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A sincere ‘Thank You’ to Amber for having me guest post on her blog.  I’ve been a subscriber for years and was thrilled to be able to do this.

My new short story, ‘Lonnie’s New Christmas’ takes place in the world of my Dragon Marines series.


The Lonnie’s New Christmas cover blurb:

‘Lonnie Douglas has reason to dislike, almost hate the holidays. His parents are now in the background of his life.  Back from his time in the Navy, Vincent Taylor lands in Lonnie’s present life, hoping to show him the love and need he has always felt.

Can Lonnie handle the new responsibilities the town leaders are asking of him?  Can he overcome the bad memories with his dragon’s help?’


Here is an excerpt for you:

Lonnie snuggled, putting his face in the curve of Vincent’s neck.  He breathed in the scent of his Fire Dragon.  Leather, sky, and a hint of spice.  Almost a roasted chili pepper.  Wonder if that is part of the fire breathing?

Vincent was running his hands up and down Lonnie’s back.  He couldn’t believe he was finally holding his Lonnie.  It was an old dream or more like a fantasy.  Vincent had realized Lonnie was his mate while they were in high school.  But, he’d known they both had plans that didn’t include each other.  It had been hard to leave.  So hard.

Lonnie began kissing, almost nipping Vincent’s neck.  The dragon started shivering and let out a small moan.  Lonnie trailed his mouth up the neck to the earlobe.  He used his teeth to pull on the lobe.  Vincent moaned louder and tilted his head.  Lonnie’s mouth trailed along his jawline and to his mouth.  He pulled Vincent’s lower lip between his teeth and worried it, then licked at the spot to soothe it.

Vincent cupped both hands around Lonnie’s head and kissed him hard.  Slipped his tongue inside to taste the other man.  He pulled back and growled.  “Mine.”  Took a breath.  “Mate.”

That growl was so sexy, Lonnie just shivered.  He blinked.  “Mate?  Am I your mate?”

“Yes.  You are.”  Vincent stared at him.  “I’ve known for a while.  But we both had places to go.  I had to do time in the military.  You needed to get away from your parents.  I would have found you when the time was right.  Wherever you were.”

Lonnie thought back to the last year they were in high school.  Vincent was right.  They had both needed to grow up.  Do things outside of their small town.

“I wish I had known.”  Lonnie said.  “It would have been nice to know you were mine.  But, I also know we needed to get out of here.  At least for a while.”   He sighed and leaned into Vince.

They held one another tight.  Lonnie pulled back and smiled.  He kissed Vincent.  A small kiss.  Then another.  His tongue traced Vince’s lips.

Vince opened his mouth and met Lonnie’s tongue with his own.  He growled.  Lonnie felt so good.  Smelled so good.  His cock filled.  Mating scales throbbed.  He wanted his mate.

Lonnie continued to kiss his dragon.  His body wanted that cock inside.  Skin.  He needed skin.  Lonnie pulled Vincent’s duster down his arms and ran his hands over that bare back.  So warm.  Dragons were warm blooded, especially the Fire Dragons.  It felt so fine.

Vincent pulled back, breaking the kiss.  Lonnie looked slightly dazed.  “Bedroom, Lonnie.  We need your bedroom.”


To buy the book directly from MLR Press, go to www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=JD_LNCHR

It is also available on allromanceebooks.com and Amazon.

I am giving away a copy of Lonnie’s New Christmas to one reader.  Just leave a comment and one name will be pulled on Monday afternoon.

On my blog, www.jenndease.com I am having a Christmas Giveaway. Just leave a comment for a chance to win a Dragon Rescue Kit and a beautiful pair of CZ square cut post earrings.




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