Welcome Birthday Guest Stormy Glenn!


Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your birthday celebration again this year, Amber. I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Happy Birthday!

I had the hardest time trying to decide who needed to make an appearance, and then it came to me. Vadim and Sasha from My Lupine Lover…maybe it’s time for Sasha to plan something special for his mate.

* * * *

Sasha lay in bed with his eyes closed as he listened to Vadim get up and get dressed. He hoped his mate thought he was asleep. He needed a few hours to get his plans for Vadim into the works and he couldn’t do that if his mate was hanging around.

Vadim had eyes in the back of his—“Hey!” Sasha shouted as he opened his eyes and glared up at his mate. He reached around and rubbed his abused butt. “What was that for?”

It wasn’t the fun arousing kind of spanking.

“You’re plotting something, majiktoka.”

“Am not,” Sasha insisted.

One very fine ebony black eyebrow arched.

Sasha rolled his eyes. “It was just a…a…picnic.” Sasha grinned broadly as he pushed himself up on his elbows. “I wanted to have a picnic with you and the kids. That’s all.”

God, that was freaking brilliant.


Sasha’s jaw dropped as he watched his mate finish getting dressed. “What do you mean no?” Since when did he get told no? And why was he being told no?

“We have guests coming to the Vourdala Island today and I will be busy all day meeting with them.”

“Damn.” Sasha flopped back down on the bed. He started chewing on his lower lip as he tried to figure out another way to—maybe a nighttime picnic? He could get lights and string them through the trees, set up fire pits. That might actually be better, more romantic.

“No, Sasha.”

“Seriously?” Sasha whined as he thumped the bed with his fists. He was on the verge of a really good temper tantrum, like epically good. “You have no idea what I’m thinking.” They could talk telepathically. That did not mean they could read each other’s minds.

Sasha’s eyes narrowed as he looked at his handsome mate. Maybe Vadim could but that was probably an alpha thing. He had to be able to know what his pack members were up to. Still, it wasn’t fair.

Sasha’s head cocked to one side, confusion rolling through him as he watched Vadim walk to the bedroom door and open it. Vadim motioned to the guards outside their door. The three men walked in with duffle bags. One went to the dresser and started pulling clothes out, shoving them into the bag. Another one went to the closet and began doing the same. The third guard walked into the bathroom. He came back a moment later with a bag full of towels. He grabbed the phone off the nightstand and unplugged it, sticking it in the same bag.

“What are they doing?” Sasha asked as he watched the three red faced guards walk out of the room. His gaze slid to Vadim when the large man sat down on the side of the bed. “Vad?”

Vadim’s lips curved as he looped a hand around Sasha’s neck and pulled him for a kiss that curled Sasha’s toes and steamed his brains. Vadim leaned back just far enough to tuck a lock of Sasha’s hair behind his ear.

“You’re grounded.”

Sasha’s eyes bugged as Vadim grabbed the blankets and sheets off the bed and walked out of the bedroom with them, closing the door behind him. Sasha was still sitting there with his jaw hanging down to his chest when he heard the lock turn in the door handle.

“He didn’t!” Sasha jumped off the bed and ran to the door, grabbing the door handle. “You fucker!”

Sasha’s eyes nearly crossed, he was so angry. “Vadim Miroslav, you damn well better get back here and unlock this door,” he sent out through their mental link. “I swear, if you keep me locked up in here I’ll…I’ll…” God, what would he do? “I’ll give the kids permission to draw on the walls.”

Oh yeah, there was a threat.

A burst of laughter rumbled through their link. “I love you, majiktoka. I will see you soon.”

Sasha was going to kill him. Alpha or not, Vadim was going down. Sasha paced as he thought of every little prank he could pull to get back at his mate. He adored the man to the depths of his soul but Vadim had gone too far this time.

The alpha was going to pay.

Three hours later, Sasha was still pacing, except now his feet hurt. Every despicable and low handed prank he came up with, he tossed. Sometimes it really sucked when you loved the person you were trying to take down.

Finally, Sasha walked over to sit on the end of the bed, his hands folded together on his lap. His mate really was a smart man. Every bit of clothing in the room had been taken out. Anything he could have covered himself with, including the blankets and the shower curtain, had been removed. While shifters didn’t mind seeing naked bodies for the most part, it was kind of rude to just walk through the house naked. Not to mention the fact that Vadim would rip out the eyes of anyone staring at Sasha too long.

The man was a little possessive.

Sasha jumped up when he heard scratching at the window. The freaking window. He was on the second floor. His jaw dropped when he saw Ryland at the window. He unlocked the window and pushed it up, sticking his head out. “Where’d you get the ladder?”

“Ssshhh.” Ryland quickly looked over his shoulder before tossing a small bag into the room. It hit the floor with a plop. “I’m breaking you out.”

“Awesome.” Sasha grabbed the bag and pulled it open. Okay, the jeans and shirt would be a little big as Ryland was a good forty pounds heavier than he was. But they would do in an escape. Sasha quickly got dressed then made his way to the window. As Ryland climbed down, Sasha scrambled out of the window and followed the Tri-Omega down the ladder.

“So, why did you get grounded this time?” Ryland asked when they reached the ground and started walking around the large mansion toward the front where the gate was located. Sasha was so going to go to Pauline’s Bakery and get something that would add a hundred thousand pounds to his waistline.

And then he’d get Ryland to help him plot his revenge.

“I was trying to plan something for Vadim to help him relax and he said no because apparently there are visitors coming to the island today.” Sasha frowned as something in the pit of his stomach clenched. “With all the Tri-Omegas coming here, he doesn’t have a lot of free time. I thought a picnic or something with the kids would be good for all of us. We haven’t really had a lot of time together lately.”

“I thought today was your birthday?”

“It is but I’d rather just spend it with my mate and the kids and our friends and…and I just want to spend some time with Vadim. I’m asleep by the time he comes to bed, and usually still asleep by the time he leaves. I miss him.”

“Then I guess it’s a good thing you got grounded.”

Hs best friend had lost his mind! “What do you mean it’s a good thing I got grounded?” Sasha snapped. “Have you lost what little—”


Sasha’s face flushed so hot he could have lit up the moon. Ryland’s mates and their friends, and most everyone from their pack stood there with large smiles on their faces. Bright white lights wove around every tree and branch in the front yard. Fire pits were placed here and there, chairs and benches all around them. A large table sat off to one side so laden with food it looked on the verge of collapsing. Another one close by was covered in colorfully wrapped presents.

Most importantly, Vadim stood there, his wide smile matching the sparkle in his arctic blue eyes. “Happy birthday, majiktoka.

* * * *

See how Vadim and Sasha got together in My Lupine Lover.



Vadim Miroslav always dreamed of finding his mate, he just never expected to for his mate to find him. Little did he realize that by claiming Sasha, his entire life would be changed forever.

Vadim is captivated by the sweet and giving nature of his sexy little mate. Sasha is stunned by the way Vadim seems to respect his omega status.

Vadim never wanted to be the alpha of his own pack. He avoided it at all costs, even if it meant appearing inadequate to his own pack. But, in a bid to save his newly claimed mate, Vadim does the one thing he has always tried to avoid. He takes on Sasha’s abusive alpha… and wins, becoming the new alpha of Sasha’s pack. Can he take the control of an isolated pack of werewolves and still keep his mate safe?







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