a custom tux to wear to accompany Rajan on Bollywood events. The resulting athletic fit to his garments accentuated the well-defined muscles Rajan was so familiar with.

Ajay met his gaze and the slight frown creasing his brow smoothed. “You’re doing it again.”

“Doing what?” Rajan continued undoing the studs on his shirt, enjoying the attention as Ajay’s gaze traveled downward and back up in a sexy eyefuck that had Rajan hardening even faster.

“Eating me up with your eyes.” Ajay smirked and beckoned Rajan with one finger.

Rajan crossed the room, setting down the studs and letting his shirt gap open to expose his chest. He playfully hooked Ajay’s extended finger with his own, giving a slight yank.

“Ah ah.” Ajay shook his head. “Don’t wrinkle me,” he teased, parroting Rajan’s words from before they’d gone out to the premiere at the start of the evening.

“Oh that’s funny.” Rajan slipped his arms around Ajay’s waist, enjoying the warmth as he pressed up against Ajay’s larger form.

They ignored their firm cocks resting against one another–after all, now that they lived together they had all the time in the world–in favor of sharing an embrace. Finally Ajay let out a long sigh.

“You finally going to tell me what’s been wrong with you today?” Rajan murmured in his ear then helped Ajay with his jacket. He stuffed down the insecure part of him that was certain Ajay would come to his senses someday and realize Rajan was too high maintenance, too high profile, too…something. He knew it was stupid to still doubt Ajay’s love for him, but old worries died hard. And the fact that Ajay had had something on his mind all day but hadn’t shared it with Rajan…

He muted his brain and waited for Ajay’s response as they took turns undoing each other’s cufflinks.

“I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that you knew I was distracted. Don’t get yourself into a spiral,” Ajay cautioned. “It’s nothing to do with you.”

Rajan nodded and bit the inside of his mouth to keep from asking again. Ajay always took time to work up to things, unlike Rajan who had a very short path from thought to voice.

“It’s Neel.” Ajay sighed.

Cocking his head, Rajan got to work on Ajay’s shirt studs. “Did he pick something really odd to do for your birthdays?” The two friends’ birthdays were coming up soon. They were only a week apart, so Ajay and Neel had always done something fun to celebrate together. It was a tradition that Rajan had no intention of interfering with since he had Ajay the rest of the time. “We haven’t seen him for a while. What’s going on with him?”

“He came over while you were at your dance rehearsal this morning…to tell me that he’s moving in two weeks.” Ajay shook his head as though still unable to believe the big news.

“Moving?” Rajan dropped the handful of studs onto the dresser. “Where? Did he get traded to another cricket team?”

“Yes.” Ajay pressed his lips together then continued, “His agent got him signed to one in England.”

“What?” Rajan’s mouth dropped open with his shock then he gave Ajay a hard hug. “I’m sorry, honey.” Ajay and Neel were best mates and had been for years. They’d gone through a bit of a rough patch when Neel had felt a bit more for Ajay than friendship and had made some stupid decisions when Rajan had been coming back into his life, but they’d all moved past it. It would be a huge change for Ajay to have Neel so far away.

Giving up on undressing, he pulled Ajay by the hand over to the couch then sat close next to him. “Maybe, in a way, it’s for the best.”

Ajay shot him an incredulous look and Rajan held up his hand. “Hear me out. Not everyone is as brave as you,” he continued, referring to the fact that Ajay was one of the few out gay professional cricket players in India. “Neel would have lived in the closet and eventually his family would have succeeded in pressuring him to marry a woman, and he would have been miserable. At least there, maybe he’ll have a chance to…” Rajan paused, searching for the right words.

“To find something like we have?”


Ajay nodded thoughtfully, though he still appeared upset. “He didn’t say anything about that being a part of his decision. Just that it was a good opportunity for him.”

“I’ll bet anything that he just really needs to get away from his family and maybe come to terms with what being a gay man means to him.”

The slight smile he got shot a shaft of warmth from his heart straight to his cock. “You are so good for me. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Rajan shook his head, inwardly pleased to be the one supporting Ajay for a change, instead of the other way around. “You have that backwards.”

“Nope. You should know by know I mean what I say.”

“True.” Rajan moved to straddle Ajay’s strong thighs and leaned in to press a lingering kiss to Ajay’s inviting lips. “And I know what to give you for your birthday now.”


“A holiday in England.”

Ajay reared back. “What?”

Rajan swallowed at the unwelcome thought of being apart from Ajay but nodded, determined. “It’s the offseason. You should go with Neel. Help him get settled, celebrate your birthdays.”

A frown crossed Ajay’s face, but Rajan noticed he didn’t put up an argument right away. That meant he was considering it. After a long silence, Ajay said, “You should come too.”

He tried for a nonchalant shrug. “Can’t. You’ve seen my schedule.” Rajan used his acting skills to keep his face open and sincere. He’d survived for years without Ajay. A few weeks wouldn’t kill him. “You guys have fun and we’ll celebrate when you get back.”

Ajay traced his cheekbone with a slightly rough thumb. “You’re very sweet to me.”

“I love you.” And that said it all.

He was a big boy. Rajan rotated his cock against Ajay’s, making him groan as he dove into a fierce kiss. He’d get through being apart. A few weeks was worth it to make Ajay happy.

Knowing that wouldn’t make the separation any easier, though.


To be continued on Friday by TA Chase. 🙂


* * * *

See how Rajan and Ajay got together in A Sticky Wicket in Bollywood!



A handsome Bollywood actor must choose between his career and a rugged cricket player from his past, who he’s fallen in love with…again.

Rajan Malik has the world of Bollywood in the palm of his hand…a beautiful girlfriend, starring roles, adoring fans…He should be happy, but behind the façade lies a man conflicted and exhausted by the pressure placed on him by his ill mother, his agent and society. His life is not his own, and all he wants to do is escape.

Indian Premier League cricketer Ajay Singh can’t believe how bad his university roommate Rajan looks when he spots his picture in the paper. They had parted on bad terms. Still, he’s moved to offer Rajan his support by renewing their friendship.

But friendship was not all they shared back then. Though Ajay is out, Rajan isn’t willing to give up his carefully cultivated Bollywood image to be with him publicly. And with very little privacy, it won’t take long for someone to find out they are more than friends.

Their renewed secret affair is fraught with difficulties as they deal with the death of Rajan’s mother, the secret of Rajan’s till-now absent father, a jealous friend, intrusive social media, and threatening notes from someone who seems to know all about their private lives.

It’s a bit of a sticky wicket they find themselves in. Will it be too late when both men finally realise that they’ll need to compromise, or stand to lose everything?

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