184 thoughts on “Contest #14

  1. It wasn’t a series you’ve published. You wrote a blog story snippet about a vampire’s butler that I have been waiting for a long time based on a short u wrote. He had been w the vampire for like 10 years and he was off limits to other vampires who visited. I think he was about to take a vacation.

  2. Happy Birthday.

    I would want the Dragonmen or the second volume of Wizard’s Touch. I already have the Thresls, Band of Brothers, and the first volume of Wizard’s Touch.

  3. I’m going to say dragons of Seattle and more from band of brothers since it’s my fav…. Lol… “Hint hint” πŸ™‚

  4. Underwolfs can’t wait for the next book and Wooing magister jones series. It’s really hard to choose

  5. I’m terrible- I like them all but my favourite would be Moon Pack beacause that was the first series I read of yours 😎 Second would be End Street Detective Agency 😊

  6. My first instinct was “A Wizard’s Touch”, but then a saw Lessons for Lewis and want more of The Larson Legacy. Then I saw Matchmaker, Matchmaker on my book list and want to see more from that storyline. So basically, I understand your dilemma and continue on as you see fit!

  7. The Thresl Series or The Larson Series or The Under Wolves…can I just have more please? πŸ™‚ #1 choice would be The Thresl Chronicles!!! πŸ˜€

  8. Moon Pack and Matchmaker Matchmaker. And before you say, but the last one isn’t a series, I’m eternally hopeful. πŸ™‚

  9. Dragons of Seattle, Moon Pack, or Wizard’s Touch. The Thresl Chronicles are great too. You have too many great series.

  10. Larson Legacy or Dragon Men, I really liked the first Under wolves too though. This one is too hard, I want more of all of them!

  11. The Larsons! And then Matchmaker, Matchmaker.

    Also, I had this thought once that the Dragon Avatar from the Wizard’s touch series, Gideon I believe, could secretely shift into human form and found a mate….that would be explosive!

  12. Wizard’s Touch or Hidden Magic for series but if you were to write a sequel and therefore create a series then a follow up to Matchmaker, Matchmaker.

  13. I like them all, but Dragon mates, Larsons and Moon pack are my favorites. I would love to see what happens in Dragon Groomer also.

  14. Moon Pack. It was my first series from you and I just wish… even though I would be sad, I want to see the end of that most wonderful world!

  15. dragon mates or thresl. hmmmm… Probably dragon mates if you’re going to make me choose since they are the first series I can reread over and over again without getting bored. But when you weren’t looking, I’d slip thresl in with dragon mates.

  16. I enjoy the planetary submissives but would love to read more of the Club Soulfinder series..please πŸ™‚

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