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  1. Hmm, not sure I have a favorite – all of them? My last one, My next one….any that I spend with my husband of 21 years now…sorry don’t recall one specific one nor it’s details.

  2. My 18 birthday. Because my mom and I went and got my ears pierced for the second time. Look the look on her face when the first one was done funniest thing I ever saw…

  3. My 30th…..I was with my whole family, from my Mom to my daughters, and while I didn’t let them do the whole turning 30 is bad, they did fill my car with black balloons it was cute and funny.

  4. My fav birthday was my 16th, I spent in Spain with some friends. Spending the day messing around on the beach and in the ocean. The Spanish people were amazing and really knew how to make a birthday special

  5. My favorite birthday was my 16th. I was obsessed with the color teal and Spongebob. My grandparents painted my room teal and they also used as many Spongebob birthday items as possible. It was great and I will always remember it.

  6. I’ve had some disappointing birthdays really, the milestone ones that were completely ignored, 30 & 40. My HB just doesn’t think about that sort of thing! But my 50th he joined together with my work collaegues and organised a wonderful surprise night out. That’s probably my best birthday to date anyway.

  7. I don’t have any particular memories from past birthdays… so in the spirit of things my favourite birthday is YOURS!!!

  8. I don’t have a favorite birthday. I don’t really remember doing anything for my birthday growing up. This year was a pretty good one although I had to get my own cake.

  9. My favorite birthday was my 12th birthday when my brother came home from his tour in Iraq to surprise my dad and I at our birthday party (my dad and I share a birthday). It made it extra special as I hadn’t seen him in almost a year.

  10. Hm… I honestly cant remember. I have and do, love every single birthday ive had. But it was either the year i went with a heap of friends to the Aquatic center, which had to be around yr6 since it was the year of or after the Olympics. Or it was the year before last when my dad made me my massive bookcase.

  11. My fave birthday would be all the birthdays I had with my mum she alway made some thing special just for me I will always love her with all my heart

  12. My 23rd. Every year since I turned 30 I tell everyone I am 23 for my birth day. I moved to New Orleans, I had my first big girl birthday party, my future husband asked me to marry him for the first time (it took 3 times, I was determined to stay single), I made new friends, and just had the weekend of my life.

  13. My favourite was my 39th my sister surprised me at work bringing in a mini cake and flowers and my nieces called and dang me happy birthday!

  14. My favourite or the one I remember most as a kid was my 10th birthday when I got my first bike. I rode that thing everywhere. It had a white basket with flowers on and I even had a little bell attached to the handle. I know I had been wanting one for ages. I really loved that bike.

  15. I think it was my 21st. I didn’t go to a bar or gamble, I went wine tasting and pairing specific chocolates with family. Then we went and ate wonderful sushi from a really popular Japanese restaurant.

  16. My favorite birthday was when I was 25…I was a single mom of two boys. My boys saved their money and bought me an ice cream cake with frogs on it…it was one of the sweetest surprises!!!

  17. The only one that stands out at all was my 9th. I got a great second hand bike (boys bike, metallic green, banana seat, great 70’s handlebars) that I loved dearly. I rode that thing around the block a million times. It was stolen off the front porch about 6 months later. πŸ™‚

  18. My favorite birthday was last year! My 3 year old nephew decided he was going to be in charge of all our activities :). It was the most adorable day I had ever had. he insisted we would go get a cupcake at the local bakery. Then we went to the grocery store to go pick up a birthday cake to bake. Then we went on a ‘date’ at his favorite restaurant for pizza. The whole day was like this! I had a blast and am looking forward to this years πŸ˜€

  19. I don’t remember the age but 6 or 7 friends took me to Atlantic City. They hired a limousine and took me to see the first show of the Kings of comedy and dinner. They brought me a bottle of champagne…and the driver brought me my own bottle for my birthday. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! Thank you ladies for one of favorite birthdays…you all are awesomesauce friends!!!!

  20. Well all my childhood ones were special since my birthday was always around the holiday which is equivalent with your Mardi Gras, and we got to wear costumes

  21. That’s easy. Jan 18 2000. My late husband proposed to me. We have two kids after, then he died in 2003. The kids were 1 1/2 and 3 1/2. Eleven years later, I still remember it. It was perfect and special.

  22. My favorite birthday was definitely when I was four. We had it at Chuck E Cheeses and I had a blast playing all the games for tickets.

  23. I’m sure at some point in time every kid wants a pool party for their birthday. But having a February birthday that is usually not an option. However when I was six my father was transferred to Okinawa, Japan. Hello tropical island!!! So finally on my seventh birthday I finally got my wish to have a pool party.

