Merry Christmas & contest!

happy hols pngI hope everyone has an excellent Christmas (or happy December 25th if you don’t celebrate). As a thank you to my fans I’ve created an anthology with three of my free holiday reads. You can pick up a copy at ARe here! They are also available in individual books at if you want them that way. LOL!

I am also kicking off my win my ebooks for a year contest. On January 1st I will pick one lucky winner who will get a bunch of books in 2015! To enter the contest post what you want the present box in the picture above to contain.

Feel free to be creative 🙂



167 thoughts on “Merry Christmas & contest!

  1. Hmmmm let me see. I would like that bax to either contain the next 100 million dollar winning lottery ticket, or enough money to pay off all my debts. Maybe all your books in print form.

  2. Hmmmmm

    I think an amazon gift card with unlimited funds might be my first pick for what would be great in that box….

    Unlimited reading material!!!!

    Merry Christmas Amber & Family!

  3. Happy Holidays! Hmm… it looks a little too small to be something soft a cuddly (like a kitten or a rabbit or a guinea pig) Though I bet a snake would fit inside. ‘course that’s just me and my reptile-love speaking.

    Hmmm… a crystal statuary Owl.. (paperweight-type thing)

  4. I would love for that box to contain a all expensive paid trip to GRL 2015 in San Diego and if not that than an Amazon gift card but I’ve got my fingers crossed for the GRL trip. Merry Christmas

  5. A gate key to the dimension that sexy body is from. It’s late I’m tired that’s as good as it gets.

  6. I’d like it to have a genie in a bottle that grants unlimited wishes. That would be cool. 😉
    Merry Christmas, by the way.

  7. I’d love the box to be magic. So that when you opened it, it would contain the thing you wanted most. This way I could visit everyone I love and they would get the best gift.

  8. In this world of strife and pain, I would love to have good health, peace, love and good cheer for all my family, friends, love ones and posting pals. All bills paid off wouldn’t hurt either.

  9. A snow globe with a Christmas scene so I can look at it through the year and smile at the happy memories past present & future 🙂 🙂

    Merry Christmas everyone*

  10. I want it to contain all the good in the world, like the opposite of Pandora’s box, so that opening it will spread joy and happiness in the world.

  11. happy Christmas, with a safe and wholesome holidays

    hm… can I go Harry Potter fan on this event, and wish that box holds a time turning just for little old me – I’d love to be able to get add more and more hours to me day 😉

  12. In the spirit of being creative I would like the box to contain a vial of a might health potion so that when my mom drinks it all her health problems disappear so she can live a happy life for many more years to come.

    I love your books amber!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

  13. I was being rather naughty in my first immediate thought of what I wanted in the box (starts with a c and ends with a k). But then I realized the box was way too small for that and the item desired would be put to better use attached to his body! Lol

  14. If the box could not contain a cure-all for the husbands out there who are ill like my hubby, then I would like it to contain a baby onyx dragon. Because there are just times that I need a little strength to get through the day.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and all Amber fans.

  15. Wishing you a happy holiday! I’d like the gift box to contain a gift card that keeps on replenishing itself!

  16. I think I’d like your books in print out form. To actually hold the book while I’m reading. I live in Norway though…

    The series I’d like the most are:
    The Larson legacy
    Moon pack
    The thresl chronicles
    A wizards thouch
    Banded brothers
    Hidden Magic
    Planetary submissives
    Dragons of Seattle
    Supernatural mates
    End street Detective agency
    Blood, moon and sun

  17. I’d like to rub it 3 times and find a genie that would grant ***ALL*** of my wishes.

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  18. Merry Christmas! I’d wish the gift to be a note saying I’ve won the contest to win all your 2015 books!

  19. Merry Christmas Amber, to you and your family! I wish thebox held a new iPod and a gift card for a new Kindle, to replace my nonfunctional ones.

  20. A whole stack of gift cards for Amazon to pop out so I could drown myself in e-books for to holidays. Lol

  21. In November my Mother was diagnosed with a cancer and has had a hard time with the chemo treatments the first one put her in the hospital and the 2nd one they had to do while she was in the hospital. My Christmas wish is for her to make it through her next 4 rounds of chemo much easier and then be cancer free!

  22. I would love it to be a magical bottomless box, containing the thing you want the most. Once you’ve gotten your gift you pass it along to the next person.

  23. Two all-expenses paid tickets for a world tour to be taken with the person holding the box. (or my husband…lol) Ah heck, it’d have to be with my husband because he’s my best friend. Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas Amber!

  24. I would say a gift card in an outrageous amount from Amazon and ARE. Also, if I could box a stress free year I’d be happy.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  25. The box has something rarely seen now a days and that some people wouldn’t necessarily appreciate. But to some it would be the most precious gift they could receive. It contains a handwritten..not letter telling the person how even in their darkest moments…whether it be simple crying or self harm or anything at all…that they are still truly loved and wanted. That they will always have unconditional love and support and never have to wonder if they are truly desired. It would be very heart felt and meaningful. To me this would be the most cherished and precious of gifts.

  26. Hmm…. Maybe a ring box(hidden inside the box). Or a bracelet, or necklace that has a matching pair to signify the giver asking for the other mans hand in marriage.

