144 thoughts on “Contest #21

  1. Best it just too hard to chose but right now it is Guardians of the Galaxy. Worst movie ever was Pluto Nash it was awful

  2. How could you not love buckaroo banzai ? Where ever you go there you are is my favorite line. It was so bad it was great. The worst movie we saw was dubbed Yellow Hair. I have not idea what it was called but even 30 years later we still rate movies with that designation.

    1. forgot best: Christmas Vacation or Princess Bride, only because I like them enough to watch them every year. πŸ™‚

  3. Best movie ever – Stephen Kings IT.
    Worst Movie Ever – Blood Cabin.. or Cabin Blood.. can’t recall the actual name.

  4. Earth Girls Are Easy. Jim Carrey and Damon Wayons in Fur and well Genna Davis and Jeff Goldblum. Who’d a thunk?? LOL

  5. Gosh….the best….there are so many extremely good movies! The worst is easier; Legends of the Fall. I know many adore that movies, but for me it wad unbearable.

    Too many drama things one after another. And just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. You think ‘this is it, then.’ But no, it gets worse again. And again. And again.
    I will never forget it, summer 1995, my first vacation to the US, my sister and I went to DC and New York and that is the movie we picked to watch…

    1. Ok let me try again! Best movie EVER for me is Robin Hood Prince of Thieves w/ Kevin Costner!!! I ❀ this movie like speak it word for word broke 2 VCR tapes love it! Worst movie EVER for me is Watchmen!! I hate this movie!!!

  6. I think it was called Bedazzled. It starred an actor that I absolutely love and so I bought the DVD. I never even finished watching.

  7. So many movies… I love Serenity and Logan’s Run (It’s a classic). I really hated Jumper and Event Horizon, both of which had potential but IMO didn’t deliver.

  8. A Haunted House I think was the best comedy horror movie I ever watched. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe throughout the film. I can’t even think of the worst at the moment.

  9. If I understand you want a guilty pleasure. A bad movie we love and for me that has always been Beastmaster. A truly bad movie that I love to this day.

  10. Best: basketball, dont know why, but i still effing love it.
    Worse: charlie and the choclate faction, i hate this movie, and my bff loved it, so i got forced to watch it again and again

  11. didn’t see it in the theater but on tv, actually thought it was pretty cute in a bad goofy kind of way


    Worst: hmm…maybe AMERICAN BEAUTY. I found it so cynical, and couldn’t understand all the hype at the time. I notice people don’t discuss it as often anymore…

  13. I loved Buckaroo Bonzai as a kid, but didn’t see it in the theatre. Worst move was Lair of the White Worm; I got done watching it and went, huh? What happened?

  14. Ok if you want the best worst movie it’s evil dead 2. But if you want the worst its mission to Mars what a waste of my time, and the best at this time I would go with a good day to die hard

  15. I saw Buckeroo in the theater with my mom. One of the best movies ever. Lol. But my all time fav is Star Wars!!!

  16. haven’t seen that movie. . . movie that I don’t like would have to be A Christmas Story . . . I have too many movies to list for best (and it would all depend on my mood and what I like about it)

  17. My favorite movie is Machine Gun Preacher. The worst movie I’ve ever seen is by far the first Twilight. I liked the books and the other movies were okay, but the first was awful.

  18. Happy Birthday.

    I loved Buckaroo Banzai.

    Best Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life in BW.

    Worst Movie: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

    But a Best Worst Movie: Cult classic: Rocky Horror Picture show. Tim Curry is Amazing and looks good in Fishnets:)

    For the Politically incorrect, I have to go with Mel Brooks classics: Blazing Saddles & Spaceballs and Monty Python movies after all it is only a flesh wound:)

    I love them, but they are soooooo wicked.