  24. My favourite birtday would be when I filled 16. We looked at some movies, ate taco, and had this game that my mom had prepared earlier the same week. My parents are divorced, and my birtday was at my father’s place. It went like this. There was about 6, or seven small presents that contained all from candy, pencils to those face masks. They were packed in many layers so we didn’t know who would get what. You start with one present and then the one who take off the final layer gets whatever thats inside. When we were done, my father asked us to clean up, and we all just looked at eachother and without a single word we took some paper and made a ball each, and threw at my dad. Sadly he threw them back at us though… We did clean up after we were done, and laughed about it. Still think about it as my favourite birthday. I’m gonna turn 18 now in february, so i’m quite excited.

  25. The next one in March (50). Because i already got my gift (new Tattoo) from my husband.
    And hopefully it will be ready in March.

  26. I would have to say twenty six years ago.my birthday is on November 28 and my Anniversary is the 29th and since then they have both rolled into one so my family either celebrate one or the other not both.not to mention last year when Thanksgiving was on the 28th my birthday .why can’t a girl have both?Hubby has to get his act together.

  27. One of my favorites was my 22nd. I graduated college that year and my birthday and graduation ceremony were all doing the week of my birthday. My parents had a big combined party with two huge cakes. It was a blast.

  28. I have to say my 12th birthday as it is the first time we weer able to celebrate. . Before that we lived in Vietnam and don’t have the means to do it.

  29. I guess it would have been my 38th (12-06) birthday because that was the first one I’d had since my daddy had passed away and I was very depressed so my hubby and oldest son put all of my Christmas decorations up inside and out.

  30. My favorite birthday is my 12th. My parents took my friend and me out to dinner at Red Lobster. At the restaurant they had the staff sing to me but it was not happy birthday it was something the restaurant had made up. Then we went swimming and played at the arcade.

  31. its either my “10” where I was asked to go to the spare room to get some pop and I saw the bike but no pop and let mom know there was no pop. She had to tell me the bike was my gift. Or my “40” where I invited lot of my friends from work, college, and the clubs I’m in and we had a blast talking and laughing for hours

  32. My 30th birthday, I lost the age hang up, spent it with friends, and it was the last one with my Mom, who shares a birthday month with me, as she passed away two months later, so it is a pretty treasured birthday!

  33. My favorite birthday was actually not my own, it was celebrating my husband’s 50th in Paris, It was a fabulous week of celebration.

  34. My 21rst birthday. They had a party for me at work and then I got on a plane and went to England to see my parents. They took me to Scotland! 😊

  35. I was 18. My parents weren’t suppose to be home due to medical issues with dad but they sent flowers and the doc let them come home for the weekend.

  36. 50th. Last minute decision when the logistics of a party just got to damn hard & started looking to $ (old friends & family are more than 1000k away). We got on a plane, flew to Singapore, caught the bus to Johor Baru (Malaysia) then hired a car & meandered down the the coast along the Straits of Malacca, stopping when & where we felt like it for as long as we wanted, we took 2 weeks & finished up with a week on Penang Island in a lovely suite overlooking the beach, a blissful 3 weeks. Malaysia is a favorite holiday destination & Penang was our first ever o/s holiday together 23 years earlier. I luv wifi, lastminute hotel sites & one on one time with my wonderful man – we spent a bit more $ but got 3 weeks of relaxation ilo a weekend of angst & rush …….best decision ever 😍

  37. My 6th birthday – it poured rain that day and I had 12 classmates coming. It could have been a disaster, but my Mom threw an amazing party that friends still talk about 50 years later!

  38. I was 9 years old, it was my last birthday with my grandma. We spent my entire birthday weekend at Disney… My best birthday ever

  39. My favorite birthday was when I was 15, I had a party with my closest friends and family. It was great. =)

  40. My favorite birthday was when I turned 25 and went to Atlantic City as my birthday was on a Saturday. It was a great time and I won money more than I lost. I had fun celebrating with a couple of my friends and family.

  41. So many choices. My favorite was about 20 years ago. My husband surprised me with a weekend skiing in steamboat springs.

  42. My favorite would have to be the ones where my sons were old enough to really enjoy Mom having a birthday!

  43. My birthday was a couple of years ago, when my husband (fiancΓ© at the time) took me to Vegas for my first time and it just happened to be on my birthday! We had such a great time and we have plans to go back!!

  44. I guess I would have to say I think it was the year I turned 15. I was in the marching band in HS & my mom planned a surprise b-day party @ Pizza Hut on a Fri after one of our games. I was definitely surprised b/c no one let it slip. It was so much fun. We also had some party crashers from the football team so that was cool! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  45. This year I turned 28 my whole family took me on vacation, but the best part was my daughter being able to be a normal child for the first time in years.

