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  1. I liked playing jacksalso or play football with my two older brother in the street out in front of our house.

  2. Also Jacks, I would play at school and the teacher would take our balls if they went wild in the room. Then we would play with erasers, lol!!!

  3. I loved just cycling everywhere with my friends… so many dodged bullets its really a miracle we are alive LOL

  4. Hide and go seek. I lived in a court at the time and almost every house had children my age. We had of all the backyards to hide in.

  5. Candy Land & Clue & Sorry are three games I have fond memories of playing at my grandparent’s house (in fact, I still have the games from their house more than 30 years later).


  6. My favourite would be hide and seek. After i grew older and older, i’d find myself a good hidingspace, and have a good book with me and i’d sit there and read. Good memories…

  7. I love’d playing with my younger brothers. GI joes, transformers (mine transformed into a jukebox. lol) and legos. 1 game could last days with evil warlords, american heroes, allies, and fortresses to build!

  8. I honestly just loved playing with a jump rope. I haven’t played with a jump rope in… a VERY, very long time… So… I would love to do that again one day… someday… lol

  9. I loved playing out side in the woods i had a wild imagination when I was little…I still love it being in the woods

  10. Happy birthday, Amber! My sister and I spent hours playing make-believe with our Barbies, action figures, dinosaurs…and anything else we could get our hands on. And occasionally my brother would join in the world building. 🙂

  11. Battle Bird, often shortened to Bird. Like Badminton but it is played without a net, on grass, no shoes, and the playing field is approximately half the backyard with the center line imaginary but denoted as being between two trees, one on each side.
    Lower tree limbs were decidedly leafless by the end of summer.

  12. We didn’t play a lot of board games when I was young, but we did have a tradition where we played trivial persuit on New Years eve with the whole family (including my dad, who hates board games). I get happy just thinking about it, and when my kids get a little older we’ll be doing the same with them.

  13. Flashlight tag. There were woods behind my house as a kid and all the kids would play tag with flashlights after dark in the woods and all through the neighborhood.

  14. A friend gave us this old Hawaiian Punch board game–it’s actually pretty fun. You mold pineapples out of clay, and squash your opponent’s if you land on his square. There are still some things I can’t figure out, since the instructions were missing, but I still play it.

  15. jacks was big when I was a kid, we often played each other & even had tournaments (was pretty good myself), among family members cards was the game of choice

  16. I loved playing I spy with my Papa or Hide and seek with my Uncle and cousin. I have some of the best memories playing those with them..

  17. I loved jacks when I was at school. Most of the time when not at school I played alone so I was always making ups stuff stories in my head and “acting” them out.

  18. I was a farm girl out in the sticks with only 3 other kids we didn’t play games we rode horses and chased chickens. Also had a creek to play in.

  19. Much like Bobbi, I grew up in the country but an only child. I spent most of the time outside and/or reading. I do remember Uno, dominoes and Yahtzee in the winter.

  20. Any card game… my mom loved card games from canasta to rummy to pinochle and more. We spend many hours around the kitchen table playing.

  21. As a kid I liked connect four, guess who or hungry hungry hippo, to play with my sister or backgammon with my mom

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