161 thoughts on “Contest #22

  1. I would have to go with flying monkeys love the wicked witch … she was just misunderstood … the monkeys were only trying to help

  2. I would have to say evil sidekick. Because they are great for bouncing ideas off of and having an accomplice for things.

  3. Definitely Minions! I’d steal Gru’s… and my evil sidekick would be and is my best friend K. She and I think awesomely evil things on the same wavelength.

  4. Minions of course. There’s a running joke in the family about having kids as our minions for the evil deeds we do.

  5. Happy Birthday to you!

    I would have to go with Minions. Especially the ones Luc has with the funky names:)

    Plus minions multiply and would not throw bad things when mad:)

  6. Evil sidekick. I could trust them with secret information, and if I hear the slightest hint of betrayal I can easily replace them for another of my lackeys.

  7. My nephew wants to be my sidekick, and has picked his own name, Supercool Spider, he flings sugar spun webs so the people he eats are sweet. Ummm, maybe we should bo looking at counselling

  8. Oh, oh… minions! lol… for sure minions. ahaha.. oh gawd, I could be like “Go forth minions!” ahah… yeah… gotta love and have those minions~

  9. If you’re going to do something right, you do it yourself. *nods head* Replaces supervillain flunks with technology. Names them George.

  10. While I would love to have army of minions to do my bidding, I am going to have to go with flying monkeys. Far more evil and scary.

  11. Here is my advert –
    Super Villiness seeks minions
    to sacrifice there lives in world domination attempt.
    Must be prepared to work 24-7
    Messy death inevitable but uniforms & laser rays provided.
    No weirdos need apply. xxxxx

  12. I’d be a part of a group of supervillains. We’d be like an evil think tank and come up with super-dastardly ideas together to take over the world. 😀

  13. Flying monkeys are scary, minions constantly need orders so I would like to have an evil sidekick I could name. It’s name would be Abbadabbawont.

  14. Definitely minions: from an evil point of view- cute exterior, sneaky stealthy imterior.
    From my natural point of view- they’re freaking adorable!

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