  46. I don’t remember exactly how old I was but our daughter was at least 2 or 3 years old, and we had just spent the day at the zoo as a family. We went by a friends house after and my husband and the friend threw me a surprise birthday party.

  47. My 29th was pretty special because I had just defended my dissertation and was getting ready to graduate in just a couple of weeks. πŸ˜‰

  48. Dec 9th, 2007. It was my 1st suprise birthday. I figured it out early that day but didn’t tell a soul. It was the fact that my friends got together and planned it for me. I live on the Gulf Coast, so the beach has always been a part of my life, so they rented a penthouse condo on the water for the night. We partied, laughed, made memories and friends of mine through the years met eachother and became friends themselves. It was truly amazing.

  49. My 12th birthday. Growing up with two parents who were teachers we always had some kind of family trip during the summer and my birthday is in August so sometimes we were on the trip still. That year we went on 3 day cruise to the Bahamas and my mom arranged for a cake to be delivered at dinner the night of my birthday which of course included singing of some sort.

  50. It was 8 years ago when I was 32. It was the first year my dh and I were together and since he wasn’t a big birthday person, he decided to surprise me with a weekend away-no kids, work or anything. He splurged for a hot tub suite, made reservations at this really nice restaurant and literally romanced me. Before that I just marked time with each birthday. It was the first time someone made it special and since then, we have the tradition of going away for my birthday every year since. πŸ™‚


  51. My favorite was probably my 20th. I had just gotten my wisdom teeth removed but I got to eat as many mashed potatoes as I wanted!

  52. My favorite birthday was when I was 17. My parents took me to Sea World, then for dinner took me to a place that was called Arabian Knights that had a horse show going on while we were served a 5 course meal. Had a blast.


  53. One of my favorite birthday was in 2006 where I celebrated my birthday with friends at the Romantic Times convention in Daytona Beach. OMG that was such a great day.

  54. My last birthday was my favorite. It was my 35th and the kids made me cards and mom took me away to the casino for the weekend and I found their cards stuffed in my bag telling me to have fun.

  55. I think my favorite birthday would have been my 30th. Unlike my friends, I didn’t freak out, but just accepted the fact that I was completely an ‘adult’, then, if that makes sense. It was the best because when I was taken out for dinner and ordered an alcoholic drink, I got carded. The entire table kinda froze for a moment then laughed. The waitress was so embarrassed but I loved it.

  56. At the time it wasn’t a favorite birthday but now it is… I turned 28 and celebrated my birthday with my grandparents and family. I was a normal birthday, quiet and a cake. What we didn’t know was that this birthday would be the last my grandfather would be at. We lost him a month later and when I look back I was glad we had this birthday to share with him.

  57. it was when it was just me and my family a simply birthday we went out to eat and then to the movie I was waiting 4 months to see and then back home and played some board games

  58. My “sweet 16” ’cause my mom rented a pavilion at the lake and had about 40 family and friends. Total surprise.

  59. I had a lot of fun on my 21st birthday. Lol. I don’t drink often but to be able to do it legally. Strippers. Yum!

  60. My favorite birthday was 9 1/2 years ago…. 26th birthday…. that night I went into labor with my daughter and 37 hours later she was born.

  61. My 20th birthday. It was the same day I met my husband. We’ve been together for more than 30 years. It was definitely a turning point.

  62. I don’t think I have a favorite to be honest. I’m thankful for each and every one of my 50 birthdays – although I must admit that my least favorite is my 50th because I was in the hospital and had surgery that day – so didn’t get to eat all day or have anything special (no cake)…


    Growing up I had an aunt who was a baker. And the birthday the girls turned 10, she made them a Barbie doll cake. As the youngest, do you know how hard it was to wait for my 10th birthday???

  64. My 40th. Went to Sri Lanka. Fabulous holiday. Also I was the only woman in the country driving! Went to Sigiriya on my actual birthday and climbed all the way up. Will never forget it.

  65. My birthday this year was my best so far. I found out I was pregnant….well a day after but it was a great surprise.

  66. My 25th birthday would have to be my favorite. That was when I gave birth to my now 9 year old daughter. Best present ever even though I tell her she stole my thunder. Haha

  67. I just turned 40 and it was the best birthday yet..because I got a surprise night out with my girlfriends just enjoying good wine and good company while hubby stayed home with our 3 kids..priceless!

