176 thoughts on “Contest #12

  1. Venice. I have always wanted to see the canals! Afterward I would love to go to Scotland and Ireland. That would be my dream vacation!

  2. I’d love to go to Venice. And Maybe Greece…and I’d like to go to Australia and New Zealand. My Grandfather spent a lot of time there and I’d like to eventually make the trip myself.

  3. I’m going to the French Christmas Markets next week. But if I can ever afford it I’d love to see New Zealand and Australia.

  4. Seriously, I need to see some of the U.S.A before going abroad. I’ve never been to any of the eastern states. Never been to the Grand Canyon or Atlantic Ocean. I’d love to just be able to travel around Texas. πŸ™‚

  5. I would love to travel all over Europe. England, Germany, Ireland, Scotland are a must. But I’m poor so I can’t.

  6. Well my son would love to move to Seattle and then I could travel there. But if all goes well I will be traveling to Thailand next spring to meet my new grandbaby. All that travel alone is a bit scary that’s for sure.

  7. I’ve seen the lower 48 states and Canada thru driving a truck. I even to Tiajuana(bad spelling) Mexico and benn to The Caribbean On a cruise. I want to go to Alaska and Hawaii.

  8. I would love to go to Scotland. My family is front there hundreds of years ago. Would love to see if actually have family there. Would be so far removed.

  9. If I didnt have to fly it would be Ireland but since I do its Universal Studios Harry Potter World in Florida

  10. I’d go back home… There is nothing more beautiful (besides my kids lol) than my hometown Gafanha de AquΓ©m Portugal ❀️❀️

  11. I have always wanted to visit New Zealand and i have always wanted to go in April because it’s fall there and it combines 2 things I love at the same time

  12. If I had the money and the time, I would love to spend time (a year if all the stars aligned and I won a big enough lottery to never have to work again) traveling Europe.

  13. I want to visit all 50 states, so far I have 32 and of course I need Alaska and Hawaii, then I will work on Australia.

  14. I’ve pretty much seen everywhere in the states I want to except for New York. But, if I had the money, there are 2 places I’ve always wanted to visit and those are Germany, taking a guided tour around the whole area and Australia, visiting places where some of my friends live

  15. Locally I have to hit yaoicon in San Francisco but internationally I would say England or Japan (especially Akihabara area).

  16. I have problems traveling, but seeing as how this is whatever I want no what I can do. I want to go to Australia, New Zealand and Ireland

  17. I am originally European, and every year I go back and visit parents in the south of France and/or my home country The Netherlands. I have traveled lots (most Europeans do); I loved Egypt, the Maldives, Indonesia, Japan and South Africa incredibly much. I now live in Northern VA, and have seen much of the East coast and towards the Midwest. But for sure one of my great wishes is a roadtrip around Arizona/Utah to see all the gorgeous natural geological phenomena in the National Parks.

  18. I would take a grand tour of Europe, the UK included. I did a study in Italy & I’m desperate to go back!

  19. It has been a dream of mine to go visit my family home country of Spain and see my culture at its source, would also love to go to Japan for its beauty and anime πŸ˜‰

  20. I’m actually getting ready to travel for Thanksgiving. Though, I would love to check out Europe and Japan and revisit Ireland.

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