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  1. Something with soy and raw egg in Japan during a business trip. When our client gave me the third helping I told her that this was the last one.

  2. I’ve eaten all kinds of things that most people would think weird: deer, cow tongue, heart and liver, squirrel, escargot. Cooked right they can all be great.

  3. It’s a weird recipe called Porkupine pie it’s not what you think! It’s made from sausage meat, peas, white sauce, mash potatoes and sage and onion stuffing it absolutely wonderful but looks strange..

  4. my weirdest food ive ever done was a combination of foods. Take a hashbrown patty and lay pickle on top, cheese and then wrap in bacon and dip it in sweet and sour sauce. Was my fav food when i was pregnant now i think its gross lol

  5. Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten? Well I think it is delicious. It is called Nattocho. It is won ton chips with avocados, radish sprouts, seasoned raw fish ( poke), puréed Yama imo, and natto (fermented soybean) and nori. It is arranged and eaten just like nachos, hence the name Nattocho. It’s a Hawaii thing.

  6. My grandmother, who was from a German family in North Dakota, made me eat cow brains and scrambled eggs one time when I was very young. I’m still certain that it’s one of the reasons that I became a vegetarian. 😉

  7. Pigs feet. It ruined chicken for me 😔

    I would say sushi but I love it and done consider weird. I consider it as a staple of my diet.

  8. I’ve eaten so many strange things that I can’t really say what is the weirdest.

    Mind you, some people think it’s weird to like sugar on lettuce or fresh ground black pepper on vanilla ice-cream, so I’m probably not the best person to ask.

  9. Hmm…. The weirdest thing I’ve eaten, that would be octopus. The flavor wasn’t all that strong, but… I didn’t really eat that much afterwards…

  10. I gonna go with smoked cow tongue. Of course, my dad didn’t tell me what he handed me until I had already eaten it 😦

  11. Well I’m a country girl, I figure what’s normal for me would be weird for a lot of people. Shark. Tastes like chicken. : )

  12. Not sure if it counts as weird, but in an expression if sisterly love my sister once tricked me into eating dog food.

  13. I get funny looks when I eat an artichoke, and I am talking the whole thing, leaves and all before you get to the good part!

  14. Cultured Earthworms. The taste wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that it was worms. I was 15, during a school field trip to an earthworm farm

  15. Hmm, my husband likes offal for I’ve had pork skin sausage cassolet, crispy pig tails, but I’d say calf brains

  16. A Thanksgiving buffet at my SIL. There were some things on there that my kids and I couldn’t identify. Also, most of the traditional foods were missing. No mashed potatoes and no gravy. Some things should never be messed with.

  17. Yeah, not a person who likes to try things new. So all my stuff is normal. Love Chinese but nothing there is weird.

  18. On my last trip to England we went to Felixstowe which is on the coast of Suffolk. We stopped at the fish n chip shop there and my uncle bought some winkles and whelks. They were horrible. I’m not a big fan of seafood at the best of times and kind of reinforced me to stay away from most of them.

  19. at the time I thought it was weird because come on what 6 year old american kid living in Germany for the first time doesn’t think Brautwhurst is weird.

  20. Elk sausage (pretty good), ostrich (better than beef!), snail (eeew), and an chocolate covered insect (don’t want to remember what it was). I did not eat raw oysters when a lot of my friends did (and most of them got sick).

  21. I love sushi from our local grocery store so I tried real sushi from a restaurant and I hated it so gross lol

  22. My uncle, whom likes to hunt everything under the sun it seems, whatever he hunts he likes to make jerky out of it. Well, when I was a kid, he gave my cousin and I a few pieces to take home with us one night. I’d found out, AFTER, I’d eaten it that this particular batch was made from a Raccoon. Can’t say if I enjoyed it or not, but I will say that was a different experience.

    Denise Schmidt

  23. Mom fixed cow tongue twice when I was a kid. If you cut the outer part off that has all the ridges and such it tastes like slightly odd beef. I also remember a homemade oyster stew that I always left the oysters for the parents and just ate the veggies and broth. I was a weird kid in that I loved brussel sprouts and cabbage cores but still to this day absolutely loathe lima beans.

  24. I make sure only to eat my favs on my birthday, like Sacher Torte!

    Weird things….I guess grasshopers, and I hate oysters.

  25. Mayo, yogurt and pudding. I wasn’t raised with these things and when I first tasted it I was totally icked out by them all.

  26. In Louisiana they have a vegetable called a mirliton, also called a chayote (some places). My mother-in-law made a cream of mirliton soup with shrimp. I wasn’t going to eat it because I had never heard of them and they look strange. But my husband was eating it and I kissed him when he had some on his lip. He was delicious and so was the soup.

  27. Hmm…. I….. I don’t know actually.. I mean… I don’t think I eat anything weird… Maybe eating Ketchup on my Taco? (the ones from Jack in the Box) LOL… I once had that– not on my birthday though…
    at least I don’t remember eating anything weird in nature on a birthday. lol…

  28. I can remember the weirdest menu at a Birthday, my two youngest Sisters had their tongues pierced so the menus were all different soups…lol 🙂

  29. It was a covered dish on holiday in Corfu, I was trying to avoid english foods, I hate peas with a passion, can you imagine my horror when the lid came off and if was a huge bowl of Peas and Bacon

  30. I love chocolate pudding with black olives mixed into it & salami, peanut butter, ritz crackers & mustard sandwich, but no one else will eat either of them so we have steak umm sandwiches.

  31. In high school I took a cooking class and we had to try different foods. Some of them were chocolate covered ants, worms in butter sauce, rhino meat, and rattlesnake meat (no it doesn’t taste like chicken). Passed the class but wouldn’t take it again!

  32. My daughter married a wonderful young man from Pakistan. The wedding dinner was Pakistani food. Everything was spicy hot and too much for my stomach that hates me. But they had salad and this green dressing that looked like cottage cheese with jello. Our side of the family figured they had made that for us non-adventurous eaters. OMG it was hot! Never judge food by how it looks.

  33. Oh God, I tried oysters, clams, snails, frogs legs and octopus in one sitting. Let’s just say it didn’t end well. I will never again try something unless I know exactly what it is.

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