  68. I was 10 and my mom took me to a Barnes and noble for the first time. She was only going to buy me one book but I talked her into getting me four. It was amazing

  69. Every birthday has been a special one but the really special ones were when my Grandma and Pap where still alive and could be at my birthday parties or could call to wish me a Happy Birthday.

  70. My favorite birthday will be this year! I’m going an an all inclusive trip to the Dominican with my best friend.

  71. Even though it is a strange one to pick (because it was the one I found out about my flower allergies) my 21st is still the best one ever. My husband had to be away on a special course with the army but he had 21 deep red roses sent to me with a message of love and a wish to spend the next 21 years celebrating the day together.

  72. Hmmm, one of my favorites would be the year my family got together and had annecklace made for me. They had a daisy made (big daisy freak) with the diamond from my grandmother’s wedding ring as the center of the daisy. Also, I think that year was the same year my cousin made a comment to my niece about her being smart (she was 5 or 6) and her response was “I’m not smart, I’m pretty”. All the adults were dying trying not to bust out laughing. As soon as my cousin got control of herself, she said “you can be smart and pretty”.


  73. My 14th birthday we had a school dance that day so I got to spend it with all my friends which I don’t usually get to do because my birthday is in the middle of January and we usually have a blizzard lol.

  74. My favorite birthday was three years ago. I was lucky enough to spend the day in Germany celebrating with my husband and son. It was a great trip and wonderful to spend time exploring a foreign country with those closest to me.

  75. Probably my 16th birthday. My Mom gave me my grandmother’s pearl ring and took me and 2 friends out to dinner at a very nice restaurant.

  76. My favorite birthday was my 16th, my grandma made me one of those princess cakes because she said I was a princess for the day. In a family that has 21 grandkids that was something.

  77. My birthday is November 21 and my favorite birthday was last year. I was 16 and it was my favorite because I got a kindle fire HD

  78. My 50th. It was only about 6 months after my TBI and I was in rehab and so didn’t want a party. My youngest daughter contacted my fellow writers, most of whom live out of state and the put together a surprise dinner before one of them was having a signing. The signing was the ruse to get me there. It was so special because it was my first outing and such a surprise. I was thrilled to turn 50

  79. It was my 21st birthday, and no, not for the reason you think. It was the first birthday I’ve ever celebrated where it actually snowed on my birthday… my birthday is on December 19th and I live in the south but on my 21st I was in college in Utah… it was beautiful. My friends were amazing that year too. My birthday party was held in Park City at a ski lodge. It was the most memorable.

  80. I think it was my 5th birthday. I always fondly remember being surrounded by my family and childhood friends, playing all day outside, and eating loads of ice cream.

  81. My 26th was the last day of our honeymoon so we splurged and stay in the honeymoon sweet with the hot tub, champaign, ect.

  82. I think maybe this years birthday. I lost my mom 12 days before my birthday and our oldest daughter planned a birthday party with family and friends at the house it was a surprise while my husband and my dad took me out to a movie. My best friend showed up, and my dad who had showed up earlier in the week to help with details was there, I hadn’t had birthday with him around in years so it was a very special birthday, a bit bittersweet but very happy.

  83. My 25 my son came home from the hospital he was a healthy 5 lbs and he never looked back he is now a happy healthy father of 3 girls never had problems that some small babies.

  84. When I turned 21. I was in college and wore a happy birthday tiara all day. Of course I forgot I had it on and couldn’t figure out why everyone was saying Happy Birthday to me. How did they know?! LOL

  85. My favorite birthday was when I was seven It is one of those memories that I always remember cause my dear gramma was there with me. And she never like photo but I gave one of her and me in that birthday I miss her so much now

  86. My 40th. My family threw me a surprise party. Or rather tried to. My mom is terrible at keeping secrets. If you want someone to know something just tell my mom and tell her it’s a secret. πŸ˜ƒβ˜ΊοΈ

  87. About 3 years ago. My parents came from Arizona with one of my sisters and her kids than 2 of my other sisters and there kids were here it was so amazing.

  88. I’d have to say my 18th, my parents to me to gamble on the river boat for the first time, unfortunatly 2 months later they raised the age of gambeling to 21 ;(

  89. My 14th. I am not sure if it was my favorite, but it is up there and it is definitely the one I remember the best. I had complained b/c my dad was always at an annual conference near Washington D.C on my birthday, so he took the whole family there for a week so we could all be together on my birthday! My mom, my brother, and I got to do a lot of sight-seeing while Dad was at his meetings. Very cool!

  90. My favorite birthday is when I was 28 because my mother was alive, relatively healthy, and able to celebrate it with me.

  91. So far, it was this year’s birthday, simply because, once again I shared it with friends. But, I think next year will be epic, since I will be spending it in Los Angeles, celebrating with a really good friend, who shares it with me.