    Or maybe a set of keys to a house or apartment.

  27. Hmmm…this one’s hard…plane tickets *nods* or vouchers so I could choose when and where to go…there are several people I need to visit 🙂

  28. Merry Christmas Amber to you and your family!!! I’d want a picture in the box of a sexy naked man with a big red bow wrapped around his privates lol. 😉 Thank you for the chance.


  29. I’m going to have to go with the popular choices already mentioned, of unlimited ARe and Amazon funds to buy ebooks and audiobooks. Also hopefully there would be a note in there letting me know that the bearer of the box is my perfect mate. 😉

  30. In my box I would want it to contain the cure for cancer, my daughter was lucky and survived but a lot of her friends pass away and many are still fighting.

  31. Ahh, a 4 ct. emerald cut natural sapphire surrounded by diamonds given to me by a beautiful man, thank you for mental movie. Merry X-mas.

  32. I wish it contain a magic wand to have everyone get along and spread cheers to the world.. If not maybe a family trip as we haven’t had a chance to go on vacation for 4 years now. …

  33. I wish it contain a magic wand to have everyone get along and spread cheers to the world.. If not maybe a family trip as we haven’t had a chance to go on vacation for 4 years now

  34. lets see I would love to have a cure for Lupus and Fibromyalgia. That to me would be the best gift in the world. Merry Christmas Amber

  35. Not gonna lie, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that picture was the Justin Timberlake/Andy Samberg SNL song, Dick in a Box (watch the video and you’ll understand). Though I’d settle for a scholarship for my friend and I so we can finish our degrees together. And if that wasn’t possible, then at least one for my friend, because she really needs one, and she deserves it. She wants to dedicate her life to working with special needs children and helping people, and I’d hate to see her plans scuttled because she couldn’t get the funding to complete her degree.

    Sorry for the long post/rant, thanks for the giveaway Amber, and have a very Merry Christmas!

  36. so much to choose from, how about in keeping with holiday theme of the book. I would love to see a mini tree and mini figurines of all the Moon pack characters

  37. Enough money to help my sister pay off her college loans and to help my family pay off all of our debts with some left over to help the animal shelter I volunteer at. The animals deserve Christmas presents too.

  38. I would like enough money for my school loans to be paid off! That would be great! Merry Christmas everyone!

  39. That is a tough question. There are do many things–a receipt paid in full for my debts would be heavenly! OR just a spa gift certificate with a note saying hubs would watch the kids for me that day.

  40. Happy Holidays! Any gift in the box would be appreciated. Not picky in the least, just grateful for any gift that I receive.

  41. I want a box fill with owl and fox decorations to fill my house with plus a 1,500 dollar gift card to amazon so i can get all my books for the year.

  42. Merry Christmas Amber!

    I think the box should contain a romantic treasure map with clues that leads the bearer to the man of their dreams/reality for their personal HEA and some nice gifts along the way:)

  43. Merry Christmas Amber! It’s very hard to pick just one of the things that would help make my life a little easier but I think enough money to pay off my debts and refill my retirement fund would be the best. All the books I would like would help too 🙂

  44. Lets see…..I would like a tall cat tree fpr my cats. lotsa ebooks. and a good cup of coffdee. Nah….just give me the ebooks. Love your stories!

  45. Let’s see can I get Gerard Butler in there please with some books and chocolate syrup? *winks*

    Many happy holiday wishes to you Amber. Thank you for all the wonderful stories in 2014 & may 2015 bring many more for us to devour!

  46. It will sound mercenary, but I would want a winning lottery ticket. You see, I want to pay off my debts along with my family’s and friends’ debts. Buy a home or condo in the state/area of their choice and charge them only the property tax for the yearly rent. Although I love my job, if I can get things set up right, quit it so I can travel and work for non-profit charities. That way, the charity gets a free employee and someone deserving gets the job I currently have. I would probably make my rounds of the m/m romance convention circuit as well. While I’m traveling, in the cities I stop at, visit animal shelters and nursing homes to find out what they need the most and supply it.

    I don’t need a fancy car or a big fancy house, I just want to be able to help my friends and family, visit them when I want, and take some of the burden from them.

    Happy holidays!

  47. The money to pay off my student loans and buy a house. And an unlimited supply of gift cards because my TBR list is getting a bit overwhelming…

  48. I thought about this for a few days, I would want a TARDIS. I could travel through time and find the cure for diseases and bring them back. I could travel back and change how decisions were made and change history. Happy Holidays

  49. I’d love the box to contain the deed to a nice simple house with an art studio in back close to my grandson so I’ll be set for retirement next year. I’d also love for it to include a cure for the type of cancer which took my mom two years ago so no one else has to go through that ever again.

  50. I think I would like a couple of tickets to get my hubby and I to an all inclusive resort somewhere in the carribean. We rarely take vacations that aren’t to visit family and we always have our kids with us. I would like something just for the two of us.

  51. I would like it to have a winning lottery ticket so that I can help my friend rebuild her house that caught on fire this December. Paying off my bills would be nice too. Merry Belated Christmas to your family from mine.

