190 thoughts on “Contest #2

  1. 12 layer jelly cake. I never saw it until I moved to New Orleans. An almost angel food consistency made from Swans Down cake flour. The layers are cut thin across and spread with your favorite jelly…in my case Apple jelly. Stack them and let it sit at least a day to absorb the jelly.

  2. Anything chocolate. Chocolate mud cake or chocolate icecream cake or even chocolate cheesecake I don’t really care, as long as it’s chocolate I’m happy, lol. πŸ™‚

  3. Joffre cake preferable or anything chocolate… But nothing to do with the so called white chocolate… That’s a NO-NO!!!

  4. Not very traditional (or a cake :-)) but the bakery here do the most amazing large caramel, banana and fresh cream tarts… And that’s what my family gets me for my birthday cake every year! Love it!!

  5. I’m boring. I like vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. I can’t stand that new “fake” frosting that looks like buttercream from a distance but is really sort of a flavorless, whipped stuff.

  6. My favourite would be an amazing beownies. Preferebly made by good dark chocolate. Mmmm, maybe i’ll make it this weekend?

  7. My mom’s scratch chocolate cake with choclate buttercream icing. It’s our go to cake for all celebrations except Dad’s birthday where there is a spice cake

  8. Chocolate! I know that is pretty basic, but my birthday was usually the only time I had it! The fanciest one was when I made my own chocolate wrapped mousse cake.

  9. As I have a summer birthday, strawberry is my favorite birthday cake flavor. With strawberries and whipped Γ§ream filling, of course πŸ™‚

  10. I like many flavors but I love a marble cake that way I get the best of vanilla and chocolate. But it has to have the whipped cream topping. πŸ™‚

  11. mom use to make this cooked icing (took work to get it to the right point of holding “peaks” when spread, but was so good), it on choc cake was a proper bday cake

  12. It used to be German Chocolate but now it is homemade Carrot Cake made from my Grandmother’s recipe. So Good.

  13. Happy birthday Amber, and thanks for all of the goodies this month.

    My favorite is also German chocolate cake.

  14. chocolate, no contest BUT my brother doesn’t like chocolate cake so you can guess how often i got it 😦 on the odd times i did get my favorite he got a separate cake as well!

  15. I usually make chocolate with cream cheese filling, and Midnight Ganache on top with chocolate fans to decorate.

  16. 2 layer chocolate cake with chocolate pudding in the middle covered in chocolate frosting of course

  17. I love 3 milk layer cake .. it is yummy i have only found it in mexico when i was living there and its amazing the sweet, soft texture.

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