  92. Heh, my favorite birthday is also my most embarrassing one. When I was fourteen, I was pretty heavily into wrestling. So much so that I was one of those people whom NEVER missed a tv show and always tried to hit up each event that came into my city. At the time, and actually to this day even though I no longer watch it, my favorite wrestler was/is Raven. For my birthday, a group of my friends located an indy event that he was in close to my home town. Knowing how deep my love for the guy went, they purchased some tickets and we took the hour drive to the event.

    I didn’t realize though that they’d also had gotten us the chance to go back into the locker rooms, before and after the show. Getting there like an hour before the event started, they took me back to the locker rooms. The only person in that room, and I swear to this day that they set this up, was Raven. When I walked into that room I was both floored and completely tongue tied. A friend of mine actually had to push me further into the room, because I couldn’t walk. Raven, being the nice man that he actually is behind his persona, came over to me instead. The man extends his hand for mine, I go to shake his hand and he pulls me into a hug. (This is where the embarrassing part comes in.) Leaning against him, I freaking fainted!

    When I came to, we were back outside of the locker room, sitting on some couch. I ended up being red in the face the entire night. After the show, we went back to see/talk to the guys again. This time I actually kept my cool and was able to have a decent conversation with Raven, as well as a few of the other wrestlers. All in all outside of the fainting, it turned out to be a great night! One I’ll always remember.

    Denise Schmidt

  93. I can’t remember what age I was when this happened since birthdays weren’t really celebrated when I was younger. But this was my first birthday in which my sister surprised me with cake and candles.

  94. im not sure how old i was but when i was younger my stepdad made me a cake for my bday carrot, with a pocahontas pillow which was my fav princess at the time that still my fav cake flavor and still have the pillow

  95. Happy, happy birthday Amber!

    Besides all the birthdays of my kids (my yougest turned 4 onnthe 18th), my favorite birthday is my first one in the US. Bittersweet, since the rest of my family couldn’t be there, but as my birthday is July 4 I loved my first Fourth of July with the fireworks in my (ahum) honor and that my husband was home from work!

  96. Must have been elementary school, my mom made a tunnel & cave system out of large boxes for us to crawl through. Very exciting & a big hit!

  97. I think the best birthday was when i 12 i believe it was, my mom made a party in our apartment at the time and send out invited but not many family contact saying they were going to come or not the day of the party a few people came and as it got later and later some how my 12 birthday turned in to an over night three day party of celebrate with family from all over coming and staying over for the whole weekend .. it was amazing. to this day my mother is is shock and still talks about us having a three day party some how,

  98. My 21st was the best because I was surprised not only by the gals I worked with, but also by the kids I watched, and my church group, as well as my family. Plus, I got tickets to go see the band Fun for my first ever concert. All in all, a great birthday.

  99. My most memorable birthday was my 17th birthday because we did this big or… not big but a family gathering at the park and had BBQ and it was just special, above all the others simply because it was such a beautiful day, sunny, but not hot, and not that I got a lot of gifts.. it’s just… it’s the one b-day that has stood out the most. πŸ™‚

  100. Think it was my 36th birthday. My sisterfinally made a litter box cake for me. It was wonderful! It was also when i took the single most memorable pic i have of my brother. He passed the next year, so it’s a treasured memory on both accounts.

  101. My best birthday was 9 years ago.. I was in the hospital in labor with my son.. It was 1 of the 2 best gifts in my life

  102. I think I was 9 or 10. We lived in Hampton GA. It wasn’t too far from the Atlanta Speedway. We could hear the cars from our house. In the off season they open it to the public to take their cars around on the track. Only one at a time was allowed. My dad took is VW Bug and loaded me and a friend of mine in the backseat and flew around the track a few times. My friend got sick, he couldn’t handle it. πŸ˜€

  103. My best birthday was when I turned 11. We had moved from Miami FL to El Monte CA (outside of LA) all my cousins lived there and my mom had a big party for me.

  104. This years birthday. This weekend we will be away for a romantic weekend and a Christmas party all in one. I am really excited. πŸ˜€

  105. My favorite birthday was my 30th. My husband took me to dinner, then dancing, and then we went home and spent the rest of the weekend in bed.

  106. Probably my 16th birthday. My family was really struggling with money so I thought that not only would I miss out on having a sweet 16, I wouldn’t get a birthday at all. My best friend at the time however, decided to throw me a surprise party in her back yard and then she gave me a hundred dollars. I was overwhelmed by how much love she showed me even though I could never pay her back with money, only with the love of friendship. I know I will never forget that birthday.

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