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A Hellhound Christmas Excerpt:

a hellhound christmas


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Chapter Two

“I’m freezing, Oren!” Daegal screamed into the snowy wind. He wasn’t sure why the fuck his mate was dragging him out there, but the colder and more numb his feet became, the more pissed he got. He wasn’t mad at Oren; he wanted to kick Mother Nature’s ass. This couldn’t be the memory they were supposed to have, because Daegal was pretty sure this was not fun.

“We’re almost there, Daegal. It’ll be worth it.” Oren smiled back at him as he continued into the woods, carrying a saw. Daegal could barely see in the damn whiteout, but he saw that smile and clung to his mate’s excitement to keep him going. It didn’t help his body, but it helped his soul. A soul that still struggled at times, one that constantly needed to be checked and balanced by a person that was not a novice at this sort of thing. Thank the gods he had Oren.

His mate stopped in front of a huge fucking white pine and stared up at it. “This is it.”

“What?” Daegal asked in confusion.

“Our Christmas tree.” Oren winked at him.

Daegal’s brow rose. “Sorry, I’m lost. Remember, born in hell and all.” Daegal pointed to his chest. “I thought when you said tree, we were talking a little one. This one is over twenty feet. I’m pretty sure we can’t carry this back.”

“During the holidays, some families get trees and decorate them. We’re a family now, so I wanted to make this holiday special for you.” Oren started climbing the twenty footer.
He didn’t get this. He had Oren; that was enough for him. He didn’t need trees; he just needed his mate. He wished they were home and they were making love right now.

Then maybe Oren would forget all about trees. Those were the memories he wanted to take on his mission, not getting frostbite in the middle of Moon Compound territory.
However, he wasn’t going to voice that because his Omega was laughing his ass off as he tried to climb while holding the saw. Shit, he is going to cut himself.

Daegal began climbing after his mate and took hold of the saw when he caught up.

“Now what?”

“Now we start cutting this sucker down,” Oren responded as he sat on a heavy limb.
A Holiday in Hell Excerpt:

a holiday in hell

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Chapter One

Fallon swung his mace, making contact with the Blood Demon. Raven had his back as the two of them fought, cornered in a hot zone. “We need to get the fuck out of here!”

“I’m trying! And help is on the way!” Raven called from behind him.

Fallon growled at the assholes surrounding them as he used a dagger, throwing it at one of the demons trying to join the party. Fallon fought dirty, though. He took out a machete and began mowing down the enemy, slicing the air and removing limbs. Blood Demons were piling up at their feet, and they were finally making some headway.

Even as the son of Hades and Persephone, Fallon was beginning to get winded as the Blood Demons continued to come for him. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Raven was using his own machete, clearing a path for them to run.

“Move!” Fallon turned and shoved Raven into the open path. They fought their way through just as a Jeep came screeching up into the open Detroit street. Sebastian was driving with his mate, Wren, in the passenger seat. They barely slowed down as Fallon shoved Raven into the open back, then rushed to get in behind him while the Jeep kept moving. With one more burst of effort, Fallon jumped, grabbing onto Raven’s hand, his feet still dragging until he gained purchase and pulled himself into the vehicle.

The Jeep swerved as it sped down the street.

“You could have slowed down!” Fallon shouted at Sebastian, who he looked at as a brother.

Sebastian hiked his thumb over his shoulder. “And let them join the ride? I don’t think so. Move your ass next time, and you won’t be dragged for a city block.”

Fallon turned and watched out the back window as a few of the remaining Blood Demons stared at their vehicle. Their lifeless eyes always chilled Fallon. It had been a year since the world had turned upside down. Nothing would ever be the same. Sure, some areas still were uninhabited by Blood Demons, but for how long? Most of the major cities had been taken over. The good news was that Fallon’s death army along with the military was keeping them contained to the cities.

There was no more secrecy or hiding in the night. They fought in broad daylight now. The world really had changed in the last year, and everyone was having to adapt. Even those who lived in areas not yet affected.

Raven sidled up next to him and began to check him out. “What are you doing?” Fallon asked in confusion.

“You’re hurt, dammit!” Raven poked at a sore spot on his cheekbone.

“Stop! Fuck, that hurts.” Fallon grabbed his lover’s hand and pulled it from his face. He turned the tables on Raven and began checking out his wounds. They had been cornered, and Raven had taken a few kicks and punches. Raven had a cut above his eyes and his knuckles were bloody but appeared to be in one piece. Thank fuck.

“Fallon, stop it. This is so…unlike you. You’re scaring me more than the swarm of Blood Demons back there.” Raven pushed his hands out of the way.

“What?” Fallon glared at Raven.

“Knock it off and come here.” Raven pulled Fallon in for a deep kiss. Okay, so he wasn’t known for his nursing skills. He was more the kind to bulldozer his way into getting what he wanted, and he wanted Raven.



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