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birthday_cake-2012When my older child was young we often had parties revolving around superheroes. One time I arranged for a guy dressed like Batman to come to the party. When I told my son I wasn’t sure if he could make it because he might have to go fight crime, my son patted me on the shoulder and said, “You know it’s just a guy in the suit, right Mom?”

He was so sweet in how he tried to let me down gently.

If you were going to have a superheroΒ  (a real one not a guy in a suit) at your party who would you have?

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  1. hmm, the incredible hulk because i’m a lot like him. gentle and sweet until someone angers me then i’m all hulked out lol

  2. Remy LeBeau because he’d be entertaining… between charming everybody, his card tricks, and causing a little flash-bang (not to mention if he found anything worth stealing).

  3. i dont know if you would call him a super heroe but riddick if not him than i would have to pick the tourch from fantastic 4 comics

  4. My superhero is my husband, who is a retired Master Chief, who received a medal from the Red Cross for saving a young girls life when she fell in a pool and started to drown.

  5. Well he isn’t a hero,more like an anti-hero, and not even from DC or Marvel but Japanese yaoi manga, and it would be Asami Ryuichi, just so I can worship at his feet!!

    Also because I’m an airhead and forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  6. I think I’d like a hero from my childhood. Ultraman was cool and way before Ironman. Of course there would have to be subtitles as it was filmed in Japan

  7. It would be my aunt. She works full time as a biochemist working on cancer research. Last year she went back to school to get her masters degree and 18 units + work. During this time she planned her wedding on top of that. I now have a new aunt!😊 they are now expecting their first child

  8. I’m not sure. I’m not really into superheroes. But two funny children’s party stories. One year I tried to make my own from scratch cake and decorate it with dinosaurs for my oldest. Well the top layer all cracked after I put it together because I didn’t know about trimming and such. Anyway my son said that’s okay mommy it still tastes good and there is a earthquake that’s going to kill all the dinosaurs.

    Second was after 4 boys we finally got a little girl. So we had several years of princess parties. The year she turned 4 my 2nd who was about 14 at the time gave her a big plastic sword because a modern day princess can have her prince but she needs to be able to take care of herself. Loved it.

  9. I’d like to invite the helicopter pilot who flew his helicopter up Mt Everest where it shouldn’t have been able to fly, saving/rescuing several people. This happened that year so many experienced climbs & others got caught in the really bad spring weather.

  10. I know this is showing my age but I would love to have The Lone Ranger and Tonto mainly because of Silver and Scout.

  11. My husband and my father both served their country in the military during times when it wasn’t cool to be a soldier and they did it for over 20 years. Plus all the other older veterans who did not get the parade when they came home.

  12. That is hard. I love the Avengers and Justice League. Hard to choose one. But since the Flash is the newest series, I will go with him.

  13. Iron man definitely. He’s gorgeous, rich and has a cool metal suit to explore. What’s not to like, lol.

  14. I am in total Walking Dead mode at the moment so I would take Daryl cause as much booty as he can kick he counts as a hero. If we talk reality its every person who has put their lives on the line to keep mine safe.

  15. It’s kind of funny with these posts. I keep trying to think about them. I just started to have electroshock therapy (again) recently, this means that I have quite a bit of amnesia and cognitive thinking difficulties. This is very frustrating because right now, I can’t even think of any superheroes.

  16. I’m not big on superheros but when I was little we used to have Japanese cartoons that were dubbed – and we had Prince Planet (a crime fighter) and who could forget Astro Boy and Astro Girl (they squeaked when they walked) and their theme song was my high school fight song.

  17. Dr. Who. The 11th one with Amy and Rory and maybe River Song would drop in too and do a little kissy face at the Doc.

  18. Hawkeye. He is a real guy with amazing eyesight and an out of this world archer, but has no ‘special enhancements’. And still he holds his own easily in the Avengers group. I’d go as far as to say the have a tactical disadvantage without him!

    And of course it doesn’t hurt that I’m in love with his shoulders πŸ™‚

  19. The winged guy from the X-Men movie, I think he chose Archangel as his hero name. It would be interesting to ask him what it was like to be able to fly.

  20. Phoenix…I’ve always loved her and her powers. Well when she isn’t being dark Phoenix that is and eating planets for snacks.

  21. Aww, that’s so cute. I would have to have Iron Man though. I love the movies, I love RDJ, and he knows how to have a good time and party πŸ™‚

  22. I would have to go with ninja turtles … they would be the life of a party the comedy alone would be amazing lol.

  23. OH! I would LOVE to have Tony Stark. He would have me laughing so hard.. haha. I wouldn’t need any other kind of entertainment at a party. lol

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