126 thoughts on “Contest #20

  1. given how I’m feeling right at this minute, I would invent something that would cure nausea 100% regardless of cause.

  2. A device that would take the stories we want to write that are in our minds and directly implant them into the computer. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  3. A automatic cook oven that makes anything you type in. I can’t cook at all so I crave good food and it wood make life so much easier.

  4. a machine like a phone booth that you step inside and dial what you want to weigh and presto you are the perfect weight.

  5. I think im with nrsebecca, that would be awesome. But if i need my own idea… Hm…. i really dont know, something awesome that would make me lots of money – i saw it in a dream once, but no one would let me see what id come up with (and no that wasnt stolen from the simpsons, lol)

  6. A device giving a person the ability to reach through a phone and physically slap the person on the other end.

  7. An instant travel device/portal so I could visit my family and vice versa whenever I want AND instantaneously. (That bears mentioning twice, lol)

  8. I don’t have a clue. Maybe birth control for feral cats. My neighborhood is full of ferals. It’d be nice if they stopped reproducing.

  9. Something that can instantly cure any ailment as it happens or maybe even prevents it. I’m currently dealing with recurring issues that I would love to go away for good.

  10. A meal cooker, all you have to do is stock up ingredients and on board is a cookbook, you choice what you want and it makes it.

  11. (1) Politicians that actually work together and work for the good of the citizens and not the corporations. Barring that, since it is impossible (2) an efficient and cost-effective way to get desalinate ocean water and provide clean drinking water to everyone, even if it requires the water be transported.

  12. maybe something that will help give you more time in a day. I work so much that I can’t do anything that needs to get done around the house lol

  13. A sink that does the dishes for you. I work as a dish washer, so you can imagine that at home it’s the last thing I want to do.

  14. A device that would nullify all weapons on the planet so that we would have to put and end to war. And then a device to revitalize the planet back to the way it was before we started to destroy it with ozone eating gases and such and then have everyone start using wind power and recycling and other thing that would be better for the world.

  15. A way to safely change our DNA to survive even in the most hostile environments!! For space exploration.

  16. Small batteries for phones\laptops\tables\other hand-held devices that can b3 charged enough to work their respective devices for a month or more with high usage, loads more of standby time.


  17. A way so that everyone could have perfect vision, with no diseases like glaucoma or macular degeneration.

  18. I would love to have a closet that gave you any clothing you wanted to have just by clicking on a computer panel πŸ˜‰

  19. I’d make a hat that you could use an usb for. The hat will make all the information in the usb, into the brain, and make sure that it stays there. Forever. I’m thinking about all those tests that i’ve taken, that could have gone better if i had it. *sigh*

  20. I’m not creative enough to invent something. but right now, probably an App to catalog ALL yaoi manga ever licensed in english. Just because it’s something I would want… and DO want myself. When it was released, by whom and if it’s outta print….. *shrugs* I’m a complete Fujoshi at heart. lol..

  21. Teleportation device that looks and can be used like a cell phone. Also could be used to replicate the things that were focused on.

  22. A piece of jewelry that is an instant lie detector. That way I would know who to vote for, who to trust and when my children are trying to pull a fast over on me…

  23. Teleportation device! My hubby is in Army so I don’t get to see him often or for very long so being able to just appear where he is would be nice.

  24. I love the teleport machine. To live anywhere you want and then teleport instead of drive to work. It would help with both my husband and I’s work issues.

  25. Not sure but sometimes I would love something that would take the stuff out of the washer into the drier so it didn’t get left overnight by forgetful teens.

  26. I would invent a way for jerks and ignorant people to feel what their awful, negative and throughly disgusting comments make the people who they pick on and ridicule feel.

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