Moon Pack Monday!

I hope you enjoy this snippet. These are unedited. Eventually I will probably collect them all and put them in a free ebook.


Moon Pack Monday #1

Anthony peeked into the office. Good, no Silver. His lover had been hovering the past few days. Silver knew something but he wasn’t talking. He walked into the room and set down his briefcase. He’d been working overtime to get his latest project going. Since mating with Anthony he’d become the architect of the paranormal. Before mating with the alpha wolf he’d kept his head down and stayed away from the supernatural community. Now he no longer had that choice. If he didn’t go to them they came and found him. Good for business, horrible for his stress level.

Still, he wouldn’t change his life for anything, except maybe for one with more peace. Battling mutants, fae scientists and now a new unknown enemy had begun to wear on his nerves. He hadn’t slept a full night in weeks.

A disturbance in the air had him spinning around. Trin giggled. The small boy sat on the floor, waving a chubby hand at Anthony. Wisdom beyond his years, probably beyond everyone’s years, lived in those knowing eyes.

“How are you doing?” Anthony asked. He leaned down and plucked Trin off the floor.

Trin smiled and patted Anthony’s face. A surge of energy transferred from Trin to Anthony easing his exhaustion. “Better?” Trin asked.

“Yeah thanks.”

Anthony hugged his son. Trin’s accelerated growth would’ve worried him if a god hadn’t created the child. As he smoothed Trin’s hair he wondered what the future would hold for his boy. The DNA swirling through Trin a mixture of fae, god, wolf, forest witch and siren blood could either be a good thing or put him in danger from those hoping to control him.

What would he be like when fully grown? Worries for his son’s future had Anthony holding Trin close and resting his cheek against Trin’s shiny hair.

“I love you so much,” he whispered.

A crackle of energy jolted Anthony. He jerked back, his fingers reflexively grabbing his son to prevent his fall. Except where there’d been a small child a tiny wolf appeared. The beast yipped before jumping up to lick Anthony’s cheek.

“When did we get a dog?” Silver asked walking into the room.

“It’s not a dog, it’s Trin.”

Silver frowned. “That could be a problem.”

“Why?” Granted he still didn’t understand pack dynamics entirely but how could a child shifter be a bad thing in a shifter household.

“Because its extremely early for him to shift. He’ll be an alpha wolf and need his own pack some day,” Silver explained. He walked over to kiss Trin on his furry head before planting a soft kiss on Anthony’s lips.

Trin growled.

Silver glared at his son. “See. He’s territorial already. He wants all your attention for himself. His teenage years are going to suck.” Silver growled back at the puppy until Trin flattened his ears and looked away.

Anthony smirked. “This will be interesting.”

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    1. Eventually Trin will get his own book. Whether it is part of the series or afterwards I don’t know yet.

  1. Love the ‘Moon Pack’ series and these little snippets, looking forward to more books. Any idea yet when Marking Mikel is gong to be released yet?

  2. I just love that – I am pleased to hear there will be more of Trin in the future. Thanks

  3. It’s like visiting an old friend. One of my “favorite-ist” series ever. Trin’s childhood is going to be very interesting.

  4. I had to go back and refresh as well. It has been too long since the last Moon Pack book.

  5. I can just see how not fun his teen years will be for his parents. You can’t make me takes on whole new dimensions!

  6. Someting to look forward to 🙂 And i believe in the first block you switched Anthony and Silver’s names, i think it should be “Since mating with Silver…”

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