  52. Merry Christmas Amber. I would like the box to contain a gift card from ARE, so I can cut down my large wish list.

  53. A key to an amazing bookstore which never runs out of books!


  54. Keys to a very nice house with the man who is holding said box would be nice. Or keys to a library aka “Beauty and the Beast”.

  55. Congratulations Amber Kell–“ARe Top 10 Authors of 2014”

    The box holds A Kiss.

    The KISS that tells you this is The One
    The KISS that leads to The Big ‘O’
    The KISS that lifts depression
    The KISS that eases their nausea after chemo
    The KISS that comforts a child
    The KISS that is the breath of life

    Limitless, Infinite, Perfect

  56. Maybe some of Tinkerbell’s magic fairy dust that I can scatter around to give happiness and hope and perhaps has the power to heal as well. 🙂 Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

  57. A gift card for enough money to get the rest of Amber’s backlist… and all books for this year that will release. 🙂 I can dream. Meanwhile, I’ll slowly buy them as I get the money for it.

  58. Every time someone asks me what I want I always say “a million dollars”……but I’d be happy to find keys to a new car or Amazon gift cards. 🙂

  59. Thanks to Amber for extending this contest for those of us late bloomers! I hope everyone had a fun and happy holiday!

    At the risk of sounding like a beauty contestant entry (and I assure you, I could not be mistaken for one if you met me!), but having the box contain World Peace would be lovely since it’s only January 3rd and I already dislike watching the news!

    On a more personal level, a new laptop would be great because not only would I not have to buy it, I would not have to try and figure out which one to get!!!!
    And like many others of you, a no limits Amazon card would be great for book buying, although since this contest is to win Amber’s books for a year, it’s kinda like getting that anyway!!!

    And for my strange sense of humor, well, the box is a but too high up to be part of the SNL skit with Justin Timberlake, but it was the first thing that popped into my mind! LOL!

  60. There are a couple of great ideas like massages and gift certificates. Maybe an upgrade to first class seats for my 20 hour flight to Thailand in March.

  61. I would want the box to contain one of two things:

    The ability to transport myself into your books as an observer


    All of the e-books you write for a year

    Either way it is a big win!

  62. I would like the box to contain a gift card that would be given to your favorite charity, like the local LBGT shelter, or local food bank, local no kill shelter. I hope everyone has a great new year with health, happiness and peace of mind.

  63. Happy New year everyone!!! What I would like the box to have in it would be a one day pass to heaven. So I could see my daughter! See her smile and hear her laughter.

  64. Hope everyone had great and wonderful holidays. I’m pretty much set but could use 2 more solar panels and 4 more batteries we just had 2 day of cloud cover and ran out of electricity. Good thing my laptop batteries were charge I just switch from print to laptop and finished my book.

  65. A magic cure for broken bones since I have been stuck in a wheelchair since I broke my leg in Sept and won’t be walking until March or enough money to care for my mother since I am only working part time until I am back on my feet.
    That said – Happy New Year all.

  66. Hmmmm, a “new” back to replace my icky one or free ebooks for life from all the main places (DSP, TEB, Siren, ARe, etc.)…. decisions, decisions, decisions… I think the ebooks win hehe.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!


  67. Happy New Year Amber!

    I’d love it if that box contained gcs for Totally Bound and for your site! 😀

  68. A gift card with unlimited access to your library of books, past, present and future.

  69. I wasn’t sure if I answered but I checked all the names and couldn’t see mine. Mine would be filled with an unlimited amount to buy as many books as I want.

  70. I would want it to be a never to be paid back m/c that I could spend on what I want – ie more books.

  71. I would love for it to have a photo and letter from the man who loves me without question or judgement, a little reminder I can look at throughout my day and will make me smile, no matter how bad a day I’m having……someone to love.

  72. I would love for it to contain a usb drive of “Color My Passion” 🙂 🙂 however I would like to share it with everyone. 🙂 and the box is to small for a printed autograph copy of the book. 🙂 🙂 so I guess a gift card for TEB . or I liked Serena S wish the genie with unlimited wishes. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 . Happy New Year !!!!

  73. Merry christmAs and happy new year! I think the present contains an orb that when held the individual is transported to a new realm greeted with wondrous things.

  74. A note that reads “this hot man holding the box is now yours to keep” oh yeah! Err…I mean world peace?

  75. Without being goofy I’d like the box to have Love inside. Love for those who hate so they hate no more. Love for those with prejudice so they are content with all. Love for those with war in mind so they can find peace. Love for the parents to kick their sons and daughters out because they are different so they can embrace them instead. Love to all my brothers and sisters so this world will be united as one people. Is that too much to ask?
    taina1959 @

  76. I would think the box holds either unlimited gift-cards for books or a magical snow globe that lets you talk to lost love ones and when shook you could see the smiling face of who you lost. Happy Holidays

  77. I tell everyone that asks the same answer. An Amazon gift card. Amount does not matter as I can buy any book OI want and use it because I treat it like either a discount or free gift!


  78. Ok I’m a little boring but I would like a sapphire and opal necklace. Along with an unlimited Amazon Kindle book giftcard

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