194 thoughts on “Contest #4

  1. I like orchids, I try to grow them but not very successfully, alas. I also like Peonies, have a lovely plant in my garden.

  2. Lotus. I plan to get it as a tattoo because I like it so much… And there is beautiful lotus designs online from just simple lines to very detailed ones

  3. Lighter colored asiatic lilies and pulmeria flowers are my favorites. I also like red roses. Pulmerias are hard to get outside Hawaii.

  4. Roses are always good πŸ™‚ However I love the bright colorful bouquet of flowers that they have in the stores. Its like a splash of sunshine and happiness. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Moss Roses! I have one that I potted 3 years ago – I bring it inside in the winter and it blooms on and off all winter.

  6. My favorite flower is sweet peas, I love the colours and the fragrance, but they are hard to come by in a flower shop! My next faves are daisies and roses.

  7. My absolute favorite flower are daisies. They are just so happy and come in so many colors. I even had gerbera daisies in my wedding bouquet.

  8. I guess my varies in style/color. My favorite is anything I’ve gotten from my mom’s garden. She has a great green thumb and it reminds me of my youth when I would help her trim and gather them.

  9. Favourite flowers are tulips…. They always cheer me up… Reds, oranges, purples, reds and pinks and yellows… Love the colours they come in!

  10. There is a mixed bouquet that my mom and I usually got for each other once I was an adult but still lived with her. It had carnations and roses in a peach color and a fewer number in white and then the usual baby’s breath and ferny greens.

  11. Butterblumen – no idea how you call them in english … but they are small yellow flowers with shiny buttery leafs … find them everywhere here outside on fields in the spring …

  12. Because I have allergies with most flowers my late husband used to buy me Orchids for special occasions and they have now become my most favourite of all flowers. If they happen to be orange too then they top the list πŸ˜€

  13. i love fuchsia. the dark purple ones, the double bloom ones, the contracting coloured ones,…. the list is endless.

  14. Carnations. Had these at my wedding but overall prefer live plants instead of cut flowers since they contine to live on.

  15. To me the lovely and beautiful cherry blossoms are amazing and love them for the beautiful they have for a short point that they are around for.

  16. When buying for others I go for a bouquet of mixed flowers, lots of colours with loads of extra baby’s breath mixed in, but I love tulips πŸ™‚

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