140 thoughts on “Contest #16

  1. My cool gadget would be something that you could use to walk through walls. It could come in handy when you were trying to hid from someone.

  2. A car that would be a cross between Kit, from Nightrider and the James Bond car. Would love to have all of those gadgets to play with, along with the ability for the car to transform into either a boat or an aircraft. That would be so cool.

  3. Happy Birthday. I would want to have the gadget inventor as my significant other. Kind of like Norman & Tucker. But if that was possible, I would want invisibility/chameleon device with translation abilities including all forms of communication.

  4. I think I would like to have a gadget that would change my appearance and voice with the push of a button.

  5. Glasses that had or were a camera that could record video and take still pictures of anything I saw would be my gadget.

  6. Watch that renders you invisible, sends out electricity to shock someone, recording device and has a cell phone.

  7. Have different “bug” electronics. .. like a fly… so you could be a fly on the wall in a boardroom, a roach so you could investigate slums, seedy bars\motels\”restaurants”, etc.


  8. For me it would be something that enables me to go invisible or to blend in well
    with where ever I’m at. Just think of all the things you would hear you really didn’t
    want to know.

  9. Some type of cloaking device or contacts that can mimic any eyeball necessary to get past those eye scanners.

  10. I have no idea. My family says I couldn’t get away with anything when I was younger because of me grinning when ever I tried to lie so I guess some thing that would help me convince people that anything I told them was the truth.

  11. An special bracelet or ring that with a touch of a finger would disguise me from head to toe and hair color to speech patterns, fingerprints to eye scans. The perfect disguise and get away tool for every occasion.

  12. arm band or ring that when it comes into contact with another person you get a full readout of their life history copied onto your phone, almost like a cloning device.

  13. A small chip that tracks someone from a all over the world. And when your within a certain distance you can hear everything that the target is saying or hearing.

  14. A necklace pendant that was a camera/recording device…and James Bond’s car of course. On second thought forget the gadgets, I’ll just take James Bond!

  15. I think invisibility, but that might be a super power rather than a spy gadget, but you’re the writer and I know you can make it work!

  16. The glasses idea is cool, but what if you lost them or they broke? A frequent occurrence for my sunglasses.
    A super watch. They exist now. The camera could be in a button or brooch.

  17. Hand held AI unit that can record what is going on and make me blend into any background as invisible.

  18. I’d like to have a ring that proyects a screen with utilities like unlocking electronic locks, web surfing, comunicates me with backup

  19. sonic screwdriver — the things the dr is able to do with that thing would be great when spying 😉

  20. Extendable ears like in the Harry Potter books! So basically any gadget that can let me eavesdrop unnoticed from far away.

  21. Some kind of multi tool that could translate and record lots of data and pictures because I’m lousy at languages and don’t remember things easily.

  22. I have always loved the eyeglass camera I don’t know why but it’s my favorite. But if it was real I would definitely say sonic screwdriver

  23. A briefcase with a lot if cool gadgets in!!! Like Sport’s Billy, depending the situation I’d bring out the most useful one

  24. Haha! A watch that somehow would be able to store a lock pick, Have Laser eye scanner (hacking thing), Voice recorder… gawd… Such a geek. LOL, also though, it would be a communicator like in power rangers. I know one sorta already exists NOW but… I don’t hear too much about it so I don’t know if it was an actual successful device, but in that spy series, it would so work and have super high, hacking capabilities! 😀

  25. My cool gadget would definitely be virtual tablet. Preferably permanently attached to me and hidden so with a blink, twitch of a finger, or a command I can bring up the schematics of anything I need

  26. Has it got to be a device because I always wanted powerful legs like The Bionic woman (Jamie Summers) 🙂

  27. wow – so many good gadget – I do like being able to understand any language and to either be invisible or to blend in.

  28. I would want a watch that can do lots of things, call people, tell time, shoot lasers, has tools as part, the Swiss Army knife of the spy world

  29. I wear glasses, so something integrated with them would be neat. Maybe they could be x-ray glasses, so I could see if any possible targets have weapons or microchips or whatnots on them. 😀

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