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  1. Depending if it is a work day or a weekend.
    Work day:
    Cup of tea & wheatbix

    Cup of tea & picklets w bananas & bacon (special treat breakfast)

  2. Happy birthday!!!
    My favourite thing to wake up to, is when i can take a cup of chai latte tea, some yogurt and just snuggle in the sofa. This is sadly only ever done when i’m home alone. Like really alone, only me there.

  3. My favorite start to the day is a cup of coffee and 20 minutes of peace and tranquility before my family gets up.

  4. Vanilla Protein Powder, cup of spinach, 1 frozen banana, 1 tsp cinnamon and 2 cups of skim milk…yummy protein shake!! 😀

  5. Happy Birthday
    if im lucky pulling the covers back over my head and going back to sleep, otherwise it scrambled eggs on toast

  6. I normally start out checking email, download any books that just came out that I want, check out other websites, and, if I have time, then I like to read some before getting up.


  7. I start with a couple of cups of coffee, by the second cup, I eat something like a bagel or if I not running to late I cook eggs /bacon or oatmeal.

  8. I need an espresso drink for sure, preferably accompanied by a nice homemade pastry (cranberry scone, morning glory muffin, or cake slice) or piece of French toast!

  9. Work days I usually start with coffee and a belvita bar. Days off I like to do it big with eggs, cheese grits, and bacon.

  10. If it’s on the weekend then lazy morning in bed. Then some yummy breakfast. Usually some scrambled eggs with cheese, biscuits and gravy and some home fries.

  11. Flavored oatmeal and a bottle of water. Once or twice a month an omelet with spinach, mushrooms, onions, cheese and salsa – so yummy!

  12. I would like to start with bacon and waffles but that hardly ever happens. Breakfast is usually Mt Dew and if I’m lucky a bowl of cereal or toast.

  13. I have a recipe for a crustless quiche that I have really been enjoying lately, but if you ask my family they would request my recipe for “middles”, which is the middle part of a cinnamon roll.

  14. I have pills to take every morning so I have to eat first thing but my favorite breakfast is a hamburger patty with fried mashed potatoes and eggs over easy.

  15. In many south american countries, we drink an infusion called mate, I like to drink Mate with biscuits or cookies.

  16. Weekdays: coffee, sweet tea and something from McDonald’s usually (I know; it’s just so convenient!)

    Weekends: Any kind of bakery item or breakfast out at IHOP – love their omelets!

  17. I play a couple of daily word games on my Kindle Fire to get my brain going. Breakfast is some combination of a green smoothie, gluten free bagel/toast with hummus, or oatmeal with fruit and seeds and almond milk. No coffee, but sometimes tea, although I usually save that for work. I save my orange juice for after work.

  18. I like to begin my day not being sleepy and with plenty of time for tea, winter oatmeal, and to read a chapter of book.

  19. Coffee and quiet. I don’t eat first thing and have never been able to. I am also not a morning person and thank God, only one of my 4 kids had the ‘morning’ gene. The rest were quiet and grumpy like me.

  20. Wish I could say that it starts off with breakfast, but it’s very rare for me to eat breakfast. My day usually starts with me taking at least a half hour to wake up, before rolling out of bed. I try to stay in bed for this because if I don’t, then the day usually ends up with me having the ‘I rolled out of the wrong side of the bed this morning’ vibe.

    Denise Schmidt

  21. Have to have coffee. And since I’m older I now have to have a protein shake. Not my favorite but whats a girl to do?

  22. I have to admit breakfast is the one meal I skip…but I do have a tall cup of Tea with lots of sugar!

    But I guess when I do have breakfast (on Sundays and whilst on vacation) I’m craving for soft boiled eggs or eggs over easy onba fresh (real) croissant. And bacon. Lots and lots and lots of bacon

  23. It depends on what time I have to be up by, what time I went to sleep and how much time I have before I have to be anywhere. Sometimes its a banana or toast and out the door or sometimes cereal or peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk while I quick check email and then read for a short time before going out. If I don’t have to be anywhere then sometimes it is Dr. Pepper and either a lunchmeat sandwich or some pasta or mac and cheese and then spend as much of the day reading as possible.

  24. I don’t usually eat breakfast. I start my first meal with either lunch or dinner. Even then I like a egg and bagel.

  25. I actually am not a big breakfast person, since I usually wake up early enough to rush out the door for class in the morning, or else I wake up for lunchtime since I work late.

  26. Not really good about being healthy. A cup of coffee is standard fare. Some egg whites on toast if I have time.

  27. During the school week, I start my day by getting my kids to school. Then I will have breakfast. Usually it’s either peanut butter on toast or cocoa pops cereal, along with a cup of coffee.

  28. I like to start my day with lunch. Food early in the morning is only slightly worse than actually getting up.

  29. Yeah, I love it with a nice cream Danish with yogurt and a hot cup of chocolate or milk~ Yum! OR if not milk, orange juice! 😀

  30. A huge bowl of (sort of) egg scramble. 1 egg, lots of veggies, and creton. I don’t know why I’m on this kick but I’ve had this for breakfast for the last 3 months and I’m still not sick of it yet. Go figure.

  31. Usually I start work at 5am so I only have a biccy with my coffee as I’m getting ready,
    then 8-9am if pos I like boiled egg with tomatoes on toast & lots of coffee lots & lots of coffee 🙂

  32. I don’t eat big breakfasts, just enough to give me energy without too many calories…I’m on a diet…egg whites are good…well boiled eggs in general are good…turkey bacon…I also go for egg white delights when I’m on the go.

  33. Depends on the day, but I have to go to works so early it is something packable that I eat there. This week it was cinnamon toaster waffles.

  34. Sometimes I’m hungry right away after waking up, other times I like to wait until lunch. I don’t like to cook a lot for breakfast, so it’s usually something easy to grab that doesn’t require much preparing.

  35. I would love to have pancakes everyday, but unfortunately I mostly stick to porridge or yogurt, toast on the weekend.

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