174 thoughts on “Contest #18

  1. kitty.or a very agressive snake. but more than likely a kitty for the ability to be personable but will turn on you on a dime with claws and teeth when not wanting to be bothered.

  2. Not sure what I would choose, but I got one the summer I was 12 in the family tradition (when we are considered old enough to hike to a certain mountain lake in the Rockies). We all get our animals based on wildlife sightings on our first trip. Mine is the marmot.

  3. I’ve watch a Roadrunner this summer they are a very interesting bird I think they would be a good spirit to have.

  4. A basic cat. Lovable, but if you rub me the wrong way watch out your gonna be scratched up real bad.

  5. I’ve already said a Liger/Tiglon…. So I would go with I would LOVE to have a cheetah or a Lion as my spirit animal. I love felines. Even a normal domestic house cat could/would do.. but a Lion … ahh~~ it would be a dream~~~

  6. I would be a Harpy Eagle, I read years ago in school (many years ago) that it was named after a mythological beast & I would imagine it was a girl with feathered hair with long talons …lol πŸ™‚

  7. I’d like to imagine myself as something exotic, like a snow leopard, but I’m pretty sure my spirit animal is closer to a house cat. Or a sloth. πŸ˜€

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