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I know that the topic of reviews has been beaten to death, but I really wanted to share my take on them. Not sure if it’ll help, but I hope it does because I see too many authors focus on reviews.

First, if a bad review makes you want to not write, don’t read them. End of story. Delete any links to any review sites – forget they exist. Reviews are for readers to pick what they want to read. People will read a book that doesn’t have a stellar review because everyone has different taste. I know for a fact there are some people that read books because of the low rating. Or there is a person who they follow who hates something they love and a book is picked that way. There is really no rhyme or reason to how people choose what they want to read. I think cover and blurb comes before reviews, but that could just be me. I know when I pick what I want to read I don’t look at reviews unless someone draws my attention to one.

Second, for me there is no bad review. That sounds odd, I know. Maybe I have selective memory. Lol I try to take something good from every review and forget the rest. Reviews can help your writing. If you’re getting the same things being said over and over again, take a minute, see if it will help you and use it. Forget about the stuff that doesn’t help you with your craft. I know, easier said than done and I do live in my own bubble.

At the end of the day you write your story for yourself. I truly believe if you are happy with the story and you love it than the other stuff doesn’t matter.

5 thoughts on “The Writing Craft with Jambrea Jo Jones!

  1. If I read a book that I don’t like I don’t review it. The reason I don’t is just because I didn’t like the both doesn’t mean someone else want love it. I only leave 4 or 5 star reviews.

  2. The only time I have written a really bad review was when I received the book free by the Goodreads Free for review program. Because I was obligated to review the book. Other than that I will also give a bad review if the book has been so terribly edited that it’s a distraction. I agree with the person above just because I may not like the story doesn’t mean someone else won’t, so in that case I’ll just leave it.

  3. I go by cover and blurb. Reviews don’t even play into. Its an opinion by someone else and doesnt mean I won’t like. Im like looney589, I just leave stars.

  4. Hi I don’t read reviews I look at the cover and the blurb if I like I read it and I alway look at new authors who are starting out

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