Moon Pack Monday Contest!

It has occurred to me as I’m finalizing the 13th book in the Moon Pack series that I never really named Silver’s bar. The Moon Pack is going to have a renovation and a bar reopening in an upcoming book so let’s have a contest to name it.

The winner will receive ebook copies of all the rest of the Moon pack and any they might be missing along with a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card.

To enter, list your name for the bar in the comments section for this posting. Any names posted other than here will not count no matter how awesome. One entry/bar name per person. If there are several I end up liking we will have a voting period otherwise I will pick the winner Saturdayish. Thanks in advance for your help!

195 thoughts on “Moon Pack Monday Contest!

  1. The Prowler,
    since they are the Moon Pack how about “The Full Moon,”
    The Howling
    Pack and Play
    Fang and Fur

  2. Synergy because of definition :the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects

  3. Magical mayhem
    Is life seems to have a little bit of mayhem all the time, between the pack, vamps, Anthony and his godly attributes not to mention the rest of the supernatural community lol

  4. I think it should be called Anthony’s 🙂 everyone knows that Anthony is the most important thing to Silver and it would be a very romantic gesture for Silver to make for Anthony.

  5. I think that the bar could be named:
    Anthony’s Haven
    Silver’s Haven
    Moon Haven
    Supernatural Haven
    Preternatural Bar
    Midnight Moon
    Fang’n Magic
    Magical Haven
    Silver Moon
    Star Moon

  6. The silver lining or Moon Oikia (The Modern Greek word for family is oikogéneia, pronounced eeko YEN eeya. The ancients had no general word for family; the closest Classical Greek word for it is oikia, meaning “house,” or “household.” )

  7. Alchemy – definitions 2 & 3 from Merriam-Webster dictionary:
    2: a power or process of transforming something common into something special (love does do that)
    3: an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting (umm, shifting anyone?)

    1. Predators

      ( I tried to remove Moonlight but I hit comment before I could change it My fingers are faster than my mind)

  8. Silver’s Heart or Anthony’s. Both to honor Silver’s Mate Anthony because Anthony has Silvers Heart and Soul

  9. New moon
    Magic Moon
    Light of the Moon
    Elysian Fields
    Silver Fae
    The Lore
    Pack Lore
    Para Club
    Wolf Bite

    1. If I can only choose one I would choose Cravings, because Silver’s club is a safe place to find your mate for paranormals and all paranormals crave their mates:)

  10. This is a hard one. Especially since there’s only supposed to be one suggestion.

    Since Silver belongs to Anthony and vice versa:

    Lightning’s Howl

    Sounds cool for a club, pays homage to both of them and the pack, and lets other shifters know it’s owned by pack.

  11. I don’t know if this is a great name or not considering I suck at these kinds of things but how about UnLimited.

  12. OOps I forgot to put my reason for it. t’s because Anthony is a demi-god and offers his powers freely to the pack.

  13. The Lupine Lounge
    The Melting Pot
    (Because there are wof shifters, cat shifters, Gods, humans and fae)

  14. I thought it said ONE bar name per person as well. I’m not one to say much but kind of unfair to those who followed intructions

    Lycans Lair

    Lycan cause Lycanthrope is a Greek word for half wolf half man ( werewolf) and Anthony is a demigod hence use of a Greek word

  15. At the beginning of chapter two of Attracting Anthony, the reader learns that Thomas came up with the idea of a club that would serve as mating grounds for people looking for forever mates, but it needs to stay safe from hunters. So my suggestion is that the club name of Semper Sodales (Latin for Always/Forever Soulmates) be in bright silver lettering inside a full moon graphic. Because I could see Silver using a full moon as the Moon Pack logo and it would be a silent signal to the paranormal society that Silver Moon is guaranteeing their safety as the search for their forever mate. I could see the public calling it Soldales for short when speaking of the club and EVERYONE would know the club:).

    Although if Thomas wanted to take his life into his own hands he would when being snarky call the club @SS for Argentum’s Semper Sodales because everyone is looking for a little @ss. Referencing the Silver in the logo and that Argentum is latin for silver which is his Alpha’s name. But the club name to outsiders does not include the word Argentum.

    1. Additionally the club was named before Silver met Anthony, but both of them were looking for soul mates as referenced by Stephen’s conversation with Anthony and Thomas and Silver’s conversation.

  16. As the bar is for all paranormals – Haven
    the synonym for soul mates – Heart’s Desire

  17. Deimos

    Tried to think of a cool way to say moon without saying moon…
    Deimos is the name of one of the two moons that rotate around Mars.

  18. I think “The Strike” sounds nice. Or maybe have it called “The Strike” as a short or nick name for “Moon Strike” or “Silver Strike”. Someone could even say “Hey, lets go to Strikes…” or something

    1. Also I don’t think the bar name should reference Anthony as he wasn’t around until well after Silver opened it but if they are renaming the bar (now after so many in the pack have mated) why not just call it “Mates”.

  19. So many great names above that I’m not sure I can think of anything new. So here are some far out or weird names 😉

    A Passel of Luna
    Argent Brews
    47 (playing on the atomic number of Silver’s name)
    The Triune

  20. Luna Argentum

    I don’t know if it’s just me but all the text in your blog is really small now – like 6 point.

  21. How about “Chomp and Growl”?
    Hey there’s a lot of testosterone floating around there. 🙂

  22. I didn’t realize there was already so many comments, heh. hopefully no one’s thought of this one yet. it’s a little different..


    The word is Norwegian, I believe. And it mean’s ‘Wolf’s Descendants’.

  23. Wanted something that somehow included Anthony, like a prophecy (thought it would be cute). While thinking along that lines this one just popped up: Silver lining – yeah it’s not what I originally imagined, but it’s fitting for a club/bar. Although i have my misgivings about it being a good fit for MP, the bar does give hope to those paranormals who look for the One, and amidst the lot of bad things our guys did/do find their happiness in there.
    My something that includes Anthony: Bewitched Moon

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