174 thoughts on “Contest #13

  1. I’m partial to Owls, (wolves too, but they’re so common) and I like the idea of mythical creatures as shifters (Dragons are one, but also things like Phoenix, Unicorn, Pegasus, Griffin, etc…)

  2. Where their are different breeds of shifters…like our world and Bianca D’arc’s (minus Elspeth, etc) & Shelly Laurenston’s.

  3. I like Wolf and Dragon shifters but I would love to read about a different kind of shifter like a Kangaroo or Dolphin.

    If I was going to design my own shifter it would be a Polymorph that could shift into any animal required by the situation.

  4. One of the smaller Monkey breeds for a shifter with the agility and dexterity and speed to get things done.

  5. I’d like Gargoyles shifters they are different and are still on many buildings today looking down on the people below.

  6. A hybrid such as a
    liger or tigon that could have multiple forms with multiple sizes. If a fantasy animal was an option I would go with a phoenix/dragon cross.

  7. I love Dragons and Gargoyles. All shifters are wonderful it is hard to choose but I think I have to go with Dragons.

  8. I think the perfect shifter would be one that could shift into any animal, maybe restricted to a specific type: canine, feline, bird, etc..

  9. Would have to be a wolf… Something I love is reading about wolf shifters in different books…. Pack life and totally hot… Well in the books 😉

  10. Tough question–I’m partial to wolves, but I think the qualities of the cougar are the ones I find most intriguing.

  11. I would really like to be the kind of shifter that could transform into any kind of animal/creature. However, if I only get one choice I would say Dragon.

  12. Shapeshifter is my choice…one that could shift into anything he needs to be. Dragon, wolf, cat,etc. 🙂

  13. while mythical creatures are pretty cool, i’d stick to a wolf as I think they are just beautiful and amazing animals

  14. In a weird way a dog or cat because you can shift anytime and pretty much go and do what you please without worry of someone thinking your out of place.

  15. A large cat probably a black leopard or maybe Bengal tiger, I love large cats curling up with a large furry cat in the sun OR a Dragon wouldn’t go amiss either, I’d love to fly through the air on the back of my gorgeous shiny black dragon mate 🙂

  16. I love the wolf shifter and even have a shepard-wolf hybrid for my dog. They are my favorite shifter. I enjoy reading about other types of shifters, I think my next favorite shifter is large cat shifters

  17. I’d use the combo platter. There’s this animal that I found while answering another contest. It was a Dragon-Wolf shifter. From the photo’s I’ve seen, they are quite lovely creatures, and extremely loyal/fierce.

    Denise Schmidt

  18. I like the wolves, always have. It’s nice to read about other shifters but the wolves are my favorite.

  19. I especially love Dragons, Tigers or Leopards. Then all other big cats. Then wolves and large birds of prey. Then it doesn’t matter that much anymore. And as the mate I love the smaller shifters like bunnies, squirrels, deer and so on. I really like opposite and explosive combo’s. That is why one of my fav series is the Dentistry for the fanged and friendly. Love that!

  20. how about one that can change into more than one animal? would love to be able to change into any animal that I’d feel like.

  21. I would have to go with dragons would be a very interesting turn the fact they are magical, wise, powerful and skin as hard as steel with fire breath and claws to match.

  22. I like the idea of a cat shifter. I actually tried writing a book like that but it never came to live, in the end. Anyway, I like the idea that one’s pet actually has sentient thoughts, you know? So i think something like that would be cool.

  23. Liger or Tiglon. They are too majestic to me, for me to even consider another animal. I love them. ❤

  24. I would pick a cat, they can be found everywhere in all countries around the world so no one suspects them…lol 🙂

  25. I’m a cat lover so some kind of feline. A wild, elusive cat like maybe a leopard or panther or something.

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