Tuesday Teaser!

Or Tuesday Torture depending on your perspective. Today’s book I actually hope to have out next month. Some of you have been waiting for My Man Declan for quite a while. Here is a snippet to keep you interested.


He swung his leg over the saddle, put on his helmet then settled comfortably on his motorcycle. “Come on.”

“Cool.” Paulie slid behind Declan wrapping his arms tightly around him. “You’re pretty solid for a butler.”

“I work out.” Phoenix had a complete gym in the mansion. During his off hours Declan took advantage of the facilities. He’d never seen anyone else use them and a vampire didn’t need to work out so he didn’t even know why there was a gym.

“Nice.” Paulie’s fingers did a bit more groping before Declan peeled out of the parking lot. The vampire grabbed on tight so he wouldn’t fall off. Tumbling off a bike wouldn’t kill a vampire but the road rash would still be a bitch.

Thirty minutes later Declan pulled into the mansion garage and let Paulie off before kicking out the stand then pulling off his helmet.

“Thanks for the ride.” Paulie flashed him a wicked grin.

“Why were you groping my butler?” Master Phoenix appeared in the garage, his fangs bared as he approached the other vampire.

“Evening, Master.” Declan subtly inserted himself between the men. “Paulie came home with me after my date dumped my ass.”

Moor frowned. “Why would anyone dump you?”

Declan’s ego took a boost. “Because apparently working for a vampire is bad for my dating appeal.”

“Then he’s a fool,” Moor scoffed. “Nice ride by the way but don’t you think it’s a bit dangerous for someone as fragile as you.”

“I’m not fragile.” Declan scowled.

“You are compared to a vampire. Paulie could take a crash but it could kill you. Give me the keys.” Phoenix held out his hand imperiously.

“I’m not giving you my keys.” Declan shoved them in his pocket and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I-I’ve got to go do something,” Paulie said before rushing off.


Declan didn’t turn to give Paulie much attention, his eyes locked with Moorhaven.

“You think I won’t go after that key?” Moor asked.

Declan raised an eyebrow at his master. “I’m sure there is nothing in my contract about my boss control of my vehicle choices.”

“Then we need to rewrite the terms,” Moor growled.

Before Declan could move or object, Moor slid his fingers into Declan’s pocket, brushing across his erection as he went. Declan jolted from the touch.

“What do we have here?” Moor purred. Pulling out the keys with his right hand he pressed his left palm to Declan’s erection. “Since I’m responsible for you losing your date it would only be right if I replace your missing suitor.”

Declan laughed. “Suitor?”

“Fuck buddy?” Moor offered. He pushed harder against the bulge in Declan’s pants.

A low moan rolled up Declan’s throat. He instinctively leaned closer searching for more friction.

“No!” Moor ordered. “Not here. I’m not going to fuck you on the floor of my greasy garage. We’ll go to my bed. I want to smell your scent on my sheets when I rise tomorrow.”

“Oh fuck.” Declan almost came from Moor’s words alone. The image of the vampire enjoying Declan’s scent when he rose from his sleep burned into Declan’s mind.

Moor threw Declan over his shoulder, making him yelp. The world blurred around him as the vampire used his super speed to rush to the house and into his room.

Before Declan could focus on his surroundings he landed on the bed, bouncing slightly from the height Moor dropped him from.

The mattress sank beneath his weight.

“You have memory foam,” he said in delight. He only oversaw the staff he didn’t actually change the sheets. He wiggled on the comfortable mattress.

Moor’s cheeks pinked. “I like the way it cradles me.”

Declan smiled. He hadn’t expected something so totally sweet. “It’s comfortable,” he offered.

“It is.” Phoenix pulled off his shirt exposing a thin, lightly toned body. Vampires were more sleek greyhound than the more muscle-bound shifters. Moisture pooled in Declan’s mouth as he imagined licking Moor’s skin.

Declan couldn’t wait to touch and taste the vampire standing before him.

“Don’t forget the pants,” he reminded hopefully.

Moor laughed. “I wouldn’t do that. My butler is all about doing things properly.”

Declan nodded. “I do like things proper.” He pushed to the back of his mind that he was having sex with his employer. When he first started this job his mother had warned him about becoming too attached to the family. Until now Declan had done a good job at keeping his distance but Moor owed him a good fuck and he planned to collect.

26 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser!

  1. I went backwards in your posts to read the previous ones as a reminder. Lovely as always 🙂 Maybe the only one in the back of my mind that I’ve waited for longer is Perlin, lol =D. But no matter what you write, you somehow always manage to capture my interest.

  2. This looks very yummy, somehow it slipped under my radar, I don’t recall seeing anything about it before, but thats a good thing for me, means I only have to wait a short while to get the whole thing

  3. Oh roll on next month your teaser really is a teaser,
    Looking forward to reading the complete story.

  4. On my account it’s definitely torture. I’m still keeping now three-years-old snippets like my grandma her secrets for sunday service and praying i’ll get to read the full story 🙂

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