Happy Birthday To Me! Surprise Prizes!

Today is my official Birthday Date! I love giving gifts so I will be running one contest every hour beginning at 1am. Prizes will be announced after winners are chosen (Sunday) because otherwise you’ll know what you got as a present before you open it. We can’t have that! *shakes head*

Some of the prizes:

Signed print books!

My upcoming ebooks!

Amazon Gift Cards

ARe Gift Cards

Prizes are not exchangeable and I have decided which contest gets what ahead of time so it will be fair 🙂

72 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me! Surprise Prizes!

  1. Happy Birthday! My birthday was 6 days ago and I had a blast. I hope your day is the best and your year as well.

  2. 🎶Happy birthday to you! 🎶Happy birthday to you! 🎶Happy birthday dear Amber! 🎶Happy birthday to you!🎶
    Hope you have a wonderful day!😀🎂🍧🎁🎁

  3. Do you really think your son got you the legos he’s been wanting just so he can take them off your hands?

  4. Happy birthday!!
    I wish you a lot of Health, a lot of Luck and now i am selfish, a lot Inspiration.
    Have a beautiful Birthday

  5. Happy Birthday Amber I hope you have a great day and thank you so much for the Giveaways and the wonderful stories you write.

  6. Have an awesomely happy birthday, find lots of things to celebrate and may you not step on a piece of Lego for the whole day (is that too optimistic???). Have fun with your family and thank you for sharing your birthday with us every year and for sharing your talent with us through your books! ((((hugs))))

  7. happy b-day! you’ve got the best b-day date ever (it’s mine too 😉 ) here’s hoping it’s a great one all around 😉

  8. Happy birthday Amber!!!

    Just saying so you’ll know, I don’t feel comfortable giving out my actual address online.

    1. I don’t ask anyone to post their address online. If you win a prize that requires an actual physical address I’m sure we can work something out.

  9. Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for spoiling us rotten on your birthday! I hope you have a great day and get spoiled rotten too!

  10. Happy blessed day to you Amber! wishing you more continued success in your writing so that we can continue to read it!

  11. Happy Birthday Amber!! Thank you for giving us presents for your birthday! I totally understand, I love giving other people presents. And you know how much we love your books, so you know you got us the perfect gift!

  12. Happy Birthday. I hope it has been an awesome day. I hope you organized this all well in advance so you could relax and enjoy your day.
    I am amazed every year how much you do the whole month of September for your fans. Thank you very much and Thank you to your family for sharing your time with us.

  13. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a fabulous day. This has been a great month. You make November a month to enjoy.

  14. Happy Burthday Amber. Hope it’s been a wonderful one cause you deserve it. Thanks for your generosity and may it be multiply a hundred times back at you

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