  19. As a kid I had to watch every John Wayne movie that came on the TV, and we only had 3 channels back then. 😦

  20. I can’t stand most of the Adam Sandler movies. I just can’t do stupid humor. So when my son’s would put one of those on, like Billy Madison, I would pull my hair out

  21. Best movie would be 300
    Worst movie would be The Firm, because it didn’t follow the book for the most part at all

  22. The best movie probably The Muppets Christmas Carol. I’m really a big kid.

    The worst probably The Swamp Thing

  23. Best: Lord of The Rings
    Worst: the second Twilight movie (whatever it was called…I never finished it)

  24. One of my current best movies is Avatar, current worst I can’t remember what it is right now but recently noticed that there was a sequel or two and remember thinking why? All time best worst is Spaceballs. May the shwartz be with you.

  25. Can’t pick just one best, but worst anything with Elvis Presley in it, my mother made watch all of them every time one was on. The man could sing but act? NO!!!

  26. Worst movie I saw in a theater: Anaconda (not even worth the $1.50 I paid)
    Interesting premise/beginning with the worst cop-out lamest-ending-ever movie that I hate (and can rant about for a long time): A.I.
    Movies other people liked that I most regret having seen: Silence of the Lambs and Witches of Eastwick.

    I have no single “best” movie. There are many movies a love, all of which are movies that either spoke to the emotions or make me think or surprised me by going somewhere unexpected.

  27. Worst movies ever are the made for Syfy channel movies!
    Best movie… To many to pick from. It depends on my mood.

  28. i say a movie called Super Fuzz when i was i kid. the worst movie ever. Can’t pick a best movie too many to pick from

  29. I’ve seen too many bad movies to remember the worst of them. I think my all time favorite though would be “Wizard of Oz”. I grew up watching all sorts of movies, especially classics and superhero kinds.

  30. Never saw bukaroo bonsai. Best movie is my favorite white Christmas. Worst I don’t remember the title but it hit theaters in 1975. Dad took me and we left 15 minutes into the film.

  31. OMG, best movie, that is such a hard one. I loved the Avengers movie, Lord of the Rings, Princess Bride, The Librarian, National Treasure. Ugh there are too many to name and I’m not sure I can pick just one.

    Worst movie: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

  32. Worst movie, Blair Witch Project, the camera work made me physically sick, rapidly followed by the odd numbered Star Trek movies, Titantic, 3 hours of my life watching wooden peg dolls, I’ll never get back, and Jaws 3. But there are so many great movies..Miracle on 34th Street the original version, Serenity, Grand Central Station, I love Galaxy Quest………..

  33. Worst: Kill Bill, I hate it with a vengeance
    Best: hmmm that’s a toughie cos I’ve seen a lot of good ones and the best would depend on my mood. Tge ones though that I rewatch gladly are the LotR and HP movirs

  34. Way to many best movies to pinpoint just one but the worst movie I ever seen or maybe didn’t see as we got up and left a bit less than an hour into it was Eyes Wide Shut. I have never walked out a movie before or after. That movie should have stayed on the cutting room floor.

  35. Lawrence of Arabia is a movie I never miss. I was able to see the restored copy when it showed in our local theater. And I have that on Blue Ray.
    Worst movie? Flesh and Blood with Rutgar Hauer. I love most of his movies but that one was a stinker I still remember.

  36. I hate having to choose just two…Best movie that I wasn’t expecting is Moonrise Kingdom as well as Howl’s Moving Castle.

    Worst…The American. I still have no idea why that movie got so much good press.

  37. I can’t quite remember the name it was something like ‘nobody’ just one word. the worse film ever. it was a physiological thriller but it was through the eyes of this man/woman which we never really saw. the story line was boring. the 2nd worse thing about it was that i rented it twice! it sounded good when reading the back but as soon as the film started i was like oh no i’ve seen this….

    so disappointing. Twice!

  38. I’ve never heard of that film. My favourite film is The Abyss. Worst film? I think it was called Welcome to Cricklewood or something like that, it had a huge star cast and was just pointless. Must have just been me though because I think the critics loved it!

