Forever My Love #30

Antonio curled his lip at the moron. “Been there done that, asshole.”

The tiger frowned. “What do you mean?”

Trent returned just in time. “I’m going to let you people go with a warning. Don’t let me find you here again.”

“We have as much right to be at the docks as you sheriff. Last I checked you don’t own this marina,” the shifter leader said.

If it had been Antonio with a gun he would’ve shot the bastard for being a smart ass. Maybe it was a good thing he never went into law enforcement. He never had the patience to deal with idiots.

“I could bring you in for suspicion of transporting drugs,” Trent said.

Suspicion? Relief swept through Antonio. If the sheriff was still looking at suspicion he couldn’t find the drugs. The tigers must’ve hid them well. He wondered what they were supposed to trade with the tigers. He certainly hadn’t brought any cash and the tweedle twins beside him weren’t carrying anything. This reincarnation crap wasn’t working out like planned.

“Want to give it all up and come play with me instead?” Michael appeared behind Trent, arms folded and wings flared out to the sides. “It can be much more fun flying with an angel than sleeping with the fishes.”

“Hey, are you paying attention?” Trent snapped.

Antonio jerked his attention back to the irate sheriff. “Sorry sir, my mind wandered.”

Trent’s eyes widened and Antonio wouldn’t have been surprised if smoke started pouring out of his ears. “I’m sorry if I’m boring you. Maybe some time in jail will get your attention.”

“On what charges? I’d hate to sue your small department for false imprisonment.” Antonio tried to look properly regretful.

“I’d hate to be in trouble for police brutality too,” Trent countered. “Get out of here.”

Antonio’s wolf growled and he could feel the animal fighting to take control. Something must’ve shown in his eyes because the sheriff stepped back. Odd since the tiger shifter’s weird eyes didn’t seem to bother Trent, maybe he thought they were fake.

Rubbing his chest Antonio walked away. He could feel his wolf pacing beneath his skin. The beast didn’t like the idea of being put in a cage. Having an inner wolf was weird.

Brad and Steward flanked him as he walked away. The sound of angel wings rustling followed them.

“I’m here for you Antonio, let me know when you tire of this life,” Michael’s voice followed him.

“What do you want to do now?” Brad asked.

“Go to bed.” Antonio had enough for the day.

“Mm, I could help you there,” Michael said.

“Shut up!” Antonio snapped.

“Hey, buddy, it’s okay we can meet up with the tigers another day,” Steward said.

“No. No we can’t. I’m getting out of the business.”

“What!” Brad grabbed Antonio’s arm and dragged him to a stop. “You can’t! They’ll kill us.”

The stench of fear had Antonio wrinkling his nose. “Why not?”

Steward moved to stand beside Brad. “Because the pack will kill us. You know that.”

The pack? Antonio was pretty certain the alpha knew nothing about this. He growled. “We’ll deal with them tomorrow.”

He needed to buy time before he went to talk to Hal. Maybe Norm had some notes at his house. Luckily his companions decided not to push him and they remained silent on the way back home. He had a busy day tomorrow he still needed to come up with a plan to woo his husband back.

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  1. Antonio is confused and Michael is hanging around. Which door opens next, the tiger or the “pretty man!”

  2. Michael needs to take a hike (flight?) elsewhere for a while. Who knew angels could be so annoying?

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