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  1. Vampire King’s Husband. My first book in the genre and my first book from you. All around my favorite. I love all your books but that ones my first:)

  2. It would have to be Twisted Rose, my all time favourite re read, closely followed by Prince Claimed, or indeed any othe the other Thresl Chronicles. Marvellous series.

  3. Gotta be Attracting Anthony (but only because it’s the first in the Moon Pack & is smart & funny & sad & sexy & clever…….but so are the others mentioned above.

  4. Um. I wouldn’t be able to gift just one; however, I’d start with Attracting Anthony so they would be hooked.

  5. That is a tough one (or mean, to make us choose!). Attracting Anthony was the first one I read of yours, followed by From Pack to Pride then Mate Hunt. So, I think it would be one of those, although, if I really liked the person, maybe all three! LOL!

  6. That’s extremely hard. Umm, well depending on who it’s for, it would be have to be one of these three: Attracting Anthony, Matchmaker Matchmaker or Mate Hunt. I love all three of them so it’s kind of difficult to choose just one to give to someone.

  7. The one that got me hooked: Attracting Anthony. But then I would have to give th entire series of banded brothers as well.

  8. Tricky question… Well, I guess I’d give Twisted Rose, it has the perfect elements for an entertained reading. One of my favorite books.

  9. I’d give a copy of Attracting Anthony. Then tell ’em that it’s the first book of a series entitled The Moon Pack. Let that person take it from there.

  10. It hard to choose just one of your books that I would share but if I had to it would be Attracting Anthony as it was the first book I read from you.

  11. That’s so hard because I have re-read all your books. But I guess it would have to be To Have a Human.

  12. I would have to say any of your Thresl series although Trials of Tam is a close second choice. πŸ™‚

  13. This is a very hard decision, but I the it would be The Thresl Chronicles series. I loved those books!

  14. This is so hard I think maybe “Banded Brothers Book One: To Have A Human” But any book they chose of yours they’d love.

  15. Love your books, have to say the Banded Brother Series is my favourite and am loving the continuation of the Series in Dragons of Seattle! So would definitely recommend this series to my friends

  16. Am I the only one who’d advice a free book? I always recommend the free books first not matter the author. And, since Christmas is coming, I think Xavier’s Xmas would be perfect.
    But if we’re talking about the non-free books, I’d go with Switching Payne *snickers*

  17. Either the first ebook in The Thresl Chronicles, Dragon’s of Seattle or Banded Brothers as those are my favories that I’ve read so far.


  18. Happy birthday.

    Soldier Mine because it is the first one I bought a copy in paperback after having bought and read the ebooks, then Band of Brothers, then Mercenary Love, then Moon pack, Dragonmen, oh to heck with it. I have all your books and love them, and since I would be giving the gift, I would just give them the first ones in each of the series and let them get hooked on them.

    I might even toss in the singles, too.

  19. Hard Question. Right now I’m absolutely in love with the End Street series you write with RJ Scott so probably The Case of the Cupid Curse.

  20. Attracting Anthony, I’m getting ready to reread the series, just one of your best series ever…lol πŸ™‚

  21. I couldn’t just give them one, I’d have to give them a whole series and then I wouldn’t be able to choose which series (cause I love them all) and then I’d have to give them all of your books…

  22. Well for my brother it would be a good biography, for my dad anything Military or Western, my mom is Christian love stories, my nephews are Star Wars, my nieces I don’t know, nor do I know for my sister in law except she is a teacher so maybe teaching books. For me anything written by you or your fellow writers is my cup of tea.

  23. I’d give her – my friend that is – Trial’s of Tam. We have the same type of humor, and she’s gotten into yaoi, m/m manga’s and animes. So this book might get her to read a little bit more. I think that there is very few books that you’ve written that I haven’t read after all. Btw, pleace continue writing on this series if you could, maybe start at the rest of the siblings or something.

  24. I would give ‘Mate Hunt’. That is one of my all-time favorites. I have recommended it many times, as well as read it just as many times. It has everything I could ever want: dragon shifters, hot alpha types, and a hero who loves with all his heart.

  25. It would depend on who was going to receive the book. I think it’s a toss up between
    William’s House for the person who likes magic, Soldier Mine for the person that lieks Science Fiction or Mate Hunt for the person that likes dragons πŸ˜€

  26. It would depend on the receiver (Wooing Master Jones is a favorite but wouldn’t work for some one who is extremely vanilla, which also sort of leaves Twisted Rose and Tempting Sin out), and if I didn’t know how they felt about paranormal, I might stick with contemporary, so maybe something from Yearning Love series or Switching Payne (assuming menages are okay). Catching Mr Right comes to mind as well…

  27. Hmm, that’s a hard one… I would probably give one of the three series below depending on who I was buying for (yes, I would do the series instead of just one book, because how can you just give 1!):

    Hidden Magic
    Banded Brothers
    End Street Detective


  28. One of my all time favorites is Wooing Master Jones. I love the idea of a secret admirer and that story was so well written I can’t help going back to re-read it!

  29. That’s a tough question. I’m torn between Mate Hunt and From Pack to Pride. Then there’s Anthony and Silver ‘ s book.

  30. A Gammas Choice is my all time fave but I’d have to be careful who gets it since it’s a m/m/m book. πŸ™‚

  31. Hmmm…so many books..so many choices. I think it would be Tempting Sin or Taking Care of Charlie. Love those books. Reread them often

  32. Considering how many times I’ve read this book, and shall continue to read it and await the sequals, my answer to this will be A Gamma’s Choice! The book is just awesome and such a fun read.

  33. That would depend on who it is. I’d try to give that person something as close to their tastes/kinks to get them hooked!

    For example, I’d give my best friend K wooing master Jones, but I’d give my sister William’s House, as she wouldn’t be into shifters or bdsm.

  34. oooh . . don’t make me choose one. . . it would also depend on what they like to read. . I would suggest either Blood Signs, Mate Hunt, Chalice or Soldier Mine. .

  35. I love all your books but it would be either Jaynell’s Wolf or Williams House that I would gift a friend to start them of reading your work.

  36. Saving Valor is amazing and love that fact there is romance, action, family, and lots of funny moments to enjoy .. one of my favorites.

  37. Matchmaker, Matchmaker because it’s one of my all time faves of yours, and I would love to see a sequel to it. It’s got humor, great, interesting characters, and is a great intro into your books.

  38. OH! For sure the first book in the Thresl Chronicles series. (to make sure they read them all. lol) Looooveee~~ ❀ just love! lol….

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