  39. The best and worst movies that i’ve seen on theather…
    The best movie would have to be: The best would have to be Teenage Ninja Turtles. (that movie was awesome πŸ™‚ )
    The worst movie would be: Hannah Montana the movie

  40. Best movie – Indiana jones – my first crush was River Phoenix. I loved him!
    Worst movie – Lord of War, hands down. I still cringe when I think of it

  41. Darklight ….ahaha… it was a Sci-Fi movie… gawd… It was so awful I can’t NOT remember it. LOL….

  42. Having been in a position where I had to watch whichever dvd my mother wanted the worst was Bird on a Wire, tough to chose a best, my fav at the moment is the Croods

  43. I think it was called “til death do us part”, it was supposed to be a thriller, but the plot was more obvious than the 80’s and 90’s horror movies. I started to entertain myself by telling my friend what was going to happen next, she kept hitting me because the person behind her didn’t appreciate the commentary….but it was a BAD movie!!! if no one heard of it, you did not miss anything!!!
    Best movie, there are so many, I love Mel Brooks for humor, for the time of year, I’m looking forward to White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street (original), It’s a Wonderful Life and things like that….yup, too many to name!!!!

  44. The worst movie I ever saw, I think I was 7 or 8 , was I think “Monteque” This lady gets a tumor on her back that turn out to be an Alien and eats people, It scared me for years. To this day I do not like scary movies.

  45. The best is too hard to decide, but the worst, I saw with my teenage sons who loved it but I did not like TED. I have probably seen worst, but I can’t think of them now.

    1. as the best movie. The worst was when I saw Friday the 13th. Scared the crap out of me and have never watched a scary movie again.

  46. The worst movie I’ve ever seen is called the fish that saved Pittsburgh. The best worst was buckaroo banzai but the best to me is return of the Jedi.

  47. There are so many great movies – it’s definitely not the best, but this time of year one of my favorites is Christmas Vacation. I think because it is ridiculous instead of sappy. Worst Muriel’s Wedding…ugh it had great reviews so I watched the whole thing just waiting for it to get better. Never happened.

  48. I remember mum gave us money to go the pictures (me & three sisters) she must of wanted peace ..lol
    It was the worst embarrassing film, it was called Heavens Gate, we thought it was a comedy but it was a porno film, we still stayed till the end though…lol

  49. One of the worst movies for me was X-Men-The Last Stand. I am a big fan of the comics and I was so disappointed with their hatchet job. There are too many best-Avengers, Lord of the Rings Trilogy,etc.

  50. I’m still a kid at heart and love Disney movies and I cant name a bad movie cause if I don’t like it I won’t sit there and watch it fully through.

  51. Best always changes so in the theatre best currently is Guardians of the Galaxy. Worst – I don’t very often so that will be hard to remember.

  52. I really enjoyed seeing the Star Wars now episode 4 in the theater when it first came out. There were about 4 of us in the theater and the manager said it was good we came now because he wasn’t sure it would run the full two weeks it was scheduled. But word spread and it actually ran 56 consecutive weeks. Probably the one and only time I was a trend setter.

  53. The worst movie I ever saw was “leprechaun” to this day my son stills makes fun of it. The best movie is “ghost” cry every time I watch it!

  54. I think the best movie ever is Nightmare on Elm Street (original one)
    worst movie I ever saw was called Night of the Demons

  55. The worst movies I ever saw was this Alaskan cave man movie. I don’t remember the name but we were in blockbuster looking for something when I came across this. It sounded kind of interesting so we got it. It started with this cave man grabbing this woman and raping her. It went down hill even farther after that. And there was no language in the whole thing. Just grunting. We watched the whole thing thinking it would get better. It didn’t. I haven’t been aloud to pick an unknown movie since. My favorite is “One Flew Over the Cucoo’s Nest”.

  56. Two of my favorite movies are Shawshank Redemption and The Usual Suspects. The worst movie I ever saw was Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. I was 10 and to this day if I see more than 2 birds on a wire I get very nervous. Silly I know, but I truly fear them.

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